Sunday, June 25, 2006

Bunch of Freakin' Liars and a Test

My sis sent me this link. Storm pictures

Nuh-uh. I know for a fact that that last one is from the
Stoughton, WI tornado. Look eerily familiar? Pretty freaking cool, though. Well, since it isn't here, that is. I wonder if ANY of them are from the Canadian one. :-P Stoughton is actually really close to my in-laws', so we saw some of the carnage from that one when we passed through on the way to see them last summer.

Speaking of seeing things (or not,) my son is colour deficient. I learned this about a year ago at the eye doc's. He never had trouble with colour books, crayons or anything like that. Ironically, it was the Prawn who I thought might be colour blind when she took longer than all the others to learn her colours. Wanna see how my son sees the world? Actually, I suspect that there are many, many variations on how colour deficient people see the world. In the second one down, he doesn't really see much difference (if any) between the normal and protanope pics. If you go to the third one down, he can see red dots in the normal one, but those same dots in the protanope version are "brown." (I think he only sees the darkest red dots as red - the others are brown or something.) And, yes, he sees a 2 here. (very bottom one) The only time this has ever manifested in real life is when playing Castle Keep. And then, only because his sister was carping at him that something was green, not brown. Yes, my X chromosome contribution to my baby boy was deficient. At least 2 other guys we know are colour deficient. Are you? No lying now!


Toby said...

I'm familiar with the Stoughton tornado. Debri was founds lots of miles away. I think like 50 or better.

I'm not color deficient, but I had a customer call me colored blind once. She wanted to use a paper that is torquoise in color but the name of the paper is Neptune Blue. When she saw me writing "neptune" on the work order she told me again she wanted Torquoise. I tried to explain to her that she will be getting Torquoise, but the name is Neptune. She couldn't understand and verbaly assulted me. I asked the secretary to finish up the order and I walked away.

Jaichan said...

I am a walking recessive gene. I have wavy blonde hair, a widow's peak, green eyes, detatched earlobes, I can roll my tongue, etc, etc. Those pics always remind of the tests for recessive genes.
It's amazing that I can actually stand.
My friend, Wayback Gwen, has a brother who is so colour blind that she is convinced he can only see in black and white.

Candace said...

Toby, that was some storm, wasn't it? Yep even 60 miles away some stuff was picked up. :-P

What a beyotch that lady was. *shakes head*

Jai, LOL! You could sell your cells for science. :-)

Wow, it would be a bummer to be THAT colour blind!

kitkat said...

I am not color defecient as far as I know, although I've known plenty of people who are. According to them, it's no biggie most of the time. I have a difficult time distinguishing between dark blue and black sometimes. I agree that there is probably a broad spectrum of how we each see colors.

Logophile said...

I have an online friend who is color defecient.
He is a lawyer and has said it rarely interferes with daily life.
I have been accused of being taste deficient, does that count?

Candace said...

Kitkat, I think there are LOT more c/d people than I ever realised before we found our Gogo was.

Logo - LOL taste deficient! :-) Nuh-uh. You have great taste in teas!

Trundling Grunt said...

Wow, some of those photos are pretty apocalyptic aren't they?

This was a very timely post as I was doing a "heat-map" analysis of some data for a presentation for my boss. I was using shades of red-green and this post reminded me that he's colour blind. Doh.. Now I have to work out what colours he can actually distinguish. Thanks for saving me!

Candace said...

The giant corkscrewy ones are the freakiest to me. Yeesh!

Wow! Good save!! Glad I could be of service. It's the least I can do to thank you for inventing the snap press. ;-)

jackt said...

I'm not color deficient. Thank goodness. Just being oblivious is quite enough.

Faltenin said...

Does he choose his own clothes in the morning... be prepared for some interesting colour combinations!

feedo said...

Wow. I am also called colour blind by my wife as I dont know the exact words for many colours. Its all red, yellow, green or blue to me. None of this fuschia, peach, or mocha for me!

Candace said...

Jack - LOL! :-) But sometimes obliviousness can be a good thing.

Fal - He does, but most of his stuff is grey, navy, olive, khaki or black. These are safer colours for little boys, as they tend to become mudballs on a daily basis, LOL! Also, this is mostly what he gets in hand-me-downs from friends, and what he has grown to like, so we haven't had a lot of weird combos. Plus, he must just have an extremely mild deficiency since he CAN recognise most greens and reds. It seems to be the less saturated ones that are an issue.

Feedo - LOL! My dh always calls me colour blind even though I'm not. Maybe I have a slight deficiency compared to others, though, since half of my Xs are deficient.

Have you ever noticed that it's always food colours - oatmeal, cream, peach, wine, melon, eggplant. . .?

Egan said...

I swear I commented on this post.

Candace said...

Well now ya did! Maybe you did it in green or red and you're colourblind and can't see it. ;-)