Thursday, November 23, 2006

Prize HNT

This HNT comes courtesy of Cindra because she knitted the GORGEOUS (and supersoft) scarf and awarded it to me as a prize for her word game. Thank you, thank you, Cindra. I adore it! :) You will have to excuse the somewhat rumpled braids. GuTTer MuNKi did, indeed, return home from CaƱada today.

Oooh! Fal made a button for HNT!! :) Very Bondesque, don't you think?

I guess it's a bit cheeky, but MuNKi helped me choose it, so what do you expect?

Anything else I might have to say is being said in my secret blog. ;)


~d said...

This is beautiful!
Happy Half-Nekkid Thursday to you!!

(thank you, MuNKi, well-taken photo)

Candace, if I told you that you have a beautiful body, will you hold it against me?

~d said...

P.S. I want the URL to the secret blog

Mone said...

ANd I thougth all I'm going to see is turkey today!
What a beautiful chick!
Happy HNT to you and Happy Thanksgiving :)

Trumpitt said...

Happy thanksgiving, dude!

I love Bruce Lee.

But I think I love you more, baby...

~d said...

COME BACK...I made a request of you over at my place....

~d heart Candace

Egan said...

Jesus Candace, I'm trying to focus on my polar bear swim and then I see you wearing nothing but a scarf. Wow, what a wonderful scarf Cindra made you. Love the pigtails and the curves are pretty nice too. Okay, that's the way HNT is to be done, yet it still doesn't change my opinion. Nice work Cindra and Candace.

Gobble gobble!

Candace said...


~d you are too kind. If I swore you were an angel,
Would you treat me like the devil tonight

~d - ok, maybe for you, as long as you keep it a secret. I do owe you for all those great tunes, after all. :)

Mone - why thank you. Well, there is a bird in need of stuffing in the picture, so it fits with the Thanksgiving theme.

Trumpitt - I was just ogling your blog today. Just call me "Bruised Knee." Do you ever post as the wrong person? Just wondering. . .

~d - OK, Baby! Here I come. :)

Egan - I'm sorry to have upset our focus. I know how you feel about HNT and understood that you wouldn't be looking today. Please remember to check your calendar before coming here.

I highly discourage sports that involve such significant amounts of shrinkage, and yea even possibly inversion. Yow! But I have a scarf if you need warming up later. Or you can go to TGs for a penis warmer.

~d said...

Gurrl, I dont know if I like broke blog protocol but I deleted the two links that didnt work. Gurrl. you need to let me kno if I like messed up...

cindra said...

Candace, the scarf looks lovely on you. I'm glad you and the mister enjoy it so...and here's a thanksgiving SMACK on that cute ass!

cindra said...

Tom just walked by...well, no...he STOPPED in his tracks, and said he never saw anyone model one of my scarves quite like that...and though it was pretty fine.

Candace said...

Thanks, ~d! I was hoping you would to save confusion.

Cindra - it's sooooo soft and lovely! I find myself thinking it would be nice tied around my wrists. ;) Yow! Thank you, Ma'am, may I have another? (I think my military training is re-surfacing)

Candace said...

Haha! Thanks, Cindra! And thank you to Tom, too, LOL!

cindra said...

Of course you might have must consider the feet, no? Tom bought me a soft one for our anniversary a few years ago, and it was quite entertaining. So, are you thinking red for the feet as well? Do let me know.

Now, i'm totally inspired...where do i start in martial arts so i don't hurt my 41 year old body as i begin? I need some advice...and how to choose the teacher. we have several options.

~d said...

My dear GOD this is a gorgeous body! Damn glad you got that link to work.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Bugwit Homilies said...

Yowza! I picked a god day to visit for the first time! Hi Candace!

Candace said...

Cindra - Oooh, heh! Red indeed! :) Yes, the feet should not be ignored. :)

I'll email you about the martial arts thing.

~d - LOL! Happy Stuffing Day ;)

Bug - Hi Bugwit! Welcome! It's great to see you here. Glad you enjoyed your visit. :-D

Egan said...

Is that penis warmer for a six year old? What about those of us who are "growers"? Did Cindra administer those spankings yet?

Candace said...

Oooooh! Big talk from a man who has recently emerged from icy waters. Perhaps you could cut the end off.

Yes she did. Sorry you missed it. Perhaps you should come party next time rather than playing Ice-Cube.

GuTTer MuNKi said...

Damn Wench!

Perhaps Egan "could cut the end off?!?!?!"

Harsh. Very Harsh.

Oh, you mean the warmer.

I hope.

Candace said...

I kinda figured it was up to him. I mean, he has complained about the size a couple times now. . .

GuTTer MuNKi said...

Oh yeah, I forgot about the biking photo. I could see that thing getting in the way now and then.

Candace said...

I think there's only so much you can do with an appendage like that when wearing skimpy little bike shorts. I mean, you can go the roll-it-up-and-rubberband-it route, but even with a broccoli rubberband, I think there's going to be a blowout at some point. And you don't want something like that hanging down into your chain.

It's good to be a girl.

GuTTer MuNKi said...

I think the most prudent thing would be to do kind of a necktie sort of thing where he'd loop it around his neck to keep it out of the bike chain. I'm just not sure which is proper - conventional or bowtie?

Now, the question arises, does it float? It could be really handy to have a raft along during the swimming portion of the ironman.

Geez, I knew that Triathlon implied 3 legs, but I thought that meant 3 legs of the race. Instead, it apparently means 3 legged racer.

Go figure.

