Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Geeky HNT and a Confession

T4lk Nerdy 2 Me, B4by*

Woo hoo! Look at me, all prepared-like and even EARLY for HNT! Did you notice my geeky tan? Yeah, I totally planned that just for this HNT. The price I pay for my art, as it were. ;-)

Today I signed up for the library summer reading program because I'm a geek I'll get a free book and because there may also be some cool prizes. The only prize I actually know about is the Grand Prize. Have you ever signed up for something hoping NOT to get the Grand Prize? The Grand Prize is a free one-hour massage at a local salon/spa. (OK, that's not really it.) Uh, yeah. Strangers touching my (partially clothed? unclothed??) body? I don't THINK so! Plus, I went there for a haircut once because GuTter MuNKi thought it would be a good experience for me. It was a nice place and all - very swanky - but mostly I just felt really out of place sitting there while the b!tch3s all snarked at each other about their coworker's boob job. But I want my free book, so I'm willing to risk it. Plus, I'm hoping that if I end up with it they won't put my name on the certificate and I can give it to someone else.

"Why are you so worried about getting the Grand Prize?" you ask. "I mean, like, what are the odds??" Well, they're good. Too good. Like 1 in 7 or something. It's a small library and hardly any other geeks adults sign up for the reading program. :-P But I want my free book!! It's so. . . free! Who can resist? Not me, in spite of the inherent danger. Besides, having a Grand Prize kind of implies that there are lesser prizes, doesn't it? I'm just hoping that they aren't things like "Free Entry into the XXXX Bar's Next
Wet T-Shirt Contest" or "Free Phrenological Interpretation" or "Free Freaky the Clown Appearance at Your Next Party" (I was gonna link to a clown picture there, but they all made me feel rather queasy.)

I signed the kids up for the kid program, too. They all get a free book as well. You know what that means? 5 free books! See how profitable it can be to have a "large" family? I should sign GuTter MuNKi up, too, come to think of it. But you know, the kids only have to read 10 hours by the end of July. That's not very much. Don't you think it should be more? What does it say about people's general expectations of children's reading when 10 hours in 2 months is considered a challenge? :-/

As usual, I was asked what grade the kids were in when we signed up. Had I known when we went that we'd be signing up, maybe I'd have had an answer prepared, but I didn't (squared.) I always feel like an idiot when that happens, but it happens so seldom that I never think to come up with something. My kids aren't in any specific grades, per se. We just do what interests and challenges them. Maybe next time I'll just throw out some random numbers. *shrugs*

There was another family at the library today who were most likely homeschoolers as well. Did I talk to them? I did not. Confession: to tell the truth, I'm a chicken about meeting new people. Usually. Yes, I'm shy. Can you believe that? Most people can't. I'm incredibly phone shy, too (otherwise I'd totally Skype you, Poly.) I can call my mom, my sis or John. Oh, and oddly enough, I'm able to chat with sis's SO with NO problems. That kinda shocked me. I have one friend I can call without any angst, but other than that - even friends I see and talk to all the time at TKD - I'm angst-riddled if I need to call someone for some reason. Am I calling at a bad time? Am I interrupting or bothering them? What the heck am I going to say? So I kinda rehearse it in my head, but I get a few variations going and then it all comes out too fast and all mixed up and, and -- *dies* If it's someone I know pretty well, once I get talking I'm usually OK. I dunno, most of my reasons are really quite stupid, but even though I know this, I'm still phone shy. :-P Yet I can chat people up in Gmail chat windows like nobody's business. "Why is that Captain Ron?" *shrugs* "No one knows!"

*this photo made possible by Fal oops, I mean Fal (who first linked me to J!nx) and GuTter MuNKi (who bought me the pants for my b-day) So if you liked it, you have them to thank. :-)


jackt said...

Can't you just turn down the grand prize if you get it, or give it to a relative or friend?

Egan said...

I don't think I read, but a word in this post. That word being "geek".

Candace said...

Jack - yeah, that's what I'm hoping. What would you do if you got one? Are you the massage type or the "back off, Man!" type? Or does it depend on who's giving the massage? :-)

Egan - I assume you were talking about the library part. I always read the crossed out words first, too. You should check out the HNT. ;-)

Logophile said...

Geeky rear end there, gal, I like it!
I spend soooo little time on the phone. I am not uncomfortable with it, just don't.

jackt said...
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jackt said...
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jackt said...

