Thursday, June 15, 2006

Dirty Picture HNT etcetera

Feast your eyes, LOL!

Dirt on my knee from gardening, and a random sparring bruise, but with kind of a festive, red-white-and-blue theme.

It's raccoon-o-rama out there tonight. First up: 3 *eensie-weensie, teensie-tiny* babies tonight. (was that sickening enough for you?) They are sooooooooo stinking cute it almost hurts to look at them. Of course my pics are sucky at showing perspective, but oh well. I was able to sneak the door open for a change to get slightly better pics.

The Glowing Eyes of Doom (the last thing a hapless Cheeto™ sees.) Silly camera thought I was trying to take a picture of the deck rail. Who wants a picture of a deck rail? Bloody camera.

(Steve?) tiptoeing to the food bowl:

And (RJ?) snacking under the picnic table:

These guys' bodies are about 7" long (not including their tails.) I can't do anything near justice to the cuteness factor. There are 3 of them, and they came without their mama, which just doesn't seem to happen at this age and is probably a bad sign as far as mama is concerned, but a good sign that they know where to find food.

Of course, the good part is that they didn't have to fight their mama for the food. Cheeto grabbed an entire Cheeto™ bag from Mollusc's hand and was trying to keep it away from her kids. (Bad Mommy!) She absconded with it to the top of the stairs, but they chased her down and got some anyway. I would never do that - like with chocolate or anything *unconvincing look of innnocence* ;-)

Not a lot of flowery words this time.

Jimmy's pushing up the daisies (or violas) rather nicely.

Guess what?


That's what!

But not a toad in sight:

I suppose the yard will be peppered

with toadies in a week or so.

We had a Korean feast after the last homeschool TKD class of the year today. YUMMMM!!!! Everyone brought a few dishes and we gorged ourselves silly. I got to take home a bunch of leftovers. Mollusc really liked the
soy sauce boiled eggs.

Class and sparring were very hard work tonight, so we came home exhausted and wringing wet. The cold Korean leftovers went down beautifully. :-)

Today we registered for the summer reading program at the OTHER library. (The tiny little one we don't have to pay to use that's a lot farther away, :-P ) Twice the fun, I say! A friend of ours at TKD registered just so he could get his free Caribou Coffee certificate -- no plans to read *snort* (sorry to promote The Enemy, Egan, but Starbucks didn't ante up, LOL!) Another friend and I were giving him a hard time about that, and then one of them came up with the brilliant idea of library-hopping -- registering at as many libraries as possible for all the different freebies. That's when we decided that our excitement over the prospect of this ill-gotten booty did, indeed, qualify us as geeks. But you already knew that and have photographic proof. (Har, "booty!" I crack myself up!!)

There was also a library sale going on. WOO HOO!! I got a copy of Candide for a quarter, Dubliners (I have a like/hate relationship with Joyce - and no, that's not my college roommate - 50 points if you get that reference) also for a quarter, some piano music books and some other stuff. Sluggie chose a giant book about China - mostly photos) for 50 cents. Yep, all paperbacks are a quarter and all hardbacks are 50 cents. Can't complain about prices like that. So back we go tomorrow when we have time to dig through the boxes so I can look for Terry Pratchett (or his books.)

I did win that set of cocktail swords and have paid for them, so pics will be forthcoming - maybe some action photos, too. (Run, Barbie, RUNNNN!)

Sluggie goes to get her broken tooth fixed tomorrow. Did I mention that she broke a tooth? Hmmm, maybe not. It happened Monday night. Tooth meets folding chair. Chair: 1 Tooth: nil It's kind of fanggy now. I should take a picture.


jackt said...

You name your kid mollusc but the raccoon Steve?!

Candace said...

That's a pretty good point, though in my defense, Mollusc is a nickname and SHE named Steve, LOL!

SME said...

What gorgeous pics! (Well, aside from the bruise - that looks painful). The first raccoon picture is rather eerie; reminds me of the glowing, talking raccoon that chemist Kary Mullis says he saw near his outhouse. (That was a weird thing to write...but now that I've written it I'll just leave it. I'm not always strange, honest!)

Logophile said...

wow, those racoons are flexible.
I will never forget my first view of a wild weasel. There was this light colored furry thing that ran up a fence at night and then, instead of jumping, like a cat, on the other side, it slinked right down the other side. Weirded me out. The pose of your lil friend reminded me.
That bruise looks OUCH!

Sal said...

Ouch! *kiss*

Sword fight! LOL

Little Smokies look out!

Jaichan said...

You should try poaching eggs in maple syrup! We do that at work. Oops... i should probably not be handing out work secrets... oh well. Goes well with smoked salmon.
I hope Sluggie's tooth feels better.

Trundling Grunt said...

Ok, where to start. Glad you're feeling better would be a good start. Book sales at libraries are good for stocking up. Hope you enjoy Candide, 25 cents seems like a bargain for that. If you don't enjoy it let me know and I'll cover the quarter :-)

So how affluent is the tooth fairy up your way?

Candace said...

Thanks SME. :-) The glowing, talking raccoon sounds rather creepy, but fascinating, LOL! Is the chemist known to try his own potions? ;-)

Logo, that must have looked REALLY weird! I've only ever seen a weasel (actually I think what I saw was a fisher) on open ground and only once or twice, so I never really got to see much of how they move.

Thank you, Sal. That's much better now. :-)

Jai - that's something I NEVER would have thought to try, but you know what? I think I will! Thanks! :-) Sluggie's tooth looks great now. It's a little sensitive but feeling a lot better. Thanks for the well-wishes. :-)

TG - I imagine that I feel at book sales like a junkie would feel at a drug sale, though I'm not aware of such things actually occurring, LOL! I loved it - it had me laughing out loud quite a lot. :-) I definitely got my quarter's worth and then some. :-)

The tooth fairy is flat broke right now, LOL!