Wednesday, June 14, 2006


More falling down on the blogging job, I know. Monday I didn't feel too great, but managed to resurrect myself for class. Today is the sleepy part of the sickness. Everyone who's had this says you're just tired. True.

But also, there's a bit of Gorgeous Weather Syndrome going on. Who can stay in and write when it's this nice out? Not me. It's sunny and warm with random cool zephyrs. Ahhhh. :-) And as I've discovered, my laptop is kinda hard to see outside in the afternoon. Phooey. So I've been digging in the dirt some more, watching a wren catch moths and beetles, watching a baby squirrel who was knocking on the window by the front door today (and leaving him a pile of Wheat Thins), watching the birds - including a very sassy
red-winged blackbird who throws seeds out of the feeder by the beakful just so he can get a peanut - while reading to the kids on the deck (more Odyssey books and Ulysses Moore) and stuff of that nature. I think that's enough of a run-on sentence for today.

I also have been doing some online shopping for GuTtEr MuNKi's birthday. June is hella crazy for us. (That's the first time I've ever used the word "hella." Does it work for me?) There's both my b-day and GuTTer MuNKi's, our anniversary and Father's Day. Holy crap! Of course, when I finally sat down to online shop, what did I do? Yes, that's right. I went to eBay and bid on a set of Toledo steel sword-shaped cocktail picks that are exactly like a set we had when I was a kid. Did we have cocktails back then? We did not. Was booze in any form taboo thanks to our religion? It was. Did someone from that same religion gift us those picks? She did. Did she have a single clue what they were for? I doubt it. Did I? Not until a wave of nostalgia caused me to look them up. I can't show a pic, because the only set I can find like that is the ebay set I bid on and eventually that link will expire, and I hate trolling through blogs with expired links. So if I get them, you'll get to see them. Or if you are interested enough to Google them before the auction ends, I guess.

What (the hell) are you going to do with eight 5" swords? you ask. Funny you should ask, because I was asking myself the same thing. But they were one of my favourite useless kitchen adornments when I was a wee kiddie, and I *want* them. (Our set was lost in the move back to the States eons ago.) Plus, the more I think about this, the more uses I can come up with for them, such as:

Barbie swords! (Barbie Pirates of the Caribbean!)

Food stabbers (I need to come up with creative stabbable foods now)

OK, well, that's all I got so far. Maybe you can help me out on that front. :-P

And then I searched for "Terry Pratchett lot" and nearly fainted from desire when I found a 32 book Discworld set. Alas, they are $99.00 plus $10.00 shipping. Not what I need to be buying just now. Unless I just do it and try to convince GuTTer MuNKi that that's what he really wanted for his birthday. :-/

So after that, I did actually get around to ordering the mUNki's stuff. And then, suddenly, even though it was nearing 1 am, I decided to blog. Go figure.


Niel said...

yes, hella was effectively put to use in this particular scenario.

if the hella fits...

Barbie swords? The function being, of course, with which to impale Barbies upon? I approve!

Candace said...

OK, good. Glad to see I didn't make a total ass of myself. :-)

Pfff! I lauged out loud when I pictured my kids' reaction to impaling the Barbies upon the sword tips! :-) I'd better make a Dr. Barbie and triage centre first, LOL!

Sal said...

Stabbable foods: My favorite. Little Smokies smothered in BBQ sauce and hot pepper jack cheese squares. Stab the cheese then the smokie. Mmmmmmm

Trundling Grunt said...

The swords could be useful in case your Avenging Unicorns wear out. Also there may be Celine Dion clones out there..

Candace said...

Sal, that sounds GOOOOOOOD!! :-) I love pepperjack cheese.

TG - Great idea! Ooh I could customise a Barbie - Stabbable Celine. . . }:-)

Egan said...

Less typing and more pictures please.

Toby said...


weirsdo said...

Candace and Neal!!!!!! You are BARBEARIEN'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

weirsdo said...

Candace: Thanks for stopping by "The Pansi Files." I can totally relate to having trivial things from one's youth. Fortunately my dad never threw anything out, so I HAVE them. Yes, the Beatrice and Dante bookends, the glass owl, everything. It's great. I hope you get the swords and post them. But the Barbies on our site are relatively peaceable. It's the stuffed animals and action figures you have to watch out for.

weirsdo said...

That was I, not Pansi.

Trundling Grunt said...

That's not a bad price but if you buy them separately it's somehow more fun than them all being there calling to you?

Actually it's prompted me to go back and read a couple again, after I've finished The Book and the new Alan Bennett memoirs.

Candace said...

Egan, I agree!

Toby - Fondue with really little pots. (they're only 5" long) That would work! :-)

Pansi - You're right of course. But look who's talking!!!!!!!LOL! Can we join your Barbie™arian club??

Weirsdo, that was confusing, but I think I have it now, LOL! Hey, I did win the auction, so a picture will be appearing soon. Maybe some action photos, too. (Run, Barbie, RUNNNNN!!!)

TG - I think it might be kinda overwhelming. That's what I'm telling myself anyway. :-) But I'm looking at the library booksale tomorrow to see if I can find any. I didn't have time to dig through the boxes today.

jackt said...

You can tape them to your fingers and make a poor man's Freddie Kruger glove.