Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I get up with great intentions of writing before the kids awaken, but the scale shows me that I really should do some exercise first (and possibly never eat again) so I go down to the basement and jump rope to "21 Things", stagger upstairs to the bathroom, fall back down the stairs and then do feet-ups on the kicking bag.

After dragging myself to the top of the steps again and switching laundry from washer to dryer, I sit my great intentions (and somewhat leaden legs) down at the laptop. Inexplicably, I feel compelled to check my mail. MuNKi is on, which reminds me that I was supposed to look for energy gel thinggies online. I surf, chat MuNKi about it a bit, and finally find a decent bargain.

The children awaken and (shock) expect food. We do the food thing and I finish reading "Pure Dead Trouble" aloud to them. (Well, duh, aloud. I guess I didn't need that qualifier. It's not like I'm telepathic or something and can broadcast my thoughts into their heads, though that would be really convenient at times. Though also possibly disastrous.)

The phone rings, and a child answers it before I can tell them not to.

The children launch on chores and schoolwork. I do more laundry, sweep and mop the floor to the strains of Genticorum and find stuff to put away. Quite possibly the entire basement could use a cleaning.
I fight the urge.

The phone rings again. Again a child answers. (Note to self: must implement non-answering protocol.) MuNKi is reminding me that the kids and I were going to clean out the car today.
I spot my art quilt lying over the back of the rocking chair and decide to hang it up before it gets trashed.

More stuff begs to be put away and the phone rings again. No, please NOOOOooooo! For some reason, more laundry wants doing as well. I check my history book bids on eBay and accept my niece's Facebook invite. I troll and play a bit on Facebook. Bloody Facebook. I really mean to open up that document and keep writing, but my notebook is in the other room while Facebook is conveniently in my lap.

I get my notebook and finally sit to write, but first I need to blog about it all. . .

Is it any wonder?



Michael C said...

I too make the mistake of starting my day with a 'weigh-in'

Winters said...

I think you were quite right to go with the qualifier, C.

I mean, you could have been reading the story:
1 - "incredibly quietly" to them;
2 - "translated from speech into music by means of computer software" to them, or;
3 - "in the style of a hamster" to them.

I find the sentence "facebook is conveniently in my lap" quite mysterious and erotic.

Candace said...

Michael - It's probably a bad idea, isn't it? Then again, it's the skinniest time of day. . . ^_^

Winters - Good points, Sir. Thank you. I feel better about that now. ^_^ And 'in the style of a hamster' - I was wondering if you could maybe demonstrate that. Perhaps an audioblog is in order? ^_^

Heh heh! You make me smile a mysterious and erotic smile. Well, I try anyway. It's probably more goofy and dorkacious than mysterious and erotic.

Mine should be arsebook judging by my avatar. I think there really is an arsebook though, now.

Oh yeah, there is!

radioactive girl said...

My kids know not to answer the phone or I will kill them. Kidding, but they definitely understand not to answer the phone unless I say to. We had to do a bit of retraining though when the phone would ring and my kids would all scream out "IT"S GRANDMA...DON"T ANSWER IT!!!!" What I meant the first time when I said it was that I did not have time to talk to her, so please don't answer it. What they heard was that grandma is horrible don't ever answer the phone for her. Which is not true even though my mom speifically thinks we screen her out.

And this. This is why I never get anything done all day even though I am "super busy" all day.

I am off to eat some candy right now just to spite the scale. That will show it to mess with us in the morning.

Diesel said...

Alan Greenvale. You're welcome.

I haven't touched my novel in weeks...

cindra said...

You'll get to it. I so relate to your day...except I did not do the jumproping or the kicking of a bag...no basement damn it. We went to walk in the cold and little one whined a lot. Not so fun.

Hang in there...your pace is exhausting!

Violet da Gambit said...


Hello :)

I should be peeing, mopping (not because of my peeing, but the kitty's), scrubbing, cleaning, composing, and doing sit-ups; that is but the mere surface scratchings.

And YET . . . here I sit at work, reading thine blog. I commend myself, and feel somehow a better human being than I was just moments ago.

Hope you're having a great day doing something, and I hope that something is long and rich and satisfying instead of a lot of hurried little somethings!!

Claire said...

My house is a complete wreck and it smells like a rat graveyard cuz at least two died in the walls. I should be doing Something about the mess! I can't get motivated to at least put some of the shit away. And did I mention I HATE the smell of decomposing rats. Ugh....

Gawpo said...

When I get up early, I like to eat those barbeque frito curly chips. They're good. And good FOR you.

Winters said...

Well C, I'm astonished that there really is an "arsebook."

I'm half-tempted to join, just to see if people actually all use arse-avatars.

And perhaps it is possible to do things like "play scrabblarsious" and "leave a message on someone's superarse."


egan said...

I like Winters a lot. He's a good guy. Hey, you still alive?

Candace said...

Tori - OMG what a funny misunderstanding, LOL! I can't stop giggling. ^_^ Kudos to you for eating in the face of the scale! ^_^

Diesel - That's not half bad. Thank you. :)

Cindra - The whining never adds to the experience. :-P

Violet - Urgh. How very busy. And yet you take time to show me the love, which is kind and sweet and - wait - peeing? Ew. :-)

Claire - OMG nothing smells worse than ded things decomposing in your walls. BTDT. Blechhhhh.

Gawpo - Yummmmmmm. I'm hungry now.

Winters - Yes, indeed, Arseatars! Do you think the wall has a big crack in it? ^_^

Candace said...

Egan - you're alive. :)

egan said...

Of course I'm alive. I'm not a Vogon.

Candace said...

Vogons are alive, too. Someday you'll have to read that book.