Thursday, October 18, 2007

"Mailman" or "Redundancy"; also "Panties"

It's Picture Book Thursday again!

Today I have 2 selections for your reading enjoyment. The first is called "
Millie Waits For the Mail." This is one I grabbed as soon as I saw the third double page spread. OMG! Hilarious! This is a fun book, but I have to say that the story fizzles as it goes, and we are left with a nagging question. WHAT was in that package that got flattened by the tractor? The illustrations, however, are delightful, and it's worth checking out this book for that alone. I mean, a tiny little elphant on the farm? And what are those chickens up to? This makes for a great library book, and as soon as I finished reading it aloud, an immediate re-read was requested. It's very short -- a good book for when it's past bedtime and you still want to squeeze in a book or three, but it's going to take longer if you really want to examine the illustrations.

The second selection for today is an old favourite.
Six-Dinner Sid lives at #1 Aristotle Street. (He's no beggar for the bottle though - just a cat who enjoys his dinners.) He also lives at numbers 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 Aristotle Street. In order to get his six dinners, Sid has to have 6 different personas. (Catsonas?) And that works just great until a nasty cough brings everything crashing down around his kitty ears. This is a great book that I can read over, and over, and over again (and have done.) Enjoy!

In non-picture-book news,
MuNKi and the kids and I went shopping with BG and her kids yesterday. We hit the Barnes & Noble at the "Circles of Death" because it's still Educator Appreciation Week, and then I introduced BG to Claire's. There, I found that I have a weakness for cell phone charms. BG says I ought to get a cell phone. Hmm, maybe one of those cheap toy ones just so I could buy charms to hang from it.

After that, MuNKi (on Her Majesty's right) made us stop in at Victoria's Secret (the Bigs entertained the Littles in one car just in front of the door) to check out their sports bras, which are supposed to be awesome. I tried one and did the Jumping Up and Down Test, but I was afraid of what the store people might think because my sandals were clapping so much, so I took them off and then jumped in a kind of wincy sort of way as I imagined all the loose straight pins that might be underfoot. I determined that the bra, though nice, was slightly ridy-uppy (that's an industry term) and no better than my C9 seamless Champion thinggy from Target for less than half the price. So the trip quickly degenerated into a panty-shopping spree for BG and me. My speculations on which ones might be good for kicking led to a discourse by BG on the joys of Commando TKD. We eventually determined that the best way to check which panty styles and colours we liked best was to look at them in the environment in which they were most likely to end up after about 30 seconds of wear - namely on our heads, a lampshade, or the floor. The store people must have thought we were moderately insane we were laughing so much, but they gladly took our money in return for barely enough fabric to dab away our tears of mirth.


armalicious said...

Both of those books look amazing! I want to get the cat one for my niece!

That second MuNKi picture made me almost scream-laugh. Oh noes!

Thanks for the info on that sports bra...I had heard about it, too, and was thinking of going and checking it out. And, you have reminded me that I need to go underwear shopping, too. Stupid underwears!

Candace said...

The cat one is well worth the money. >^_^<

Ha! Is that picture not delightful? I'm trying to figure out whether his smile is because he's doing that on purpose (holding his kilt taut to show) or because he's blisfully unaware, and just pleased to be the one sitting next to The Queen. ^_^

Yeah, I'm sticking with the Champions. Same material, same lack of seams (hooray!) and you can get at least 2 for the same price. :)

I don't think you're the only one who needs to go underwear shopping. ^_^ But yes, stupid underwears. Will you b etrying Commando TKD? I have to say that the seams in my dobok pants are kind of intimidating, but BG swears they're not an issue.

armalicious said... commando TKD for me for awhile. I have some pretty *ahem* thick seams in mine as well and, well, I'm easily excitable.

Speaking of excitability (I don't know how this segue is going to work, but let's just roll with it, shall we?) did you get over feeling like a fool when you did your ki hap? Or did you ever feel like a fool? I'm still kind of "trial" classes, so the teacher isn't being to strict with us and our noises, but I know I"m going to have to figure something out. When she was teaching us some basic sparring, we had to ki hap to let our partner know that we were ready, and I was just like, "huh" without any emphasis. When I'm hitting things, it works out, but just standing there waiting to be pretend-punched, I wasn't able to get over myself sounding weird.

Candace said...

A LOT of people are really self-conscious about that. Basically, just realise that everyone else is in exactly the same boat, and that you'll have more power and focus if you can do it right. Yeah, with the one-step sparring, it's not really necessary for power and focus since you're just signalling your partner, but you can think of it as practice for when you're punching and kicking. :) You'll get used to it eventually.

I think the teens are the ones who find it most mortifying. ^_^

Diesel said...

Did Sid have to take a cat-a-tonic for his cough? Get it? Cat-a...

I'll see myself out.

Candace said...

A HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!! Very nice! I see you are feline very Frisky. I award you a cat-ass-trophy for that. >^_^<

tshsmom said...

I've never been able to find a sports bra that doesn't ride up on me! I either have high shoulders or low boobs. I need adjustable straps. :0

Candace said...

You'd think if we can put a man on the moon, we could make a sports bra that stays put! ^_^