Monday, March 19, 2007

How the Snow Doth Blow

The morning started off with sleet which has progressed on to sideways-blowing fat flakes of snow. Fishy and Prawn have a bit of a cold, so we're staying home from class this morning.

Emmett has a new trick. When I'm showering, or right after I get out, he gets up in the window and rubs the fog away with his front paws so he can look out the hole. He'll also lick it off. We suspect he's an idiot savant. Actually, the opposite of an idiot savant, because he's smart about absolutely everything except for opening a cupboard he's gone into. If the cupboard door swings shut, he'll dig at it and push it and bang, bang, bang it, but won't just step forward and walk out. What a goofball.

Trilly's morning routine is to come rub on my wet legs as soon as I exit the shower, and to lick and nibble my toes.

Hopefully it will be a writing day today, in between all the house-maintainting and homeschooling. And then we'll see about those pics. :)


ARM said...

When I sing in the shower, Geisha sits on the tub side between the shower curtain & the liner and paws at me and sings with me. It's absolutely hilarious.

Diesel said...

It look like it's going to be about 80 degrees here today. Who's the opposite of an idiot savant now?!

Logophile said...

Ariella has finally stopped trying to jump into the tub with me, this is a very good thing.
She is pretty good at opening doors but thankfully hasn't worked out how the knobs work. Porties are notorious clever and mischievous and she certainly does manage to live up to those breed traits.
Smart pets are more fun.

Jay said...

I read that as house-marinating, and then I had to sit and really wonder about you for a while.
Not that you didn't give us enough to wonder about already.
But just, you know, more.

Gawpo said...

I maintain my chicken breasts in Yoshida's Gourmet Sauce over night.

Candace said...

Amanda - that's a hoot! I hope Mr. ARM gets vidoe of that. ^_^

Diesel - Oh that is low. But so true. ^_^

Logo - Ack! That could get crowded! She looks rather large. Plus, the smell of wet dog is not on my top 10 list of great smells. :-P Thank goodness she hasn't figured out those doorknobs. That could be a Bad Thing.

Jay - LOL! That would definitely be a strange statement. I can't even think what that would involve. Those termite tents we used to see in CA spring to mind. (they'd cover the whole house with this garish, striped tent while spraying)

Gawpo - Can you link me to that sauce, My Darling? SOunds loverly!