In Los Angeles, we have the luxury of getting Thai massages, where you wear pajamas and lie on a mat. They they pummel you. It actually involves stretching type things too, especially on your legs, kinda like assisted yoga almost but very relaxing. They use all their limbs (elbows, feet, etc.). But again, you wear pajamas and they can go pretty hard so I like it much better.

Washington Post article

Most of our friends who don't like having to undress prefer Thai massage. Also friends who like them to knead your muscles much harder than usual.

Candace said...

Thanks Logo. :-) Oh the Gmail is fun. Someday I may Yahooooooooooo as well so I can bother Egan at work. :-)

Jack - that looks interesting and probably feels great, bit I would still feel uncomfortable. :-P Are you suuposed to make small talk? Just shut up and lie still? Ignore them? Ack! LOL!

Trundling Grunt said...

The phone is ok - much of my job involves talking to people on the phone. It's always interesting to actually meet them as I form a picture of them from their voice and emails. It's often a bit of a shock.

So what books will you get old lady? :-)

Candace said...

LOL The shock - that's funny :-) I understand what you mean, though. I used to be really active on a homeschooling board and would have this total mental image and sound picture and then I would meet the person or see a picture and WOO - SO different, LOL!

I'm open for suggestions, bookwise! :-) The adult thing is a bingo-style sheet. Looks like I'm on track for: read a kids' book/read to a child (done as part of Prawn's reading) Read a bestseller, and uh, I have to find my sheet. I guess I'll post my list in the new post. Any Terry Pratchetts that are best sellers? I bet there are. :-)

I WAS the old lady at sparring today!:-) But I think I had more energy than any of the rest, LOL!

Egan said...

Bother me at work? You think I have lots of free time when I'm at the office? I'm a busy man I tell you. Very very busy Candace.

Anonymous said...


Paige Burns said...

Hmm, somehow Geek just isn't the right word for that....

You've never had a massage? Woman, get it done, you'll love it and want one once a week!

rilah said...

i agree with paige^^^ get a massage, seriously. being someone who hates being touched. even by SOs, occassionally, i still love a good massage!

i'm going to need to get me some of those pants, to wear when i find a bigger library where i havent exhausted their book supply!

happy, you know..

Faltenin said...

May I remind you that I'm supposed to be anonymous??? lol

Remind me to record a variant of the Rick James classic... "She's a SuperGeek, a SuperGeek..."

Kate Lang said...

Candace: You're so totally hot!! :) You've completely pwned those sweats, girl.

Happy HNT!!

Slade said...

wow...your "Geek" rocks way more than all the "cheerleader"s and "princess"es I've seen!

Jaichan said...

I know what you mean. I'm a bit shy about meeting new people sometimes and no one ever believes me when I say that. I'm pretty quiet in the kitchen. I like to suss things out before I start getting involved.
Then you can't shut me up.
Free books are always a great thing. I'm jealous.

Candace said...

Egan - hence the "bothering," I think. Maximum points for distraction!! }:-) *evil cackling*

Jenna - why thank you. :-)

Paige - LOL! Did you think there should be an "R" in there? ;-)

Rilah - Really? So do you talk to them or just lie there or what? *imagines an hour of uncomfortable silence or small talk* :-P

The pants are comfy, too! What's not to like? LOL! Yeah - thank goodness for interlibrary loan, eh? Dunno what I'd do without that. I have my library card # memorized from requesting so many books from other libs. :-P

Fal - sorry. Didn't mean to blow your - ah - cover. ;-) Hee hee - love the Rick James. Maybe I can get a shirt like that. :-)

Kate - w00t! U R so 1337!!!eleventyoneone!!!1!!11
And thanks. :-)

Slade - isn't that just way better than all those other silly ones? When I saw them, I knew that I had to make them mine, LOL!

Jai - Yeah - once I'm comfortable it's all blahblahbloahblahblahblah LOL! FREE BOOKS ROCK!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

And what a lovely geek it is. HBHNT!

Candace said...

LOL! Thanks, Sal. :-)

Egan said...

Well let me know when you get Yahoo Messenger up and running then.

polyergos said...

every time i see "geek" on the back of sweat pants,
i always think "greek"

butt that's just me.

Candace said...

Egan - heh heh heh!!! }:-)

Peter - Muahaha!!! }:-) You crack me up every time!! :-)

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