Wednesday, October 03, 2007


The kids and I are starting to converse with each other in LOLCatese. Sometimes it just makes something funny even funnier.

Anyway, here's some fun stuff:

T-shirt #1



"Paper! Nom Nom Nom!"

Too Cool to Imagine

Even Cooler?

In other news, Fishy has started his very own tank of Sea Monkeys. You know, those things that look absolutely NOTHING like the picture on the packaging, which, even though your mom warns you over and over will look like wee shrimpies and do not, in fact, ride seahorses, you still kinda think might look like little pink people with crowns and big cheesy smiles. (that was me, not Fishy)

I had forgotten that Sea Monkeys (well, all but mine, that is) actually hatch out and start swimming within MINUTES of hitting the water. That's kinda cool. OK, who am I kidding? It's WAY cool!

I was a little disconcerted when the Fishman asked how old I was, and then informed me that according to his manual I would need a magnifying glass to see his pets. O_o Fortunately, you can't believe everything you read.


Jaichan said...

I had Sea Monkeys about 11 years ago. I kept them on my nightstand. I was devastated when they died.

That said, one of my most absolutely favouritest things to do as a chef is to peel and de-vein shrimp.

Michael C said...

This is a language I want to learn. Now, where can I find sea monkeys? They'd go great in the office. I'll just place them away from the hinged lamp that keeps falling over ;-)

armalicious said...

You find the coolest stuff, Candace!

LOLcat speak is hilarious. My friend put this on her myspace quote "I'm in ur facebook stealinz ur frienz" Cuh-razy!

I want that cube thingy. I love it. I told my hubby that I wanted a rubik's cube for some reason. When I was little we had a rubik's cube, but it was a pyramid...and really hard.

Candace said...

Jaichan - Yeah, it's a bummer when they tip over. Did you know that if they all die, you can let all the water evaporate and then add water again and new ones will hatch out? According to the book, anyway. Too cool!

Michael - Sea Monkeys are EVERYWHERE. That could be your new at-work time consumer - raising sea monkeys and teaching them tricks. ^_^

Arm - I don't know what it is about LOLcatspeak, but OMG! ^_^ That facebook quote is great! Have you seen the walrus saga with the bucket? (start at the bottom and work up and backwards)

Isn't that cube wild? You can get fake Rubik's cubes at Michaels for $1. ^_^

cindra said...

that cat is FUNNY. who noticed it first?

the fishman should be punched right in the nose for his crassness!

armalicious said...

OMG - I iz dying over the walrus buckit!

Winters said...

Evening, C. A friend of mine had Sea Monkeys. It took three tubs of ointment and four doctors to get rid of them.

I found The best way to do the Rubiks cube is to steam off the labels and put the thing back together from the outside.

Jayne said...

It's World Animal Day!
Throw the seamonkeys a steak!
Or something...

Candace said...

Cindra - I dunno. I found it on Isn't it great? >^_^<

Poor Mr. Walrus! ^_^

Arm - It totally cracks me up, too. ^_^ Mollusc and I troll through that site giggling incessantly.

Winters - Now THAT is a bad case of Sea Monkeys. ^_^

MuNKi prefers your Rubik's solving method as well. I was one of the geeks who memorised the formulae for solving them. :-P

Jayne - LOL! That is just so wrong. ^_^

Ashira Gryffin said...


Gawpo said...

Ha! I remember those critters.

Are they really cool? I can't remember.

Candace said...

Hard to tell. These don't seem to have survived. :-(