Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Reading Rainbow

I realise I may have been even more scarce than usual. It's that darned Harry Potter. I'm going to finish book 4 today and start on book 5. At this rate my greatest fear is not that I'm going to have any trouble finishing before the new one comes out, but that I'll finish them and then read a bunch of other books and forget everything all over again. ^_^ There are so many LOL moments in those books. I'd forgotten. What fun. ^_^

Here are some of the other books on my list:

~Walking the Labyrinth
~Michael Moorcock's Elric books
~The Wizard of Earthsea trilogy (re-read, and then possibly some of the follow ons, but after what TG said, probably not much of them :) )
~A Fine Balance (not really looking forward to this one, but who knows?)
~A Circle of Quiet, The Summer of the Great Grandmother, and the 3rd one if I can get my hands on it (L'Engle)
~The Flame Trees of Thika (re-read, Elspeth Huxley)
~The Hippopatamus (Stephen Fry)
~The Sparrow
~Darcy and Elizabeth
~a bunch of Terry Pratchetts
~a bunch of Wodehouse I've been stocking up
~The Far Pavilions

I have at least 2 shelves of stuff I want to read. Maybe I should just blow my blog in place now. ^_^


Sandy said...

I love the HP books, and can't wait for 7.

ARM said...

That is a pretty good reading list. You're very good to be actually doing that instead of blogging. Seriously...I should definitely be reading (or doing other semi-productive things) instead of blogging, but that never seems to happen.

I think I started re-reading HP too soon - I finished book 6 a few weeks ago. I may have to just read that one 1 more time before the 21st since I've only read it twice now (where the others I've read, like, a bajillion).

Your post title now has me sining that damn theme song.

tshsmom said...

You'll LOVE The Far Pavilions!! Trade Wind is on my list now.
We just got 4 new books from Amazon the books I bought on our 6 more books in my unread we pre-ordered I want to re-read the HPs before the new one gets here too! At least reading is a FUN thing to be behind on. ;)

Claire said...

Glad to know other people reread something cuz they can't remember. Here's what I remember about A Fine Balance -just go kill yourself now because that is how you'll feel after this sweet little downer. (I get to kid about suicide, ok? thank you very much father) See? I'm depressed just thinking about that damn book...

Claire said...

Ooops! I love the rest of your list! :) happy again...

Gawpo said...

Yeah, and then there's that bunuvasitch who hacked his way into the new book and gave the ending away. Like anyone is going to be foolish enough to actually give him what he wants. He is what the Canadians would call "a real eh-hole."

Candace said...

Sandy - Welcome! :) Me, too. I think I love them more every time I read them. :)

Amanda - Im a sucky blogger, but a good reader right now. I can never strike a balance, though. I'm etiher a great blogger and a sucky reader or vice versa.

Yeah, I think I started too early, too. :-P I'm really afraid of forgetting stuff if I read other books in between. Mind like a sieve, don'tcha know.

Tshsmom - I had no idea how many others Kaye had written until I looked up Trade wind on amazon. Wow! I'm in for a treat if I like Far Pavilions. (think I will after checking out the beginning, too. :) ) You're right, though, it's a fun thing to be catching up with my reading. :)

Claire - that's pretty much what I'm afraid of, LOL! Maybe I'll just skim. ^_^

LOL! even the title brought you down, eh? That can't be good. . . ^_^

Gawpo - Po! Are you talking about HP? Because I live in a delightful media void. And before you say any more about that, I'm sticking my fingers in my ears. LALALALLALALALlalalalalalalala!