Monday, October 08, 2007

Hum Hum Hum

So Saturday night's 3 little words were "tae kwon do" and the activity that made me so very sore was jump-round-kicking little plastic water bottles off of the top of a target like this:

MuNKi informs me that I was engaged thusly for about 2 hours. There was a town party sort of thing with the street by the gym closed off in order for (mostly crap-ass) bands to play on a stage, and the gym was open for PR purposes. Some of us went down to play and I ended up practicing a kick we had been doing in red belt class on Friday. Sans the chair to jump off of, though. My legs are so sore! MuNKi says I drew several crowds. I was trying not to notice.

In other news, I owe a blogger friend the reward of his choice for his Hot Tip on the BBC Dirk Gently Radio Series. How timely! Especially in light of my continuing failure to get any of those library digibooks working.

PS: Happy Columbo Day

I love Screamy Lee. :)


Michael C said...

Happy Columbo day indeed!!

I discovered something once, but it had to be lanced at the doctor's office the following afternoon...

cindra said...

TWO (2) TWO (2) TWO????

FUCKING...ooops sorry, but I'm feeling emotive and in awe...


Does munki even deserve the bod you tout about?

Okay, DESERVE (oh...yeah...and RESPECT...sheee it...)one another you two are like some sort of weird hybrids of 'ultimahumans' and from what i hear from Egan, my evolved and liberal children seem like mere rednecks next to your hybrids. And I know I don't look like you in a t-shirt. day-um.

It's okay. I'm not jealous. I'm doing my best. I believe that when I can kick that maple branch hanging three feet above the ground, like, ten times, you'll invite me and mine to the compound.

And if that doesn't do, well, I do dishes.

Hey, you never played the game this go round.


The books are in storage...quilt like...they are still yours...soon.

cindra said...

Hey booger...will you look at this place?

Seems to be most reputable around AND they work with homeschoolers, AND have good references, AND are big on family...from what I can tell. I await your approval though.

cindra said...

and what do i have to do to have my own blogroll title over there ---->

it seems it's just for gay men. perhaps i have no chance.

Delton said...

Hey, I just wanted to take a sec to say hi again. I've been way lax on keeping up lately with reading everyone's blogs. I just finally caught up here though. Glad to see the plumbing fiasco has been taken care of!

armalicious said...

You rock.

Columbo day...too funny. Was Columbo a crazy genocidical maniac?

armalicious said...

CANDACE! Today was my first day of real, full TKD.

I have a feeling that I'm not going to want to get out of bed tomorrow morning.

I found a new academy...the other one we were going to go to...the schedules didn't work with us and it was extremely expensive. So I found this one.

armalicious said...

The important thing, though, is that I want to go back again. So that's good, right?

GuTTer MuNKi said...


No, Munki doesn't deserve it, and he considers himself very lucky. (good god, I've apparently channeled Bob Dole!)

radioactive girl said...

I thought of you last night when I asked my 3 year old what activity he wants to do now that gymnastics is over. He said "tae kwon do" which almost made me fall over that he even knew what it was. I will be on the hunt for a good place for him to learn...if you know any in my area, let me know? I was sort of hoping for a mom and kid class so I could get in on the fun, but if not, I suppose I could always sign up for my own class, right?

egan said...

What is Cindra smoking? She thinks your blogroll is only for gay men? Does Cindra think that's how she should talk about me or your other beloved readers? Come on now. I might have to think twice about adding Cindra to my blogroll after she called me a man humper. I'm deeply offended. Please delete her comment to show her how much you love me vs. her. Thank you in advance for fulfilling my request Tall Chick.

Candace said...

Micahel C - how gruesome! ^_^

Cindra - MuNKi is SO The Man. :)

To get your very own, exclusive blogroll title you have to quit blogging and then weep and cry and complain about how you aren't in Warp(ed) drive anymore (even though you can't remember what the category is actually even called) and then make a sorry-ass attempt at blogging again and do really well for, like 4 days, and then go back to sporadic blogging. ^_^

If the maple branch deserves that kind of thrashing, you are welcome at the compound. If not, you will have to be kinder to the tree. ^_^

And in case you hadn't already figured it out, you can't believe anything Egan says. Ever.

Delton - I, too, have been abysmally lax in my blogging. C'est la vie,non? :)

Arm - I believe he was always armed, so maybe.

How was getting up the next day? Wanting to go back is a great thing. I checked out your school and it looks very cool :)

GuTTer MuNKi/Bob Dole - MuNKi deserves better, but he's stuck with me.

Tori - How COOL! Wow! :) Some schools do do mom and kid classes. But you're right, if they don't you can always do your own. :) You meet a lot of neat people at TKD. :)

Efo - I love the gay men in my blogroll and I love you too. Feeling better now? Thank you for your continued support. ;-)

Candace said...

Michael - I always, always typo your name. Sorry.

egan said...

I do appreciate your help.