Thursday, October 04, 2007

Parte the Nexte

And so it was determined that on the Third Try, The Man would descend into Hell (ie the basement) and open the Cleanout Drain. This is not something to be attempted lightly.

The Woman positioned a Large Rubbermaid Bin beneath the drain and The Man climbed all the way up, up, up to the top of a 3 step ladder and stood on tiptoe to unscrew the drain plug. Once loosened, the plug emitted a very small and VERY smelly stream of watery substance. After observing this for some minutes and seeing how little progress was being made, The Woman asked why The Man did not just open the plug all the way. He replied that he didn't want everything gushing out all over him and that he preferred to just let it out a little bit at a time. He loosened it a bit further, and a slightly larger trickle issued forth.

The Man had always had infinitely more patience (for some things) than The Woman, but even he had his breaking point. Finally, he stretched up to loosen the plug a just a tiny bit further, but the plug had other ideas. The instant The Man touched the plug, it rocketed off of the pipe and into his hand. In a spectacular display of flying stench, a horde of demons erupted from the pipe, sending putrid water, acid, and noodle bits gouting out onto the wall, the floor, and mostly The Man.


Ashira Gryffin said...

*commences highly inappropriate giggling as she eagerly awaits the next installment*

Winters said...

Frankly, I find this installment disconcertingly erotic, C.