Friday, March 02, 2007

In Like a Mongoose

We seem to be having a monsoon, albeit with only a smattering of snow rather than rain. So mostly it's just "a wind." (2 points to your school if you got that whole mongoose/monsoon Top of the Form thing) I was going to post the YouTube of it, but it's not nearly as good as the audio on that CD.

I'm having a bit of a hard time wrapping my brain around the fact that it's already March. As Mollusc said the other day, "where did the new year go?!?" Next month we'll already be 1/4 of the way through. Zoiks!

I got my new review book 2 days ago, and it is fascinating! It's The Shakespeare Code by Virginia Fellows. I will confess that I am not a huge non-fiction reader, and I was a little dubious about taking this one, but the description made me curious. At first I wasn't even certain that it was non-fiction. And I was still highly skeptical about the assertions made by this book but decided it could be a fun read. Once it came, I found I didn't want to put it down. By about 13 pages in, I was sold. I find myself unable to stop reading bits aloud to GuTTer MuNKi, who, thankfully, finds it just as insteresting as I do (or does a good job of pretending) and claims to want to read it when I'm done. This one's getting a rave review for sure. :)

Today's Question is this: what would you do if you could pull it off? I'm not talking saving the world kind of stuff, but more mundane, trivial little things. Personally, I'd whack all my hair off like Meg Ryan's (maybe not the lawnmower cut from Kate and Leopold, but one of the short ones) or even pull a Sinead or Brittney if it was August. ^_^ And (not necessarily in conjuction with said haircut) I would buy (and wear) this. Oh and these. How about you?


Jaichan said...

I love the avignon dress. Do you think the boots come in steel toe so I could wear them in the kitchen? It would definitely liven things up.

ldbug said...

Whew, glad there is a good book review! I was feeling your frustration at the others..

What would I do? Hmmmm, well, if we can go outside of physically speaking: I would save my money for extra expenses and write a grant to spend a season studying cold weather proteins in Antarctica. I've always just wanted to up and go there to research....yes, I know I'm strange!

ARM said...

Those boots rule. I think, because I"m so short & all, they'd come up to my chin or something. Hmmm...if I could pull something off, I don't know what I would do. I'm pretty ballsy as it is with what I do to my hair, makeup, clothes, etc. Maybe I'd let my inner monologue come out and play more often.

I saw that Shakespeare Code for review -- I thought about it, but the Italy travelogue thing pulled me away. I can't wait to find out what you think when you're done.

Barnes said...

Hello C.

I have shaved my hair off in the past, and psychologically, it was a very effective and cathartic experience.

Aesthetically speaking, I looked a bit of an idiot, though. My head's too big, C.
When shaven, I resemble my baby born at the age of twenty-three.

Thus I choose hair. :)

Barnes said...

That was obviously "a baby."

Some typos need immediate attention. :)

Jay said...

I always thought that I should be a figure skater, but dare I even start with all the things that I could or could not pull off in the arena? Even the skate guards give me the willies!

cindra said...

Finally, you get to read a good one! That's funny that you mentioned the cut...Running Back asked today what i would do if I had one week to live, and getting a short haircut was one of the things...

Candace said...

Jaichan - Is that not the coolest dress? Thing is, I can't think where one would wear somthing like that. Unfortunately, those are just stockings and heels. I love the stockings, but OMG, those would make killer boots! Heh - spicing up the kitchen! Do you ever cheat and wear non-steel toes? We used to have to wear stell-toes on the flightline. They can be pretty brutal. Especially if it's cold.

Ldbug - I am LOVING this book! :) This is TOTALLY making up for the last one. :) That actually sounds very cool. I originally wanted to be a marine biologist (among many other things) until I figured out that basically the only likely way to make a living with that was to teach. :-P

Amanda - They're just stockings, so there's some fudge-factor in the height area. :) So you would talk to yourself more? I do that a lot. Sometimes I just tell people I'm having a parent-teacher conference. ^_^ I zapped the travelogue email without looking since I was getting the Shakespeare Code. I don't want too many at once, and when I look, I'm often tempted, LOL! Make sure to link your review when it's up. :)

Barnes - did you really? Shave off your hair? Oh, wait. I do seem to remember a picture -- eye makeup and something blue? Maybe that was Winters.

Would you believe that once again I read your typo as intended and had to go back to see what it really said? That's weird, innit? I do get a laugh, though, thinking of your baby being born at the age of 23. The mother would hate your guts, though. I thought 2 weeks overdue was bad. . . ^_^

Although I don't think my head is overly large (I've never really thought about it, though, so I'm not sure) I just don't have the elfin features required to pull off that look. Too bad for me, because I'm sure it would make spinning back kicks a lot nicer without my braid flying around and hitting me across the eyes. And toweling dry after swimming would be such a joy. And those sultry August days would be more bearable.

