Friday, March 09, 2007

My Word

I've decided to live on the edge. I'm turning off word verification. How many minutes/hours/days/weeks/years/decades/centuries/millenia/eons before the next Spam?

We did the 3 bag kicking thing in red belt class tonight. Three
kicking bags (last photo) are lined up in a row, we run at them (shouting various Kamikaze slogans) and jump up and try to kick all 3 in a row. I hate this. OK, well, I don't hate it. I just hate the frustration it produces in me. I hate feeling inept. Especially in front of other people. MuNKi sometimes tells me I'm athletic. I don't know about that. I just know that physical stuff isn't supposed to be terribly hard by the 3rd or 4th try. When it comes to three bag kicking, I am not athletic in the least. If I jump high enough, I don't turn sideways enough, if I turn sideways enough, I don't kick hard enough to hit the third bag, if I think about kicking the first bag on the way up, I forget my name and how to land. Plus, I need to Kegel more.

Hee hee! The DVD menu for Big Fish is playing on the wall and Emmett is going NUTS trying to catch the big, animated bee. Muahahahahaha!! >^_^<


ARM said...

I turned my word verification off a few months ago and I haven't received any spam. Yet. *knock on wood*

I know how you feel with not wanting to feel inept infront of others. It's the story of my life.

kitkat said...

I think you can consider yourself pretty lucky if this one of the few activities that make you feel inept! I hate doing anything new or anything I'm not good at in front of people too. Even if they suck too, I just need "me time" to learn something.

I think I might be brave enough to turn off wv too!

Slade said...

I've been trying to keep up with the kegels is supposed to help with labor and stuff.

Don't worry about the are so good with all the other things that you do. You are an AMAZING mother, a kick-ass martial artist, a witty blogger...a great friend (even to people you've never met). You have a lot to be proud of.

Mr Nippl-e said...

I didn't think that you made a pubic spectacle of yourself.

Trundling Grunt said...

I'm not sure if I enjoy the challenge of word verification - I always end up screaming at the computer to give me an easier one.


cindra said...

I for one think you are very athletic and wonderful in all areas. I am always in awe of you. But I wholly appreciate that self doubt...human nature...and damn those Kegels anyway...if I didn't make such funny faces when doing that I'd practice more... :)

Candace said...

Amanda - really? Could New Blogger actually have a useful anti-spam-like feature? That would be cool!

Kitkat - I'm lucky that a lot of stuff I do doesn't have to be in front of people other than my kids, who still think I know almost everything. ^_^ Maybe that's why this one activity is so frustrating. ^_^

Slade - that is too kind. :) Thank you. :) And Kegel on, Mama! They really do come in handy.

Mr. Nippl-e - (I didn't forget the all-important hyphen) it nearly got pubic when I nearly fell and smashed my pelvis on the base of one of the bags. It so could have happened. But you speak flushed with your recent success at the same activity at which I so miserably failed. Like the man returned from Everest telling the woman failing to scale the barstool "I think you're doing great!" But at least I didn't fall into a vat of molten glass (thus making more of a spectacle of self.)

TG - me too. I always get horrid ones with vv or w or twisted i or j, or wrenched r or v. Plah!

Kegels I had NO clue that men could do them, too. Fascinating.

Cindra - You, too, are too kind. But thank you. :) And self doubt is definitely healthy to some extent.

Amen, Sister on the funny faces (or spacing out) LOL!

Barnes said...

Your ability to kick three bags or not aside, I wouldn't fight you, C. You're far too pleasant. Plus, you'd kick my butt.

And what the devil is a kegel? It sounds painful.

Candace said...

Barnes - Even if it were physically possible, I would never attempt to kick your butt. It's far too pleasant. ^_^

A Kegel (not to be confused with a Kugel)is an exercise for the nether regions, or pelvic floor.

somewhere joe said...

Who doesn't feel better when they kegel more? I know I do. I've got one in the refirgerator and two spares in the basement.

Candace said...

Scary, Joe! ^_^