Sunday, June 18, 2006

In Which I Save a Life and Injure Myself (independently)

I saved a life on Saturday. I looked out the kitchen window to see Hoover, the chipmunk who visits our deck (i.e. raids the birdfeeder) , swimming for his life in the splash pool (where he had obviously fallen from said birdfeeder.) He was out of his depth and couldn't get out, so I ran out and, after a couple of failed attempts wherein he leapt frantically off the toy I was using as a scoop and flung himself into the pool again, managed to fish him out. The ingrate ran off with nary a word of thanks, but I've seen him back again several times since then, so obviously he survived. (I was a little worried about pneumonia due to experience at the rat farm.)

In an example of karma totally falling down on the job, tonight I hurt myself "reeeeeel guuuuud" (say it like John Cleese in A Fish Called Wanda) at TKD. We were doing 3-step sparring and I did a double on my opponent, but caught an elbow in the top of the foot/ankle area. I have a pic, but it hurts too much to walk (or hobble) over to the other computer to post it. Trader Joe's's (??) frozen peas are my buddies tonight. And arnica. The good news is that it should be a lot better by morning, going by past experience.

I got my first book to review today. Until now, I've been the kiss of death and the publishers have failed to send out every one for which I've signed up. But today, in a break from tradition, I got a package containing The Memory Keeper's Daughter by Kim Edwards. Thomas Covenant has gone on hold, which is kind of a shame since he's at the Sandhold right now and has met the Kemper with his "infant son" on his back. (Anyone reminded of Voldemort?) Well, I say "met" but Mr. C is actually catatonic right now. Anyway, so far the new book's riveting and I really appreciate Miss Edwards's restraining herself in the thesaurus department.

Today's confession: I love Target brand (Market Pantry) fruit snacks. I ate 6 pouches of them tonight and I'd like to eat more.

Confession #2: I have parethesisitis. (no brainer!)


Logophile said...

Candace (my dear blog pal),
I myself am occasionally known to suffer from that illness (I am not sure if it is contagious) but typically the outbreaks are short of duration (if they are exercised) and not too painful (to the writer and fellow sufferers at any rate).
Carry on!

Jay said...

First, I bet that squirrel was more thankful than you can know; they just don't show their gratefulness with praise or bouquets of flowers.

Second, ouch, woman! That sounds bad.

Third, if your review is negative, do you still write it? Or do they only want the good stuff?

jackt said...

Ouch. I hope you recover from your injury soon. Be careful with all these wild animals. They're wild. Not pets. I am from the city. I even view poodles with caution.

Toby said...

The chipmunk thought it was a trap and you were going to eat him/her. They don't have the mental capicty to think otherwise. It's a dog eat dog world in the animal kindom and after all, we're top dog. I'm sure the lack of grattitude was nothing personal. :)

You should be more careful. haha. I hated when my mom said that to me when I was a kid. Got any cake?

Candace said...

Logo (my friend) I'm so glad to find that I am not alone in my affliction (not that I would actively wish it upon another, but you know how it is.) :-)

Jay -

1st - I think he is probably grateful. Or else he's just counting himself very lucky that the large monster obviously bent on eating him managed to accidentally drop him in safety, LOL!

2nd - It's doing much better. Whew!

3rd - No. They'll try to team it up with another reviewer if it's a matter of clash in tastes. Otherwise, they will refuse to review it if there's nothing good to be said.

Jack - Thanks. :-) It's a lot better today. Poodles shold always be viewed with caution, IMO. And even more so, their owners.

Toby - Yes, poor little guy prolly figured I had the oven all preheated and ready for his wee bod, LOL!

It's hard to be careful in sparring, but I'm trying, LOL! I'm a lot better than when I started, so that's something. I think the road to good sparring is paved with bumps and bruises. :-P

No cake, but I've got chocolate chip cookies in progress. :-)

Trundling Grunt said...

Hmm, I remember a guy at work who tried to do the Francis of Assissi thing. There was a little mouse shivering beside the path that he thought needed some care, so he tenderly bent down and gently cupped it in his hand.

The little bastard bit him and then ran off into the undergrowth. M'colleague had to go to hospital for a stitch and a tetanus shot.

So, you got off light imo.

tshsmom said...

We lost several chipmunks that way. Fortunately for them, the kids have outgrown wading pools now.
Let me know if you run short of chipmunks. We've got plenty to spare. Anybody in the market for a few skunks? I'll trade you 2-for-1 for a baby raccoon. ;)

Candace said...

TG - Poor St. Francis, LOL! It must have been one of those Redwall mice.

TSmom - We do have some skunks already, though I haven't seen much of them this year. The scariest incident involved a rather poorsighted raccoon bumbling along by a nervous skunk. The skunk began stomping (like they do before they spray) and dh and I were on the other side of the glass door quaking in our virtual boots and wondering if were were going to have to burn down the deck to get rid of the smell if he sprayed. :-P

Jorge said...

Nice (I looked at pictures of your bruises leading backwards in time to this post).

What style of TKD do you do? I used to do WTF and ITF. Simultaneously.

For that I need a kick to the crotch.