Saturday, June 23, 2007

Will Wonders Never Cease?

I got up while everyone else was sleeping so I could write, which means that I have an ecstatic (and rather sheddy) Trillian purring and rubbing all over me, following me everywhere, nibbling my toes, and generally loving me.

While I was in the shower, I started thinking about the 2 books I need to review, but decided I could do that later, because it really was time to get back to writing. And then, of course, when I fired up the computer, rather than opening up one of my documents, I came straight to blogland.

Now my Fishy is awake and has joined me on the couch, and Trilly is loving both of us, rather certain at this point that at least one of us can be dragged off to fill her food bowl. Do you think I can convince the FishMan to do it? Yes! ^_^

Yesterday at the beach, there was a group of 3 60-ish guys who were so dark and leathery that they looked like this. (Their natural shade would have been something more like this judging by the bits of unbaked skin sticking out here and there.) We've dubbed them The Cancer Club. They had a neat little remote control powerboat and when we first got there, there was hardly anyone else at the beach, so I was a little afraid they might try to strike up a conversation or something, thus ruining the point of a free and relaxing day at the beach. As it turned out, I was not wearing my "please talk to me about strange and meaningless things if I look like I might want to enjoy some solitude" sign, and we got to keep to ourselves, which was wonderful. But if Jamie had been there, they would totally have been hitting on her. ^_^ It was so nice to be away from the phone and the doorbell and all that. I saw a few people gabbling on their cellophones and had to wonder why?!?!

Last night MuNKi and I watched The Upside of Anger. Actually, we started out watching Sideways, but it was so lame that we blew it in place and put in the other one. Good decision! I enjoyed it a lot and would definitely see it again. There were some very good lines, and lot of great moments, though I'm not sure what's up with the youngest daughter being named "Popeye." I was hesitant to check out the DVD, originally, because I usually find Costner so stilted and annoying, but it was free, so I gave it a shot. This one makes us 2 for 2, enjoyment-wise, for recent Costner films. I'm wondering if we should go for the hat trick. Any suggestions? Or is that one still waiting to be filmed? ;)


ARM said...

Is MuNKi the dragon or the one being eaten by the dragon? I wasn't a fan of Sideways either.

Whenever I sit down to write, I have the same problem of being drawn to's bad.

Have a good weekend! Glad the freaky wrinkly guys didn't try to talk to you at the beach!

Candace said...

Good question! I guess it depends on the day and the circumstances. ^_^

Blogland is dangerous. Like a drug.

Claire said...

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who didn't like Sideways. It sure was the darling of movie critics.
Costner is either terrific or insufferable. You just never know who is gonna show up.
I like blogland cuz I find many other people who seem like me and I just don't run into any in real life. ?

Cameron said...

I tolerated "Sideways" on first viewing and then suffered through it on the second (in a plane).

Truly, the film is nothing more than a promotional travelogue blurb for the California wine country. The winery owners must LOVE that. Ka-ching, ka-ching!

Candace said...

Claire - I guess the critic's opinion should have warned me off. I don't usually like the ones they rave about. There must be a name for Costner's acting. Bi-polar thespianism? ;)

Cameron - Oh ugh! Trapped on a plane with it? *shudder*

We never even made it as far as the wine country. We ejected it shortly after he stole all that $ from his mom. Strange that nothing at all funny happened in the first 20 minutes of "the funniest film ever." O_o

Having lived in/near wine country, I guess we didn't miss out on anything spectacular. ^_^

egan said...

You didn't like the movie Sideways? We can't be friends.

Candace said...

You liked the movie Sideways? We totally can't.