Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Reading Time

The Library Summer Reading program is on again. Hooray!

I'm halfway through The Fiery Cross, have 3 of the Wizard of Earthsea (LeGuin) books queued up for rereading, and am about a third of the way through The Light Fantastic (Terry Pratchett.) I have so many books on my list it's not remotely funny. Maybe I'll try to sort them out and post them.

What are you reading?


ARM said...

I have too many I want to read!! Too many, I say! I need to really get back on the reading kick. And I need to start my summer re-reads, too.

Candace said...

I need to do my re-reads, too. First and foremost, the Harry Potters!

Anonymous said...

Catch-22 (I'm only a couple pages in)

Field Notes on a Catastrophe (it's the text I'm supposed to use for a class I'm teaching in the fall. I haven't technically started it yet.)

ARM said...

Yes! There are less than 40 days until the release of book 7!

tshsmom said...

The Fiery Cross was my least favorite of the series.
I need to re-read Harry Potter before the new one arrives too.
You would be proud to know that I'm currently reading the Douglas Adams series....finally!

Claire said...

I am right in the middle of Diana Tregarde Investigates by Mercedes Lackey.
Just finished Deliverer by CJ Cherryh
And slugging my way thru Queen Bees and Wannabes by Rosalind Wiseman in an attempt to understand modern girl culture since my daughter is going into 7th grade in the fall.
I was dorky and shy when I was her age. She is confident and socially precocious. I find I often don't understand her and I want to. I have raised my two boys (21&19)and it is just not the same!
Sorry about going on forever!

Trundling Grunt said...

HUH????? What is The Fiery Cross? IIRC the third book in the series was The Farthest Shore. And I loved it.

I have to do a catchup blog on my reading habits but Osman's Dream.

Candace said...

Kitkat - I liked Catch-22. ^_^ Some of my fave bits are Major Major Major Major and the LePage Glue Gun (that's not giving anything away.) It's been forever since I read it though. I've been thinking about re-reading it. That and Semi-Tough.

It's hard for me to get motivated to read texts. :-P

Amanda - OMG, seriously?!?! I have got to get cracking!

Tshsmom - I have a love-hate relationship with those books. There are a lot of long drawn out places where I get fed up, but then a nice long good bit comes along that makes me start devouring it again. I'm certainly learning a lot about aspects of history that I've never encountered of given much thought to before. Right now they're at the Wedding of Jamie's aunt Jocasta and have just found one of the slaves drugged and laying on the dung heap. Oh, and Philp Wylie has hit on Claire in the horse barn, apparently having taken her very brief discourse on Song of Solomon several moths prior as some kind of flirting. O_o ^_^

Ooooh! Youre reading H2G2? How awesome!! Oh to be reading it again for the first time. If that makes sense. ^_^

Claire - I swear I read one by Cherryh, but can't for the life of me remember which one. Is Deliverer part of a series?

Have you read Reviving Ophelia? That's one that as a mom of 3 girls, I feel I ought to get around to at some point. I was like you as a kid, my #2 daughter is like yours. #1 is like you and I were. Not sure yet about #4 (#3 daughter, #4 child)

TG - Sorry, that was kind of confusing, LOL! Fiery Cross is #5 in the Outlander Series. Did you know there are like 5 Wiz of Earthsea books now? I only read the first 3. You know, back when it was a trilogy, LOL! Oh crap! I just looked again and there are 6. I have some catching up to do.

Candace said...
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Candace said...

TG - are you gonna give Osman's Dream a review on your blog?

tshsmom said...

You read Dan Jenkins? Cool!

Jay said...

I'm tired from so much reading. I need a break. All the characters are swimming around in my head, and they're getting pretty splashy.

Cazzie!!! said...

Wow, how do you read so many books at the one time? I have to read one at a time and finish it before I go onto another.
I have been re reading my book The Power of Now..but I am up to looking for some new exciting authors...any tips?

egan said...

I used to read blogs, but even that has been tough for me to do these days. Do magazines count?

Trundling Grunt said...

Ok, I read # 4 (Tenar?) and thought it was so bad that I had no desire to continue. A bit like the Hithchikers Guide where it just got silly and not very inventive imo.

She should have stopped at 3

Candace said...

Cazzie - I used to have to read one at a time, but I'm so unorganised that I usually lose my current book and start another and then find the first one, etc. Or I just get fed up with the same one if it's really long and pick up another for a bit. Or I look at one that's interesting when I'm supposed to be doing somthing else, and I get sucked in. ^_^

Egan - well, in the library thing, you can check off one square for a magazine, but that's it. Wouldn't it be nice to sink your teeth into something again?

TG - That makes me VERY glad that I only bought the first 3 the other day with the B&N cark MuNKi gave me. I'll check out the others from the library. Thanks for the heads up!

Claire said...

Deliverer is 9th in the 'Foreigner' series (the one Diesel is reading right now). I have heard of Reviving Ophelia, but not read it. I should look for it in the library.
I liked the Fiery Cross. DG goes off on tangents but generally I like them. I think it is because I have interest in science & history. She was an actual scientist, so I know she's not just making stuff up.

Gawpo said...

Dude! Have you heard of those things called movies? Films? DVDs?! That reading crap is so much work, takes WAY too much time and will make you think too much because you have to make sense out of meaningful squiggles. Sheesh. Get with the 21st, already.

But I do have to say that I so LOVE Ursula LeGuin! She's from LePortland, you know. Well, I mean I've HEARD of her books, that is. They sound good. Like all books. Quietly sitting on their little shelves.

(uh-oh...here it comes....heel of profile foot toward chin....gulp)

Gawpo said...

Hey, speaking of Harry Potter, I like when he joins that spout to the teapot and then he knocks out four teabowls in like about a minute. How cool is THAT?

I heard she was going to start a new series about a guy named "William Glazier" next summer. I already have the idea and it's not even out yet. Tote.

Diesel said...

I'm only halfway thru Claire's recommendation (Foreigner by C.J. Cherryh). I'm sooooo far behind on my list.

Claire said...

I knew that "book-a-week" thing was just a pipe dream! Dude, you have small children, fuhgitaboutit!

Candace said...

Tshsmom - I'm sorry I missed your comment. That's the only Dan Jenkins I've read, but it was funny! ^_^

Jay - I'm sorry I missed yours, too. Oh, I know what you mean when they all swim around together. :-P

Claire - so you made Diesel jump right in at 9? :) Does that work out OK? I finished Fiery Cross and am taking a sabbatical from the series wiht Harry Potter to prep myself for book 7. :)

Gawpo - I do adore films, but in re-reading the Potters, I'm rediscovering how much better the books truly are. :) So. . . what are you reading NOW? ^_^

Oh, yes, you are part of the Potter clan, aren't you? I seem to recall that you are rather adept at transfiguring clay into pots and cups as well as bowls with a magical swirl at the bottom.

Is Mr. Glazier a contemporary of Mr. Potter's? How fortunate if they should meet. ^_^

Diesel - I hate being behind on my reading list. It can make it hard to enjoy each book as there are so many others looming. As the FLYlady says "You are never behind!" Or somehting like that.:)

Claire - Ha! Too true! :) Oh, but remember, modeling reading is an important thing for parents to do. So I can tell myself that it's OK to blow some stuff off for that. Yeah, that's the ticket. . .^_^

Gawpo said...

Dude, I am too potted to read. You know that. Come on, Candacia. Don't ridicule. You're kiln'in me.

Candace said...

Feats of clay slowing you down? I thought I saw a glazed look in your eyes. ^_^