Monday, July 03, 2006

Carpe Crappum

raccoon trail, July 2006

I'll warn you right off that I'm not staying on the path in this one. Not even remotely. (Even if there ARE "guerrillas in those woods.") So what's new?

A wise man once (OK, yesterday) said:
"Today is the day that we waste other people's time with our crap."

Last year I joined an order, a sisterhood, in which we set goals for ourselves. Each phase of the moon brings us the opportunity to focus on a different aspect of our goal setting. We also each have our own Life List of 8 goals that we plan to accomplish. Have you ever really thought about what you hope to accomplish in your life? Let me tell you, to sit down and decide on the 8 things that you most want to do in your lifetime - it really makes you look at yourself and how you're doing things. Now, we have a bit of an "out" in that once we accomplish one, we update our lists. So that's a little pressure off, right? I mean if it was only 8 EVER, I think that would be harder. But still. So here's my challenge to you: make your own List. They don't have to come to you all at once, but don't look at it as a "here's a few and someday I'll choose the rest" type of exercise. It might take a couple of days. You might change your mind on one or two. A year from now, you may find some things have lost their importance, and other things have taken their places, but make your list anyway. Eight things, no more, no less. And then get started. But do be sure to stop and smell the daisies along the way.

OK, being serious for too long causes me physical pain. I'm just not a very serious person. Levity is the key to, uh, levitation. . .? Anyway. On to the - LOOK a chicken! stuff.

For the visually oriented, the rest of this post will be peppered with photos.

I'm slowly attempting to make the front of the house more inviting.

So these greet you by the front step:

The echinacea was photo shy, but the mums, ironically, clamoured for a close-up.

(insert clever segue here for seamless transition)

The following is proof that I am

1) Overambitious
2) Insane
3) Going to be using a lot of potty words
4) A sucker for pretty fabric
5) And cheap patterns
D) All of the above

Look away now, Poly and Egan. When you hear the chime, you can look back.

I had plenty of help with the cutting phase.

It's Trillygami! This is why God gave her thumbs. 2 on each hand.

**ding** (that's the chime for Egan and Poly)

I had no clue what size to make. I will try to chronicle the saga of this ill-fated project with plen -- OOOH! Shiny thing!

**skipping record noise**

You can tease me all you like about the awful Brittany hair, I did it for GuTtEr MuNKi, who promptly rogered me senseless. Afterward, I lulled the birdies to sleep with Enya. (whose music hath a far more pleasing sound than Brittany's)

3 birds at piano

Yes, the books are double-stacked in the case. No, there's not usually any room for them to lean over like that. (Will ho for bookcases.)

And so I leave you. Who's accepting my challenge?

something like the sun July, 2006


~d said...

Thank you, Annie Lennox for the cameo appearence over at my place. Now-what is this secret sisterhood? Am I the only one who caught that?

Candace said...

It's online. If you want the link, email me. :-)

milkmaidenster at gmail dot com :-)

Faltenin said...

Overambitious, little miss "I'm going for 42,195"??? Nawwww....

Candace said...


Well, as long as one finds that one can go on, why not?? :-)

kitkat said...

I've heard of setting certain goals for oneself, and I suppose it's a wonderful idea, but I have such a low opinion of myself that I think, "Why would I want to make a list of things I'm never going to do anyway?"

But, that's a therapy session for another time.

I dig the pigtails. I do that when my hair is long enough, which it currently is not.

rilah said...

seriously, 8 whole things? wanna provide some inspiration?

i can't help but think of silly things like, have a completely organzied CD collection, complete with pristine jewel cases and uncreased liner notes.

Candace said...

Aw, c'mon Kitkat. Jump in with both feet. Isn't there something you've always wanted to get around to someday? Putting it on your list is the first step toward making it happen. :-) Time to rebel against yourself and go for it. ;-)

Yep - 8, Rilah. See, that would work. Especially if you're a big fan of the High Fidelity book or film. :-)

Or it could be stuff like:

-Finish that novel and get it published

-Kiss someone on top of the Eiffel Tower

-Go hangliding

-Enter the State Chess Championship (if there is such a thing)

-Climb the Pyramid of the Moon at Teotihuacan

Jay said...

I have such a terrible summer cold that if daisies smelled, I wouldn't know.

rilah said...

ok, while i ponder my list, i must listen to "walking on sunshine" and repeat the mantra "get your patchoulli (sp?) stink out of my store" :-)

Candace said...

That sucks, Jay. I hope you're over it soon. Summer colds seem to last forever when I get one. You know, maybe they don't smell, come to think of it. Crap! LOL!

Rilah, I so wish the part where he kicked Tim Robbins's ass hadn't been a fantasy sequence. :-)

Candace said...

BTW, just so you all know, I'm not advocating that anyone post their list here. It's a very personal thing.

Jorge said...

Hey Candace.
I saw you left a comment on mama's blog, so I decided to follo wyou here because of your cool side kick.


I have a list like that.
I share it with no one.

But you're right.
It does evolve and change.
It's wonderful.


ablondeblogger said...

LOVE the flower photos! Good for you making a list of 8 goals. I think I might try that.

tshsmom said...

We have a chipmunk trail that looks just like that!
We no longer have to build our bookcases in our yard, now that we have a garage. ;)
I've actually accomplished most of my goals. I didn't know that you had to replace them with NEW goals.

Candace said...

Hi Jorge! Thank you. :-) Which blog is your mom's? I tried to see if by chance you pic was hosted there by cutting off the end of the url and ended up at your photog site. VERY cool! Thanks for coming over! :-)

Blonde, thanks! I love taking them. The life goal setting thing is really quite an experience. Have fun!

TSmom - Whoa! That's a busy chipmunk, LOL! (or a bunch of em) Haha - outdoor bookcases! :-) I want to line our LRoom with floor to ceiling bookcases. We have cathedral ceilings, so we'd need one of those cool rolling ladder setups. Ooooooh! Wouldn't that be fun? Hmmm. What can I bump off my life list to put that on one. Oh, yeah, I should probably just ACCOMPLISH rather than bump, LOL!

New goals are good. Otherwise, what do you do when you run out of stuff to achieve? ;-)

polyergos said...

Happy Belated Fourth all my fellow Americans...!

I accept the challenge! Although I need to make this list on the weekend. Just too busy (and too tired) right now (off to bed soon).

Also, I can find you some ex- girlfriends who would disagree with you on whether I'm wise or not. :)

I love the britney look. Is that a parrot on your shoulder? Oh my god... two!! That's awesome...!

Be sure to post an mp3 of some of your music at some point! I'd love to hear it. I have some really bad rap music if you ever want to hear really bad rap music I made with my 'puter. :P

Candace said...

Way to go, Pete!! (making your list)

Ha, what do those girls know? :-)
The ex status is proof that whatever they know it's not much. ;-)

The birds are cockatiels. Cool, aren't they? They love it when I play the piano. God knows why. I'm not that great. :-P As for the Britney look, dh loves it, but something inside me screams that 37 year old women shouldn't be seen in public like that. I dunno. . .

I have no clue how to post an MP3, even though I'm a total geek. How sad is that? Maybe I'll learn. . .

Candace said...

And, yes, I want to hear the really bad rap music. :-)

Egan said...

I'm going to hold your kittens for ransom. Don't let them out of sight!

Egan said...

I'm going to hold your kittens for ransom. Don't let them out of sight!

Candace said...

Good luck with that. Mine aren't detachable. :-)