Saturday, June 24, 2006

Kiss That Blog

I've been busy. Mostly I was reading or out trying to do some garden stuff. Yesterday, every time I tried to get out to plant it would start raining. Wednesday was a day of gorgeous thunderstorms - you know the kind - ominous skies, sporadic distant rumbling, every now and then the rain just teeming down, and, occassionally, hail. I love a good thunderstorm. Especially at bedtime, but all day is fine, too. I love the ones that are so close that your entire world is consumed in a brilliant flash of light that's followed almost immediately by a bone-rattling, eardrum-smashing CRACK! And the ones where the sky is deep purple and you can see occasional forks of white lightning splintering through the sky, and the rumbling roars on and on. But alas, those have moved on now. Fortunately, they left some cooler weather in their wake.

OK, I'm finally posting the picture of my grossly misshapen foot from Monday.

So, after icing it all evening

It looked like this:

Yucky, huh? Yeah, that lump should NOT be there on top. :-P

Fortunately, by morning it was much better. My knee looks much worse than it did before. I was perfect for the pool - big purple knee, big purple bruise on forearm (hey, at least I blocked!) and a bruise from running into the corner of a cabinet on my upper arm. MMmmm. I look MAHvelous! ;-)

I finished that book (it was riveting) and now must write the review. And get back to writing more. So between that and living outside more, I'm not sure how much blogging I'll be doing. I have a hunch it won't be daily.


Strow said...

Wow, im actually the first to post a comment on somebodys blog. Wow!!

Im glad your foot is feeling better. I lurk around here from time to time but Im snot real good on comments.

i know what its like to be busy and not blog. Trust me.

Jaichan said...

Gah! That looks ouchy. Very, very ouchy.
I FINALLY posted some knitting pics. Check them out!!
I hope that foot gets better... soon.

Trundling Grunt said...

Nice picture of the peas. Might not be a good idea to be seen in public with the old man and that array of bruises - could cause all manner of confusion. Hope it's not as painful as it looks.

Candace said...

Hi Strow! :-) Yah - sometimes life kind of takes over, eh?

Jai - GREAT knitty stuff. I do not have even a modicum of your patience. :-P

TG - My friend and I joke that someday the pool man is going to call social services on us with all our bruises. :-P But my van does have a TKD bumper sticker and hers has a giant magnet ad for their school (she's The Master's wife.) Still, I have thought about how to answer Qs like that. :-P Though I try not to rehearse the answer so it doesn't sound - well - rehearsed.

My foot hurt really, REALLY badly at that point (we're talking labour breathing, LOL!) but it's much much better now, thanks. :-)

rilah said...

so what you're saying is that i can prepare myself for labour pain by taking tae kwon do? why didn't someone tell me that before?

Candace said...

Darn! Sorry Rilah. Why didn't I think of that? Although getting kicked in the fetus is no good. ;-)

Jay said...

You're always looking worse for wear. Maybe one of these days you'll actually give yourself time to heal before you get beat up again.

I bruise easily and pick fights even easier, so I sport a whole rainbow worth of bruises myself. Coworkers occasionally stage interventions and try to convince me to leave my "abusive situation" ... erm...

Candace said...

ROFL, Jay! Maybe they should be talking to Jason about that. ;-)

Believe it or not, I'm not bruising NEARLY like I used to. Shoulda seen me about a year and a half ago. :-P

Logophile said...

That settles it, I am so not ever going to take up a martial art.
Blog Rx~ apply as necessary to the affected area.

Anonymous said...

If you like thunderstorms so much, you ought to move to FL. We get them daily. Unfortunately, that cooler-weather-afterwards phenomenon passes us right by.

You're putting on peas, and my friend Lindsay ( used frozen corn. Highly resourceful women around here!

Toby said...


Egan said...

I love the bag of peas for healing wounds. It has long been a favorite of mine.

Candace said...

Aw, Logo, it's soooooo fun. There are just some occasional bumps and bangs, LOL!

Kitkat - I love the whole cooler weather after thing. Not sure I could give that up. :-P I wonder if corn or peas are superiour. . . :-)

Toby - It definitely was. :-P

Egan - ever try steak? I haven't. Somehow peas seem so much cleaner.