Friday, June 29, 2007

Summer Swinging

Summer is in full swing. Here's how I know:

~I had to carefully position my bra straps this morning to get them inside the narrow strips of unsunburnt skin on my shoulders

~I hear the hissing of sprinklers every morning

~The Government of Ontario wakes me by telling me to wear DEET

~All the windows are open (well, actually, this is more like spring, but the summer has been unreasonably gorgeous this year - cooler and dryer)

~Products of garage sales are making forays into the house and yard

We acquired a swingset from a neighbour's garage sale yesterday and the kids are apoplectic with joy. Just imagine how they'll be when we get it assembled!


ARM said...

wearing a bra when sunburned sucks. Well...wearing a bra in general sucks , but it's worse when burned.

Ashira Gryffin said...

Perhaps I should have a word with the Government of Ontario.

somewhere joe said...

One can't be too careful with bra straps and sunburn.

Candace said...

Amanda - Amen, Sister!!

Ashy - I think if you yell, thy can probably hear you from here. ^_^

Joe - ROTFLOL! Classic!

kitkat said...

Windows open here too--it's only 68 outside! A few days ago, it was a sauna in my house.

Garage sales are epidemic around here.

GuTTer MuNKi said...

When I saw the title, I thought you had made party plans for tonight!

Candace said...

Kitkat - yep, epidemic here, too! The kidlets are thrilled. :)

MuNKi - Wait and see. . . ^_^

Rupert said...

I HATE summer here in Arizona. It's too hot and dry. Read my blog for an update!

ablondeblogger said...

Funny you should mention garage sales. I just did a review on the book Garage Sale America and the author asked for feedback from my readers for an upcoming stint he's doing on The Today Show (so head over and let him know if you have any ideas for him!)

I'm also doing a contest centered around his's going to run next Monday (not this coming Monday) and the prizes are going to be really good!

I've always wanted to get my kids a swingset, btw. Our neighborhood only allows the wooden kind you have to build, so we've never been able to get one (too many health bills).

Glad you were able to get one!

Diesel said...

How exactly is the government instructing you to wear DEET? Telepathy? This is why I wear the tin foil hat.

Candace said...

Rupert - but it's a dry heat. ;) I'll come and see. :)

Dawn - What timing! I'll have to check that out. And the contest sounds fun. :)

Oh, man, those wooden ones! You have to mortgage your firstborn to pay for one of those. This one cost us $30 and I think we may have already gotten our money's worth from it, so from here on out it's bonus, LOL!

Diesel - The foil hat is a great idea. Mostly they tell me on clock radio when the alarm goes off, but they've slipped some messages into my food and the last one was written on a roll of toilet paper halfway into the roll. ^_^

I actually saw someone wearing a foil hat last time we were in Madison. And rubber gloves, and a mask improvised from a paper-towel. She/he also had half the driver's window covered with foil.