Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Let the Savings Begin

Today I bought $87.32 worth of groceries and I spent $30.72.

I could get used to this.

Oh and here's a great homeschool and household helper link. (great organisational printables among other things)


Jaichan said...

Isn't that the best feeling? That's when I stock up on things like artichoke hearts and truffle oil.
Right now, I'm watching a Fame rerun (from the first season!) and singing along at the top of my lungs.
I'm such a loser.
'Cause I still believe in me!!'

Jay said...

Jeepers. How does that even happen in real life?

cindra said...

Damn. I love you more every day. I am too ADD-ish to follow that whole post on how to do this thing, but your savings astonish me...I'm feeling compelled.

egan said...

I'm unimpressed.

~d said...

I am hella impressed!
thank you for the linkage too, gurrl!
*your cds went out yesterday (Wednesday).

ARM said...

Really? Ok I may have to try this Grocery Game. I was turned off at first that there's a fee, but only $30.00?

Keep us posted on future excursions. I want to see if this was a fluke or it's really a sweet deal.

ldbug said...

That is some savings!!!

egan said...

I'm still unimpressed.

egan said...

Tall Chick, have you seen this yet?

Candace said...

Jaichan - Yes it is!

Tell me, what do you do with truffle oil? It sounds decadent. :)

I used to love Fame. I didn't know they were doing reruns. "FAME! I'm gonna live forever. . ."

Jay - I see you found the other post. It's pretty cool!

Cindra - mine were good, but there was a lady shopping at the Kroger my friend goes to who gor $100 of stuff for $3. Wowza!!

Egan - it takes much to impress you, my friend. My foot could make a medium0sized impression. ^_^

~d - you RAWK! I'll LYK when they get here. Thanks, darlin'!! :)

Amanda - yup! I've already saved enough to justify subscribing. I wonder what other deals I'll get. :) And I have to say that it's enough of a timesaver to make it worth my while to let her do most of the legwork. :)

Ldbug - I'm a happy camper!

Egan - let me try again. ^_^

Egan - I have, indeed, experienced Chad Vader. I'm impressed (or at least flattered) that you thought of me. ^_^

egan said...

I think of you often. The Madison connection popped in my head along with Star Wars, and what appears to be a PCC they used for filming. I did think about the acting too. Chad Vader rules. He's most impressive.

-mjfox (word verification)

Candace said...

Impressive, but he is not a Jedi yet. OK, a Sith, maybe, but not a Jedi.

Really? That was your word verif? You lie, Monkey Boy.

Candace said...

OMG how did I miss that it was filmed at the WIlly St. Co-op before now? Har!!

egan said...

I know... I figured you would recognize the co-op and all based on your love of saving money at grocery stores.

Yes, that was my word verification. I don't lie about these sorts of things.


Candace said...

Based on my love of saving $$ I rarely shopped at that co-op. It's not a true co-op, but one of many in a thinly disguised chain. :-/ It wasn't much cheaper than Whole Foods, and more expensive on some things. It depended on what you were after. But it was a fun store. It has a sister in Ann Arbor that is, if possible, even more pricey, LOL! Went there once. Will never go back. ^_^ Especially now that I have a real co-op.
If you're going to claim you are a Jedi, I need proof. Like pics of you doing your lightsaber training in your tightey whiteys. Yeah. That would work.