Maybe I'll do it anyway. . .

Jay - Skate blades frighten me even more than the guards. All I can think about is flayed open flesh. Probably hand flesh, maybe some severed fingers, though possibly a giant flap of thigh meat. *shiver* I'm no good on skates, which is probably what gives rise to these thoughts.

They make it look so easy.

Candace said...

Cindra - that's funny! Maybe because we're heading into warmer weather? Nah, I just think it would be freeing. :) I had shorter hair as a teen, but people always thought I was a boy. :-P

Gawpo said...

Dude, where you been? I already have the lace up thigh highs. I thought everybody did. But that dress is phenom. I'd prefer it in the color of the sacarlet baroque depicted in the lower right though. As you can see, I knew they were stockings and not boots. Lends more credibility to my claim of owning them, don't cha think. I wore them to Ash Wednesday and let me tall ya, I was the HIT of the liturgy, honey.

Jaichan said...

Yup, that dress is all kinds of awesome. If I were you, I would wear it to the grocery store.
I never, ever cheat and wear regular shoes in the kitchen. There are chefs who go around with hammers to make sure you are wearing them. Ouch!

~d said...

Trivial huh?
I would like to paint the inside of my home. The kitchen I got a brick red/cranberryish color. But I am tired of it and I want Caribbean blue. Also some shmuck painted my ceilings. I want them just reg ole white...STARK white, or maybe an ice blue...pale pale...yea.
I too agree the dress is Hella fine!
The boots, too. But the dress, whoa! It would stay on longer than the boots...HAHAHA

Slade said...

What a great question...the knob on my new dryer broke off so I would go to Sears and steal one off of the dryers they have there.

I would flip people off on the road. (right now I'm scared someone will pull a gun on me or something!)

I would tell my mother how selfish I think she is.

egan said...

If I could, I would start my own business.

Gawpo said...

Here I am, staling Egan again. I don't even know if he realizes that my stalking him is not my doing at all. It is of God (Ernest Ainslie voice).

If I could pull it off, I would exercise. I just came over here from Amanda's bolg and here these two are talking about exercise. Biking. Tennis. You name it. Mr. Triathlete just above me here has some very good habits in place. So I guess the dress and the thigh-highs are going to have to wait until I dump 25 lbs. That is my goal, lady and gentle man.

Gawpo said...

Staling? Did I say staling? Yeah, I like to expose Egan to air so that he becomes crusty.


Gawpo said...

Bolg? Did I actually say bolg? Oh yeah, she has a great bolg over there. I love bolging. Since I've become a bolger, my life has changed. Maybe I can start walking around the bolck.

Candace said...

Gawpo - I think it's ASH Wednesday, not Ass Wednesday. Or did you wear more than just the stockings? ^_^ But I'm sure you were stunning.

Jaichan - OUCH! That's mean! Are the steel toes in case of knife droppage?

~d - Not white, surely! You don't seem like the white-wall type. ^_^ Hot Chili Pepper red, yes. White? I'm having a a hard time imagining this. :) But, yeah, I can really understand being tired of one shade. In my case, I'm tired of the white. ^_^ We've done a light green, a wine and a mango. I think yellow is next.

Slade - the knob stealing cracked me up. ^_^ And yeah to the flipping people off, but fearing being shot thing. :-P

Oh, that would be a bold thing to tell your mother. Though maybe she needs someone to do it. . . :)

Egan - what sort? (besides the man-flash latte stand)

Gawpo - I think Gawpo means "stalker of Triathletes" in ancient Pyrenese. Exercise sucks, but Tae Kwon Do is fun and you meet really good people, so I recommend starting TKD instead of exercising. :) (plus it could come in handy in your line of work)

I thought Egan was losing his edge. Now I know why.

Bolg as is bolger wheat. ^_^ I still have a LOT of bulghur. I think your subconscious was expressing a desire to send me recipes for my bulghur. Ones that you have self-sacrificially tried out for me in advance. How kind!

Jaichan said...

The first thing you learn in culinary school is 'a falling knife has no handle'. So, the steel toes are for that and various heavy or burny things which can fall on your feet. And they come in handy when the kitchen is tiny and you're literally tripping over each other.

Candace said...

I hadn't thought about the close quarters. That makes sense!

ha! No handle! Too true.

somewhere joe said...

I'd put blue dye in Ann Coulter's shower (see Private Benjamin), but it wouldn't wash out.