Sunday, March 04, 2007

Snacks for the Soul

So many times I think of just blowing the blog in place, LOL! In lieu of that (I seem to say that a lot) I give you some food for your soul. Take and eat if you are hungry.

The Sacred Bedroom

The Spirit of the Home (if you like this one, she's done more)

Everyday Sacred (Gawpo, even though you're not a chick, this one makes me think of you. She's a potter, for one thing. Dunno whether she's hairy or not, though. ^_^)


Logophile said...

I ordered a couple from the library, tasty treat!

~d said...

I just finished a vampire book...that was a great book until I got to the end and realized...

egan said...

Lovely post, best ever.

Candace said...

Logo - I have a big pile from the library. Deeeelicious! :)

~d - what was it called? Was it one of the J.R. Ward ones? Or Twilight?

Egan - you hate it that much?

egan said...

Hands down the best post you've ever written. Keep up the fantastic work.

Gawpo said...

"This book will offend none but the most Grundyish."
Are they talking about Al Grundy?

A hairy potter. Damn that's a good one, Chall Tick. Damn. A very good one. I don't have anything to say. Except that it was wheel good. You probably came up with it right off the bat. Yer kiln me here.

(an EIGHT letter verification word! fut the wuck. are people defeating the seven letter ones? sheesh.)

somewhere joe said...

My bedroom is rather monastic and cave-like - dark wood, filtered light, sensual and still. The crossroads, as Robertson suggests, of sense and soul. "Sanctuary" just about says it.

Candace said...

Egan - it must be those links you love so much. ;)

Gawpo - That's who sprang to my mind, so maybe they meant Bundyish. LOL! Or perhaps they were referring to certain people in Virginia. ^_^ I always get 8 letter ones. Well, a lot of the time. And tough ones with double 'v's. Or 'w's. I can never tell.

Joe - that sounds lovely! I've gone for a harem feel in mine - wine-coloured walls, Indian Saari-like drapes in jewel tones, and a valence made from a real (recycled) saari. I've done ok, but not great about keeping it from attracting clutter.