Friday, June 02, 2006


So most people know about James "Jimmy" Riddle Hoffa, yes? And about the big dig for his bones under that barn in Milford? (scroll down in the Wiki article - oh and yes, that's the same chopper that took our picture when the Milford high school was on fire on swimming day a few weeks ago.) Well, driving through MILFord is always entertaining these days because of some of the clever signs you see. Here are 3 we saw today:

ABC, CBS, NBC say Hoffa still MIA (Dairy Queen)

Roses are Red, The FBI is blue, No bones 4 them, Higher taxes 4 U. (other side of Dairy Queen)
Didja notice that Jimmy was born on St. Valentine's day? What an appropriate poem.

And my fave:

Barn torn down by the FBI? We can help you rebuild! (Architechtural Firm)

Wow, I'm having trouble believing this is still Friday. We went swimming this morning, stopped in at a nursery on the way home and bought a pot for our rosemary and a big Yarrow plant because I was looking for a hanging basket and can never follow instructions even from myself. Also because the Yarrow was friendly-looking with lots of bright yerrow ;-) flowers, and cheap for its size.

When we came home, we planted the Yarrow and made some forays into Fairy Gardening, which was very very fun :-) We built little pebbled paths and tried our hands at some simple houses. I'll have to snap some pics tomorrow.

This evening, in lieu of Red belt classes, the kids did a demo at a "family fun day" at a local elementary school. One of my children has now been inside a school (Gogo has a thing about sticky hands, so we had to take him twice to wash them - snowcones, dontcha know.) They had a big expandable metal barrier pulled across the main hallway so people could use the bathroom but not go into the school proper. We often refer to schools as "children's prison," so the bars really impressed him, LOL! But on the way out, he said, "It's actually kinda nice for a prison." *snort*

I talked Thos. Covenant a little bit with one of the TKD dads - the only other person I know IRL who has read them. This is also the same guy who has a niece in Les Miz, so we talked about that a bit as well. The demo went very well, and we got out of there just as a storm was kicking up, came home with friends and demolished several pizzas and talked while the kids played.

All in all it was a good day, but it seems like it was 2 or 3 days and I'm wiped out. :-P


Man, I'd Like Forty winks

Mom! I Lit a Fire!

Moo! I Love to Forage

Meow! It's a Licking Frenzy!

Meat: It's Like Food

What's your MILF acronym?


jackt said...

Men in Lavender Frocks?

neko said...

Many Intoxicated Little Faeries?

Monster Inducing Lasting Fear??

Modern Ink-Loving Fetish?

kitkat said...

My, I Love Forks!

Murky idiot loves froth.

Maybe I loathe feet.

Toby said...

That Dairy Queen sign is a riot. I wish for a pic.

There's a school in my city, Gilmore Junior High, that has no windows. Last year about this time the air-conditioning broke down and all the kids got to go home. At this time there are only a few days left, but the law required the kids to make up that day. So one school had to have class one day longer than the rest. Kid's prison is an understatement.

Trundling Grunt said...

Man, I love Friday.

Candace said...

Ooh, I'm loving all the acronyms!!

Toby that sounds like a punishment no one deserves! :-( Ugh. :-P

polyergos said...

Red Belts are Red,
Snowcones cause goo,
Hoffa's pushing up yarrows,
Children's prisons are nice too.

Candace said...

LOL, P! You're like a Bard - a rhyme for every occasion. :-)