Sunday, October 07, 2007

Have a Bi-Polar Day!

I decided to scrap some pics today, and what better way to entertain myself whilst so doing than to listen to an audiobook? I tried Googling free audio downloads first (strike 1) then remembered that our library has downloadable audiobooks. Huzzah!! EXCITEMENT ABOUNDS!

Then I tried to find where they were kept. Not in the regular online catalog. Bummer. (strike 2) So I tried cutting off all but the main part of my library link url to get to some sort of homepage and voila! A direct link to digital downloads! YAY!!!

So I downloaded the free software necessary for listening to the digibooks, and then went into the catalogue and found all KINDS of free stuff to check out. I mean EVERYTHING is there!! (well, a lot anyway)

Then I tried to check out some books, and they let me put them on hold, but even the ones that weren't already checked out said I had to wait for an email telling me when they became available. (still waiting) Bummer. (foul ball)

So I tried the video stuff, thinking I'd listen to a movie instead, because why not? And those let me check out right away without listening. YAY!!

But then I tried to download them, and I got some sort of error message. Bummer. (another foul)

I then downloaded the Windows Media upgrade and updated my security as directed. This produced a different error message. (kind of yay -- it must be progress, right? but still another foul)

I rebooted my computer in case that would help. Now whenever I try, I get an error message saying that there are issues with Digital Rights Management. Oh, and I've used up all my chances to download those movies. Strike three, I'm out.

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armalicious said...

Our library has that option of downloading audiobooks, too, but I've never used it. I wonder if it does the same thing...