Monday, October 22, 2007


Random updates:

I finished Last Rituals for review, and now I'm reading The Queen's Fool, which is great!

I'm looking for the next history book for the kids. Not sure what I'll pick, but it's fun looking.

We did a slew of postcards for family today. I looked up postcard postage and it's 26 cents. I remember when postage for real letters to my penpals was 13 cents. :-P

We watched Millions with the kids and it was very touching and sweet and fun.

I think tomorow I'll be a Pirate Who Doesn't Do Anything:

After all, I've never been to Boston in the Fall. . . ^_^


egan said...

Your bit about the stamps make you sound a bit older than you are.

"In my day, we could send a package to Singapore for 13 cents."

Yeah for YouTube. I'm going to watch the Jeff Vader one again. That was some good shit.

egan said...

I'm the "Blogger that doesn't do anything" yet I have been to Boston in the Fall.

Anonymous said...

13 cents? Incredible. The earliest memory I have of postage is 25 cents for a regular envelope. That was back when some pay phones were still 10 cents for a call, which was back when we still had pay phones.

Candace said...

Egan - do you look good in leggings? Have you ever painted daisies on a big red rubber ball?
What did you get back from Singapore? Or will you get arrested if you say it here?

Kitkat - I remember when phone calls were a dime. But in WI they were 20 cents when they were still a dime in CA. :-P

Claire said...

Ok, I remember party lines. That's how frickin' old I am.
Need a history book for the bigs or the littles? And what country, era, etc?

Michael C said...

I've never hoist a mainstay, but I do love Veggie Tales!!

Oh how I love to stay home and lie around. Mr Lunt is so cool!! Ok, I'm done now...

And I'm not too good at ping pong...

cindra said...

Ha! My kids have shown me some crazy stuff from the veggie peeps. That's a funny one.

I'll join you tomorrow to 'not do anything'! Sounds good.

Diesel said...

My favorite is the song from the one about Daniel.

We could use him as a footstool
Or a table to play Scrabble on
Then tie him up and beat him up
And throw him out of Babylon

egan said...

Please sir, I'd like some more...

Candace said...

Claire - Party lines would suck! As for the history book/s, I'm still deciding what era. We just finished a general overview book (A Child's History of the World) and I think we're going to go more in depth into a specific era. Right now I'm thinking WWII. What I think I want is another general structure book that I can then flesh out with more specific, age appropriate books for the bigs and littles, repectively.

Michael - Mr. Lunt has no eyes! How does he see? Same way they can clap with no hands, I guess. I do love me some ping pong, though.

Cindra - I love their sense of humour. There's so much there! :)

Diesel - Oh, I love the Daniel song, too! I haven't heard that one in a while. Time to break out the VT again, methinks.

Egan - Thank you sir may I have another?

Winters said...

I love those pirates, C.

And I'm relieved you're not doing any more "panties" theme posts.
It was all too much for my sensitive English heart.

egan said...

You're alive?

Candace said...

Winters - Ah, pirates. What's not to love? :)

I have something that your sensitive English heart might like. For a post, I mean. ;-)

Egan - Quite! But it's hard to tell from that end, I know. :-P