I'm trying to decide whether my already considerable respect for his ironman accomplishment has gone up or down.

cindra said...

candace and gutter munki-no showing egan the video of the spanking! he is not deserving of it...yet. besides, i think we could reshoot with better lighting and make some good money on put our collective brood of kids through college, of course...and buy more nice yarn for scarves to keep

Egan said...

Wow, so much activity here while I was sleeping. Gutter Munki, are you really losing respect for an Ironman finisher? Three legs eh?

"Will it float, will it float?" You watch Letterman right?

And it's still attached and functioning.

GuTTer MuNKi said...


Ironmen sleep?

I'm bewildered.

I must research the Letterman reference now. I will have my crack staff (Candace, for blatantly obvious reasons) research the idea that someone can sleep and still be considered an ironman.

GuTTer MuNKi said...


Ooh. I think I figured out the Letterman reference!
Show #2429
First Aired: Monday September 19, 2005.

Dave's monologue revolves around Oprah, Bush, and Oprah's Bush.

Top Ten list "Top Ten ways to avoid papparazi panty shots" read by special guest Lindsay Lohan.

Guest Star: William Shatner
Guest Star: Patrick Stewart

Stupid Human Trick: Egan from Seattle reveals the space alien living in his pants, delighting Captains Kirk and Picard.

Musical guest: The DiVinyls sing "I touch myself"

Geez, that was pretty easy to figure out, after all.

Candace said...

MuNKi, I believe Efo already owns a similar device called a Strider. Except you tie it down, not up. Which is more fun? Being tied up or tied down? Or up and then down? Efo is like Patrick. Some men are born lucky, and some men are born very lucky. Efo was born a tripod.

Cindra, you are absolutely right. Egan's going to have to earn it somehow. Yes - maybe with diefferent lighting and more scarves. What do you think? And we could sell a special director's cut (by virtue of having the words "Special Director's Cut" on the label) for twice as much.

Egan - "While You Were Thawing" - the story of your life. We used to watch Letterman, but we don't get TV channels anymore, remember? So I don't get the float thing, but Google is my friend. So glad to hear it didn't snap off. Watch for Sea Scabies over the next 2 weeks.

MuNKi - I noticed that you used the words "crack" and "staff" in the same sentence.

Do Ironmen sleep? Do they Dream of Electric Sheep? Do they look like Han Solo? Is there one on tonight's menu?

Egan said...

We are allowed to sleep. Ironman athletes aren't immortal, they just have an increased threshold of pain. Nothing more or less. I still have an aversion to "crack staffs".

Dave Letterman does a little bit called "Will it float?". He has big tub of water and drops various objects (cuts of meat, dolls, detached penis, etc.) in it attempting to guess whether or not it float. He and Paul Schaeffer each make a guess. Dave's usually right. It's a great bit.

Candace said...

Egan, I think you should work on that immortality thing. It would be a huge asset in any competition. I'm no IronWench. Maybe AluminumFoilWench; NickelWench at best.

Sounds like a game my children play now and then in the name of Science. Dave is very childlike. But grown up. I think that's what makes him funny. He's a giant kid with lots of money to try outrageous things that only kids would try - like sending 6,000 bouncy balls down a San Francisco street. Or watermelons. Do you float? IronMen probably sink. Woodmen should float. Witches float. (well, duh, since they're made of wood and weigh the same as a duck)

I'm almost at James Bond. Cry tears of joy for me.

Candace said...

I hope it's all it's cracked up to be.

treespotter said...

you know i've a soft spot for back dimples?

Johnny Menace said...

i'm just going to guess because.. it was for thanks giving....... turkey rectom?

Trundling Grunt said...

what can one say to a picture like that other than "cor"

polyergos said...

Funny story...My mom is asking me what a blog is. I show her mine, explaining how you can write and post ideas and stuff. Then I get this terrific idea showing yours today. Yippee!

"No is girls spread eagle, being penetrated by guys with long schlongs. That's just part of an ass crack. It's nothing..."

I'm not complaining though.

Candace said...

Tree, I didn't know that. Happy dimple day!

Johnny M - well. . .why not? Interpretation is in the brain of the beholder after all.

TG - or "blimey"?

Poly - O.M.G. Please tell me you are kidding. Please? *smacks self on head* Alas, I fear it has the ring of truth. Ack! :-P I'm going to go hide now.

Egan said...

It sounds like it was all it was cracked up to be. Yep, that's exactly why I love Dave. He's brilliant.

Candace said...

Are you going to go see it?

I liked Jimmy Kimmel back when he started up. Haven't seen him since we moved here, but his stuff was always entertaining. I loved it when he deep-fried the ventriloquist's dummy.

Gawpo said...

Just wanted you to know that I am going to try to get up the courage to post my own backside for next week's HNT. But I'll tell ya right now, Candace, there's no way I could compete with that lordosis you've got going on there.

Jimmy Kimmel rocked when he was Ben Stein's sidekick.

Candace said...

I'm looking forward to it, Gawpo. ^_^ I think you should entitle it "Would You Like to Touch My Monk(ey)?" (anyone remember Dieter from Sprockets?)
He was Ben Stein's sidekick? On Ben Stein's Money? I saw that once or twice, but I just can't remember.

Egan said...

I might see the movie Candace, but it's not going to happen this weekend. Too much going on. Jimmy isn't too bad. I used to not like him much, but he's growing on me.

Candace said...

Yeah, I'm guessing things are pretty wild there judging by your lack of blogtivity.

I guess Jimmy's like a fungus that way. ;)

Egan said...

Busy it is. I will get back on the blog soon enough. Hold me.