Sunday, March 11, 2007

"Everyone's Irish Tonight"

More fame for my lovely sister by way of NPR. Looks like the audio for the whole interview will be available later today, but 3 of the songs from their new CD are already available there. My favourite is Ellas Mari.

MuNKi made more fantabulous bread yesterday. Pics to follow.

My stomach muscles are sore because I decided it was finally time to get serious about those push ups and sit ups for black belt testing. I did the 150 sit ups yesterday and again today. As for push ups, I could only manage 70 yesterday without fear of my arms giving way and my beak getting smashed on the floor. And today I only pulled off 50.

Yesterday was a pretty busy day. I dropped MuNKi at the house of friends so he could help with painting while I taught kids' class. There wasn't supposed to be any sparring, but 2 of the kids' parents didn't see the sign, so I was stuck there for another hour, but it was OK because we ended up playing dodgeball, soccer, and all kinds of made-up games while we waited for the parents. Then it was off to help with the painting while our kids all played together. It's a very fun and sociable thing helping to paint someone's house (interior) and we had a great time.

Today it's off to Ann Arbor to check out what is said to be the largest Chinese grocery store around here. I hope to return home with strange and interesting finds. And plenty of Haw treats. I was going to say that the Haw Flakes packaging hasn't changed since I was a kid in Hong Kong. That was true as of the last time I bought some (last summer maybe) but I see in this WikiLink that it finally has. Most of the Chinese stuff still has the same package it did when I was little, which I love, because it makes everything so easy to find. And of course there's the nostalgia factor. Here in the States, packaging seems to be different every time you go back to the store.

This leads me to slight rant about the constantly changing styles of women's shoes and clothing. Over the last 15 years at least, MuNKi has been able to buy the exact same tennis shoes every time they wear out. But when I find something I like, by the time they wear out (about 3 years later usually - I'm not a big shoe-wearer) the old style is nowhere to be found and I have to start all over again looking for womething that feels right. Same goes for jeans and even undies. Not fair, say I. I know, I know. Life isn't fair; the Fair's in July. But still. . .

And on the subject of shoes, Mollusc has decided to enter a 5K run-walk to help support our local library and she wants me to enter with her. Much as I loathe distance running, this will be very good for us because it's in June, so getting ready for this should help us both in our black belt testing in August. I realise that to a serious runner 5K hardly qualifies as any sort of distance, but trust me, to this sprinter it's a big deal. ^_^

As of 1:30 Eastern, Navan's article is the #1 most emailed story from NPR!


ARM said...

That's awesome about the 5K. I'm so in awe of people who can run that type of distance. I"m sure you'll be great.

And I totally hear you on the clothes. It's almost like when you find something that fits just right, you should stock up on it or something. But we never do!

Sounds like you had a pretty good weekend. have a great week, too!

egan said...

I just did a 5k in Portland yesterday. It will be a cinch for you Candace. If you can do "only" 50 pushups, you can run 3.1 miles. It's not terribly painful.

Mens shoes do change too, trust me on this one. I find a pair I like and then they're gone. Does MuNKi wear K Swiss or something?

Kudos to your sister. I still need to buy the CD of hers. You're a talented bunch.

Gawpo said...

Wow. Your sister's trio is amazing, Chall Tick. Listened to the entire interview, regretting mightily that I did not have it tuned live and in color when it aired. Your sister was on NPR! So, like Somewhere Joe says: Can I touch you?

Gawpo said...

Okay, I just have to ask because this would work either way you did it. But did you intend to say, "...I have to sttart all over again looking for womething that feels right?" Cuz if you didn't mean to spell it like that, you are brilliant. And if you DID, you are also brilliant.

Uh, about touching you again. Can I?

Gawpo said...



ldbug said...

150 situps! wow, I'm going to use you as inspiration and do, uhhhhh, 50 tonight;-)

Candace said...

Amanda - well, it's a run-walk, so that will be our saving grace. ^_^

Egan - He buys Reeboks. They've been the same for sooooo long. You really think I can? I hope so, LOL! I suspect there will be more walk than run. But we'll see what we can work up to. ^_^ My sis is the talented one. :)

Gawpo - Thansk, Gawpo. :) Yes, you may touch me. Especially if you're wearing your pirate getup. ^_^ OOps. That was a typo. Womething. Women things? Maybe it was Freudian. . .

Are you touching yourself now? I bet you're naked under your clothes, too.^_^

Ldbug - 50 great! It doesn't take long to work up from there.


Gawpo said...

I never should have bought you those XRAYVISIONGLASSESTHATWORKONLYONPIRATECOSTUMES. I'm regretting it large.

Womething worked. Coin it. It's yours.

Candace said...

There's womething wrong with my XRAYVISIONGLASSESTHATWORKONLYONPIRATECOSTUMES. Or else "something the size of the Royal Barge just hove into view." ^_^