Monday, June 05, 2006

Seeing Red

You know, that tooth fairy is SO t3h suck!! Sigh. She forgot AGAIN! Can you believe it? It doesn't help that Mollusc has been losing teeth like someone from a trailer park in Lower Sandusky, but SHEESH! You'd think after that last fiasco the blasted fairy'd get her act together. And guess what? Mollusc lost ANOTHER FREAKING TOOTH today. O. M. G.

Boys - this next bit may be uncomfortable for you, so unless you have a daughter or 2, you may be happier skipping on to the next section. Gosh, come to think of it, I don't think any of my regulars have girls who have yet to reach menarche. OK, so this is just me talking to myself, I guess. And there are always the lurkers, LOL! Ooh and the Googlers! And some of you with no kids may someday be having girls. :-) Oh, FRANK! You have LOTS of girls! I'd love input from you and Cindy. Hey, maybe AM Girl could put together a gift basket for their catalogue! OK, so. . .

My poor girl Mollusc was feeling unwell today, and I actually thought I was going to be planning a Red Party way sooner than expected. Though really it isn't way sooner, I guess. There have been signs. Still, I was thinking the whole process took longer. First thing I said to myself when she told me her abdomen was feeling crampy was "I'm not ready for this!" I thought I'd have my act together, you know? I've been planning on planning for this since forever. But do I, in fact, have a plan? Only a vague one. I meant to have a menarche bracelet ready, a little "pamper yourself" basket, candles, a pretty journal, a ritual -- a plan!

As it turns out, I think this was a false alarm, but it was good because it's kicked me into getting prepared. Thing is, I'm not sure who would be comfortable attending a Red Party. Seems like most of the people I know IRL are pretty mainstream. Are you mainstream? Would you feel weird about being invited to something like this? (girls/women only would be invited) My crunchy friends are pretty much all online. If we still lived in Madison, I could have invited a couple of Amity mamas, but I don't anymore. So I'm considering talking to some TKD moms of similarly aged daughters to see if they'd be interested. Though it could still be a couple of years off. . . My sis will come out, I know that. So maybe it will just be the girls from our family. Maybe I could get one of the SILs to come. And my neice. Can't do it at MIL's house, unfortunately, cuz she'd no doubt think it was some kind of vooddo and hoodoo ceremony. Not that she's all churchy by any means - just a bit (read VERY) phobic about anything not mainstream, LOL!

Anyway, I've got some good links if any of you want to file them away and I'd love input/ideas. We have been planning a tradition of letting the girls choose to get their ears pierced at that point, too.


Today Freegan came to the deck and cleaned out the food bowl. He's hurt one of his front paws somehow, but I don't think it's anything too dreadful considering he's eating. And he's getting around fine on 3 legs for now. Also a little *wee* baby raccoon came on his own. I'm taking votes for names now. He was climbing all over and trilling - sooo cute!! Now's your chance to name a baby raccoon! No pics - he's a little skittish yet.

TKD was fun. TShsmom, guess what?? John's pull is healing like your dh's did. It's been 3 days and he was able to do class and sparring! He was a little worried, but things went well. Huzzah!

Oy, my face was beet red for about 15 mins after sparring and it felt like me ears were actually *glowing.* We worked pretty hard. :-) And my knee cooperated very nicely!!

I helped with Little Kid class as usual tonight and when I got home to pick up the rest of the family for John's and my class, Sluggie and the Prawn were sitting at the table COVERED with blue dots and looking a bit hangdog. Too bad I dinna think to snap a picture. I asked what happened and John said "I thought it would be better if they talked to you about this one." LOL! Cursed Crayola™ and their cursed stamper markers, may their factories be forever plagued by the smell of Limburger cheese. OK, it wasn't really a bad thing - I mean, they were just very, very spotty. But it's fun to make up curses, so. . .

Don't forget to submit names for the baby raccoon. And, hey, what's your favourite curse?


jackt said...

Lil' Bandit?

jackt said...

Rabies Baby?

Logophile said...

Holy mother of a hindu cow!
Spotty kids
(snicker snicker)
Two boys here, but I like that idea for a lil gal.
I am only mildly crunchy, but I would so be onboard with that.

I have no raccoon names.
We are swamped in baby bunnies, they are EVERYWHERE, I am worried I am going to get one everytime I mow.

SighsofmyLife said...

I always thought I would do a Red Party, but 2 things stopped me. Like you, most of my real life friends just would not get into it. They'd rather avoid periods, not celebrate them.

Number 2 - Jess never told me when she started! She just handled it on her own. I found out a few months later.

Girls. . .

Karen Little said...

A Red PAaty is the craziest thing I've heard of in my life. I've never, ever heard of anybody doing this kind of thing over here. I would have just died.

I think the idea is sweet, but I don't know... I think I would've preferred to just stick to an ole sweet 26.

~d said...

I like the idea on paper, Candace. But thinking back to that 'first time' I am not sure I would have appreciated the added attention. I felt a big ole PAD was attention enough.
Awesomely sweet idea though-and maybe instead of a party you could tone it down to a Mom and Kid date. Where you give her the 'pamper yourself' gifts and treat her like a young lady, etc.

