Monday, October 15, 2007

I Thought She Threw the Trough Through the Rough Slough, Though

Isn't English fun? At least it is if you don't have to learn it.

Blame Egan. He's the one who brought up YouTube.


armalicious said...

Haha! It still doesn't make sense with a British accent. But it sounds cool!


Damn...i can't answer that Craigs list add...I did not get my degree in geometry. Le sigh.

radioactive girl said...

My brain hurts!

egan said...

I love love love Rocketboom. The previous host was only slightly dreamier than this one. Amanda Congdon moved on to to do her blog here. I have to say the new host, I wish I knew her name, is very easy on the eyes and she speaks French. Now that's a sweet package.

I approve of this YouTube clip. Feel free to post Rocketboom anytime.

egan said...
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Michael C said...

I am learning so much here

egan said... do her blog THERE...

As Amanda would say "stupid typos".

Candace said...

Amanda - Everything sounds better with a British accent. ^_^ The best part about your comment is that "shi" can mean something like "it is" or "that's right" so your placement was perfect. ^_^

It did say that the degree was a plus, so this isn't necessarily the end of your austronaut dreams.

Mmmm. Astronaut dreams.

Oops, got sidetracked. . .^_^

Tori - Mine kinda did, too, at first. I think Rocketboom is sort of The News for ADHD People. Gotta love it! ^_^

Egan - I'm so glad that the clip met with your approval, and I sort of regret not doing the one where she's totally naked. Maybe later.

Michael - Like how bonkers I am? ^_^

Egan - I'd say it was more of a Freudian slip. Are you wearing a dress?

egan said...

Not today, but me loves a good dress.

kitkat said...

I don't have time to comment. I have to go fly a home-made rocket to the moon. Thanks, Craigslist! Tah!

Candace said...

Efo - I bet your collection is stunning. ^_^

Kitkat - Make sure to post pictures, LOL!

Michael C said...

No, like I THOUGH I had command of the english language. Apparently, I know nothin'

Logophile said...

I almost always get a big grin after coming over here.
Candace, you make me happy

somewhere joe said...

Our local Chinese buffet is now offering Buffalo Wings - which sounds kinda Chinese in a fanciful Dragon's Toes sort of way...

Winters said...

Great Vid, C. Here's some fun with syntax:

1. Potential witness to murder drunk.
2. Crowds rushing to see the Queen trample six to death.
3. Beating witness provides names.
4. Nixon stands pat on Watergate tapes.
5. Bush plans swell deficit.
6. University studies mushroom.


egan said...

Winters, those are great. I like the Queen one.

Claire said...

Rocketboom is cool, shi shi shi shi

josh williams said...

Strong work! or is it work that requires strength? Or as I intended a fine post. I will go no further. Kind Regards JW

Candace said...

Michael - Urine command of the language all right. ^_^

Logo - Grin is definitely better than grim. Happy to be of service. ^_^

Joe - Ha! That is quite an image. ^_^ Would that be a Pegalo? A Buffasus?

Winters - Ahhhhh!! Those are exquisite! Thank you. ^_^

Egan - I think the Queen is a little old for you.

Claire - Shi!!

Josh - LOL! G'day Bruce! (OK, so that was non sequitur, but now you remind me of the Bruce Sketch ^_^)