Saturday, June 09, 2007

A Week's Worth of Random Stuff

OK, Peeps. As usual I have been a sucky blogger. This week I completed my 38th trip around the sun - something I've been working on for close to 40 years now. I also read and reviewed two books. I think I used the word 'vivid' in both reviews, to my embarrassment. But oh well.

I taught my last 2 after-school classes of the year (Hallelujah, Jaffar!) and found that I was finally recovered enough from my sprained ankle to do jumping kicks once again. (Also Hallelujah, Jaffar! And WHEEEEEeeee! as well.)

I pulled out a lot of weeds (thank goodness for the minidisc player!) sewed some stuff, and took some random photos.

Marathon pics:

(high-fiving Sluggie at the finish)

You may remember when I cut this out nearly a year ago. You may remember that I was pretty clueless about what size to make. As I sewed, it became quite obvious that it was not going to fit me, so I thought it would go to Mollusc. As it turns out, the 6 darts sucked up a lot of fabric, and it was even too small for her. Sluggie was the very happy recipient. Here she checks herself out in the barthroom mirror:

I like the collar, and the covered buttons were fun to make.

Though, they hardly show up. ^_^

There's been a lot of gardening going on. Today when I was planting marigolds around Gogo's garden (to discourage bun-buns) I saw a mama spider covered with babies. I've seen them tons of times hauling their egg cases around, but never with their teeny little babies before. The grey fuzzy stuff is actually their tiny little semi-translucent legs.

And I decided that I needed a clothespin bag to act as a 3rd hand outside when I'm hanging the wash, so I Googled some pics and decided to rip off this cute design. However, I need a ton of clothespins, so I made mine a little deeper. The fabric is multidirectional, though I guess from the front it all looks sideways. Poop. It also looks a little wonky since I filled it with clothespins, but by the time I realised that, I was too lazy to take a better pic.

We put up the tent in the backyard today, and are all going to sleep out there tonight. :)

Oh, and I guess the fairies have taken up residence in our garden. I hope they can do something about the snake grass.

Here's hoping you have a Fairy Wonderful Weekend. :)


Trundling Grunt said...

Frances Griffiths and Elsie Wright have the monopoly on faery photos, don't they?

Nice photos as ever...

Candace said...

I believe they do. :) But we intend to trump them if we can just catch these folk at home.

ARM said...

Aw! I love, love, love that shirt!

How busy you've been! And 2 review books? I'm jealous. I still have one that I got in March that I'm almost done with. It's a food/travelogue thing, so I'm not....devouring(?) it like I do fiction.

Gawpo said...

Wow. You are the picture lady of Man Katdu. Huh? Well, you know what I mean.

But where are those covered buttons? Couldn't you have done something to point them out, at least?

GORGEOUS! You are putting the seamstress in me to shame. Now if I could just get her out of me. Crowded in there. And those sewing needles hurt.

Claire said...

I bought a new sewing machine recently and showed WP how to use it. Next thing I know she is making clothes and carriers and stuff for her furryville collection. I was such a proud mama.
Wow Candace you are a really busy person. I Might have been that productive when I was your age, but I doubt it. Ha ha... With only one kid left to schlepp around I feel downright spoiled!

kitkat said...

When I hang my clothes outside, I've always got clothespins between my lips (I was going to say "in my mouth," but that didn't give the right visual).

Slade said...

I LOVE the purple outfit!!! So classy!

I have a question for you: HOW did you do it 4 times??????!!!!!

Candace said...

Amanda - I wish I had a shirt like that. ^_^ I think I'll hhave to order one to get my size. Sluggie is only 9 yrs old (well, almost 10) and rail thin and that's the size they carry at the store. What's up with that?!?

The review books were both quick reads, thank goodness. Heh! Devouring a food book. ^_^

Gawpo - I bet you can assuage her guilt with chocolate. It usually works for me. ^_^ But you might let her make some covered buttons just to keep her occupied. I hope she stops needling you. ^_^

Claire - How cool! I think it's great when they learn young and are less likely to be intimidated. :)

Kitkat - Ha. ^_^ That does give a weird visual. You might need a clothespin bag. ^_^

Slade - Thank you. :) MuNKi wishes that *I* had one, LOL!

The birth part you mean? Oh how quickly we forget the pain to make room for all the joy. ^_^

Gawpo said...

Well, Candace, you make your point. Steel, I'd think some chocolate would placate her. Unless she suffers a paradoxical effect, in which case, it would workcate her. Eye do see what you mean about the needles, though. Thanks.

Candace said...

If she gets too bad, just make some cutting remarks. That's bound to change the fabric of her being. ^_^