*did I miss the raccon thing? is there a pix of him/her?

Faltenin said...

Methinks all these lost teeth means too much TKD...

Candace said...

Jack, you might get to name this guy since you're the only one submitting names, LOL! I like Rabies Baby. :-D

Logo - I think it would be very cool if done right.

I'll have to take a pic of my (still) spotty children. :-P Oh no! A bunny explosion. Ithink I'd name them all Dave.

Sighs - She did it on the sly? Bummer, LOL! Yeah, I'm just not sure if anyone would go for it here or not. There are a couple of hsing families that might be into it. And their girls are of roughly the same age, so they might like to do a group ceremony.

Karen - I think Mollusc is on board with the idea. But I have been trying her whole life to make sure this isn't viewed as something embarrassing or shameful - something our generation did NOT get, LOL! (hence my warnings to boys reading the site - they are rarely comfortable with the whole thing)

~D - LOL! big old PAD :-) Yeah I guess it will depend on whether or not she wants to share this with a couple of other maidens or not. But it will at least be my sis and me and her and her sisters. She will leave the circle of girls and join the circle of women. It's all about NOT being horrifying and shameful, but respectful and honourable. So far, since she doesn't go to school, she has no reason to think badly of the whole menstruation process.

Fal - I have SERIOUSLY considered bringing a lost tooth in my hand and waiting to get kicked in the head at sparring, then dropping it on the floor and making a big show of it. :-D

GuTTer MuNKi said...

As you know, I am completely on board with this. However, since Go-Go and I won't be able to participate in the party, we'll just hang out at the nudie bar. I will have to tell him to convert his life savings from quarters to dollar bills, though.

Toby said...

I attended a few read parties back in the day. They were unavoidable since the poor unlucky girls turned into women in the middle of math class or whatever classes they were.

HNT (Hint) would be a good name for the little rascle.

I don't have any fav curses. I'll bet the farm my mom had a few for me though.

Anonymous said...

I would have d-i-e-d had my mom thrown me a red party. 'sall I gotta say. I would have d-i-e-d. And what to you give as a present? Kotex? I'd rather wait for my birthday and get a kick ass present.

Name for the raccoon? Phenh...I don't know. You name it, you seriously gotta feed it. Freeloader?

Favorite curse? You mean there's one besides "f**k"? (look at me being all reserved and shit...damn)

tshsmom said...

Favorite child-friendly curses:"ratzemfratzen" and "shuckydarn and slop the chickens"(stolen from Garfield).
When kids aren't around, I curse like a longshoreman! ;)
We now have a totally scientific timespan for the healing of pulled groin muscles. 2 out of 2 men can't be wrong; can it?

Candace said...

LD - I dunno, quarters last longer and they could fall out and roll back to you. . .

Toby - that's a bummer for those girls, huh? Poor things. Oooh Hint - that's not bad. . .

Jenna - LOL! As far as kick-ass, we get enough of that in sparring. ;-) I suppose "ceremony" is a more appropriate term than "party." We already have a "Freegan" (thanks to Egan. But, yeah, we do feed them. How about "May sand flies permanantly infest your armpits"?

TSmom - I think it's *very* scientific. :-) Ooh, my kids love Garfield. I bet they already know that one, LOL! Yeah, in my crewchiefing days I could curse like a sailor. :-P

Trundling Grunt said...

My favorite tooth fairy story....

Chap at work had a daughter who lost a tooth. So, when he tucked her in that night he said "Have you put your tooth under your pillow?" "No", she replied, "I've hidden it"
"Well, if the tooth fairy's really magic she'll be able to find it."

The tooth fairy did indeed find 2am....but he had to be vewy vewy quiet.

Favorite curse: Feck. As in "Drink, feck, arse, girls" which is probably as clear as mud. Feck.

Candace said...

OMG - poor guy!! LOL!

Feck - yes, that IS a handy one! :-) I think "Bollocks!" is my sis's.

Toby said...

Candace, you know how to cheer a person up. If you know it or not. I don't remember any teasing, the boys were perplxed as the girls. Who knows what we were thinking, monkey bar accident?

All though, in sixth grade Mrs. Peterson had her "born again" red party. We were all aware by this time and teasing did ensue. I feel a little guilty, but not that much. If you knew Mrs. Petersen you'd understand.

polyergos said...

Mrs Peterson: Good afternoon everybody!
Crowd: Norma!
Woody: How's the world treating you Mrs Peterson?
Mrs Peterson: It's a bloody world out there Woody, and I got a huge pad on.

I think that was the dumbest thing I ever wrote on any blog. I'm sorry. It's late.

Candace said...

Toby - Monkey Bar Accident!! OMG HAHAHAHA!!! Oh, I knew enough people like Mrs. Peterson to understand, believe me! :-)

Poly - ROTFLMAO! Right down to the Norma :-) Bloody world!

Egan said...

I'm happy to see Freegan is representing. What a good raccoon.

Candace said...

You know, I had to chase Egan off a little so Freegan could get some food tonight. I meant to give you a ahard time about that. :-P