Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Bee You Tee Full

It's gorgeous outside! I've pumped up and adjusted the kids' bikes as necessary. We've taken a walk, and now I'm on the deck with the laptop. I don't have to teach the 3:00 class even though it's Tuesday. I'm going to write.

Oh, and MuNKi bought Casino Royale today. I didn't even know it was out on DVD. Clearly he loves me very much.


ARM said...

YAY for prettiful days!!!

How did you, of all people, not know that movie was out on DVD yet? Do you not watch a lot of TV?

Candace said...

Woo hoo! I am being productive!

Naw. I only watch DVDs. Truth be told, we don't have a TV hooked up to anything besides the DVD player. And it turns out that MuNKi has been carefully hiding the Family Video flyers from me. ^_^ It was a lovely surprise. :)

ldbug said...

Sounds like a perfect afternoon!

egan said...

It's supposed to be nice here this weekend. I finally got in the yard and all that good stuff. Spring is coming.

Trundling Grunt said...

Today was a lovely day - weather-wise. There was a warm breeze and it was sunny. We went for a walk and didn't end up with frostbite, or encrusted with mozzies. Good day

Candace said...

Ldbug - it was GORGEOUS! Ahhhhh! Of course, it's supposed to snow tomorrow. :-P

Egan - Yum! I hope that comes our way! Spring was today. Tomorrow it's back to winter.

TG - Wasn't it awesome! Yes, we must treasure the precious few days between the snow and skeeter seasons. :-P