Sunday, June 24, 2007

Some Kind of Miracle

some weeds are pretty so I pretend that I planted them

Pics will be somewhat randomly interspersed with text in today's post.

like this

By some freak twist of fate that I still don't quite understand, I don't have to teach any morning classes this week. At all. Yes, the dojang is closed every morning this week. O_O

I'm still unsure of what to do with myself.

oracle of delphinium

OK, that's an outright lie. I'll be writing.

I had a big breakthough in my novel-to-be this weekend. You know, the one I lost when my laptop crashed. (urgh) Needless to say, I now back it up early and often, and I have to say that in the long run, it's going to be a better book for having to do it twice, because I'm at such a different place in my life now that all sorts of things are being woven in that wouldn't have made it before. Yeah, that's what I tell myself.

weeping rose

So, yep, I'll be writing. (And feeling guilty about those 2 review books I still need to finish. Gah!)

Amelia Lobelia X3

MuNKi bread

In other news, in a stroke of sheer genius, MuNKi got the Linux box both rip and burn-capable, so now Sting is able to serenade me while I write (lucky Sting ;) ) AND, we can burn CDs that actually play in the van. O_O (this is huge, folks ^_^) In the past, none of the stuff we've burned has played in the car. It plays in the DVD player, but not the car. But all the cool Korean and Hindi and Arabic stuff that my friend burns for me - no problem. I'm still not sure what the deal is, but I have to say that I ♥ Linux. Tux is my homeboy. Or, er, whatever. ^_^

Today was our last day to feed our friend's Savannah cat and Pixiebob while she's on her honeymoon. (yes, the wedding we went to last weekend) Needless to say, the kids have loved that. >^_^<

And now we must go eat the Creme de Menthe cake I made.

That is all.


Logophile said...

Lovely flowers, if my weeds were at all attractive I would totally take credit for that, I applaud you. Good job on the writing too.
I lack self discipline in general, regarding absolutely everything so people who manage to actually write whole novels get massive amounts of respect from me, unless the book sucks, in which case I just mock them, but yours won't so I am sure that will not be an issue at all :p

Diesel said...

Good luck with the writing. I'm doing such a fantastic job cultivating weeds that I wished they weren't all ugly and covered with nasty spiky things.

Candace said...

Logo - I'll admit they have a huge plant:flower ratio, but I still like them. :)

Thank you for your vote of confidence. On the book front, I keep waffling between "hey this is pretty funny/clever" and "oy, what if this sucks?" ^_^

Diesel - Thanks, D! I wonder if there's a "break a pen" sort of thing in the writing world.

I don't like the spiky ones. "Thou shalt not suffer a spiky weed to live." We had a "garden of horrors" in CA, so dubbed because a wild rose had tunneled under the fence and was sending spikes up all throughout the yard.

Good luck with your Sputnik weeds.

Cindra said...

Love all the pictures! And that you are writing again. Hubby loses stuff on the puter all the time and in the's always better the second time, once you get going and get all those curse words out!

I miss you...sorry I've been a bad blogger. Life gets in the way.

Enjoy your mornings...and keep the pics coming.


Candace said...

Life has been getting in the way more and more for me, too. :)

Yeah, it inspires quite the festival of cursing and self-loathing, but hopefully I didn't lose anything brilliant. If it was brilliant, it should have been memorable, no? And I think I rembered all the stuff I really loved.

XO :)

Trundling Grunt said...

Ooh, lovely photos and it sounds like we were all on a bread kick - can you post GMs recipe?

I adore valerian but have had little success growing it so I am deeply envious.

Candace said...

Yep! Will do. :)

OK, I didn't know that was valerian. I've been calling it bee balm, but now that I think of it, the bee balm has a totally different flower. I have tons of this stuff. I got it from Spring Hill online as part of a hummingbird garden, but I don't know it that's a standard inclusion or a substitution, because sometimes when they run out of stuff, they'll sub in something comparable.

This stuff grows like a weed. I should post the non cropped pic. The area where I have it is mostly sunny, and has a thin layer of mulch. It gets hit by the sprinklers daily, but I don't think for very long.

egan said...

Absolutely love the photos here, all of them. MuNKi is my hero for many reasons. Tall Chick, you're not so bad either.

Candace said...

You really know how to make a chick feel special. ;)