Sunday, June 04, 2006

Gardening and Geekdom

Rhododendron June 4, 2006

Today was a garden day. It was GORGEOUS outside. The yarrow is happy:

And the fairies are happy to have some paths and shelters:

We got the rhododendron bush (top) and these heliopsomethingorothers today. They're kinda camera shy:

By tomorrow, they should be turned around the right way. We're slowly overtaking the weedbeds with intentional plantings. :-)
Digging in the yard is always a bit of an archaeological experience. We've found brick halves, wire ties, pieces of plastic sheeting, pot shards, chunks of concrete, and scraps of siding. :-P Oh yeah, and Jimmy Hoffa. How could I forget? And all this junk is pretty deep down, too. I don't wonder so much anymore how civilizations can get buried so far under.
Last night, GuTter MuNKi and I watched "Never Been Kissed." Eh. It was enjoyable, but nothing stellar. We both noticed that yet again Hollywood has no clue what the geeks are really like in High School. They don't yearn to be accepted, or pine for the football star, LOL! They really just want to blend into the walls and have everyone except the other geeks ignore them so they don't have to deal with their petty tripe. They don't live in fear that no one will ask them to prom. In fact, it would be far more terrible to actually receive an invitation and then have to figure out what the hell you're supposed to wear and how you're supposed to act to avoid making a fool of yourself in public. The "hot" guys, while sometimes being decent eye candy, rarely have more than fluff in their heads and aren't worth the bother. All geeks know this. I don't remember the other movie we watched that was like this, but it was the same story. Whoever wrote the script thought that the geeks craved attention and acceptance from the popular kids. Someone needs to hire a geek advisor for these films. :-) There were some funny moments, though. Probably the best part was when the girl's brother went to prom as "Tom Cruise" from Risky Business - button-down shirt, socks and tighty whiteys - oh and shades. :-)
Mollusc shed YET ANOTHER TOOTH today. Good Grief. This is the third in, like, a week! Sheesh!

Got a movie gripe to share?


Newsandseduction said...

interesting blog.

jackt said...

As a crack ho, I am appalled at Hollywood's portrayal of crack whores. It's totally inaccurate. We don't call each other "beotches". It's "bitch", you Hollywood bitches.

Candace said...

Thanks N&S. Hope to see you around. :-)

Jack - See that is, like, totally my point, Bitch! They (The Hollywood Man) are so Clueless! *passes the Ho Cakes™* Thanks for weighing in, my fine Gutter Slut Bitch Ho. :-)

Logophile said...

Well, smack my gramma, I had no idea geek advisors were in such demand (or should be).

~d said...


tshsmom said...

Where do I apply for the job?

Candace said...

Logo™ - Lotsa Grammas gettin' smacked around here. I hope the Gramma union doesn't up and put a price on my head!

~d - I'm trying to rememeber the line from Zork. "You sound very positive." :-)

TSmom - YES!!! Hmm, I'm not sure, but let me know if you get a bead on where to submit apps! :-)