Monday, November 20, 2006

Queen of Procrastination!!!

Procrastination!! That could be my mundane superpower!!

But alas, I fear that I am not the only one who excels at these things.

Right now, I am busily not writing a letter to my German penpal to put in the box that I actually DID get together in order to mail it before Thanksgiving this year, thus, hopefully, saving myself an exorbitant amount of shipping costs.

The good thing about procrastinating is that I write more as a procrastination device. Normally, writing, because I enjoy it so much that it doesn't seem like credible work, is what gets procrastinated.

OK, just a few words then.

Bamba. Try it. This is the (unofficial) national food of Israel. The bomb shelters are stocked with it (so says a friend who moved there - or maybe she was saying they should be.) Anyway, they're tasty little buggers. And packed with peanutty goodness. Does contain: peanuts; corn; palm oil; salt; vitamins C, B3, E, B1, A, Folic Acid and B12; iron; and rosemary extract. Does not contain: babies, soccer balls, basketballs, skateboards or other sporting afficionados or equipment.

In other inspiring news, I see that Hollywood is doing its best to keep up with its quota of racist pigs. And Scarlett Johansson (meow!) announces that she gets an AIDS test twice a year. I don't know about you, but I think that [Jedi Force Gesture] maybe she should go home and re-think her life. [/Jedi Force Gesture]

In a completely more intellectual vein (no, seriously) here's my next great Kid's Book Pick. I meant to do this a lot more frequently than I have. (You may recall that I have, to date, done this exactly once.)

I suppose that's kind of cheating, since I've really picked 3 books, but I love Harry. He's exactly like me, only different.

And now, tell me how much you love this self-captioning picture (see blanket word.)

Just so you know, if you have bunk beds and more than one child, the bottom bunk is going to get zero use, and the top bunk is going to get twice that - well, you know what I mean - twice its share, that is. You might think it would be more worthwhile to buy a bunch of those IKEA loft beds. And you would probably be right.

Still haven't seen Jimmy Bomb (more procrastination!), because I wanted to do class tonight since the dojang will be closed Thursday through Sunday, and we'll be missing our Thursday and Friday classes. We used the big bags tonight, so I have some bruised knuckles now. Good thing I remembered to take my ring off for a change.

And now it's finally time to write that letter and pay some attention to GuTTer MuNKi, so he doesn't decide to leave home and re-think his wife.


Egan said...

I saw the Michael Richards thing. He's fucked the same way Mr. Mel Gibson is, ouch! That outburst of his is going to be the death of his career. I can't imagine what he was thinking.

Oh, you heard they cancelled OJ's book deal right? It's done, no mas.

I wanted a bunk bed so bad when I was a kid. And with a large family like ours you'd think we had them, but nope. We shared beds.

Me said...

That is interesting and your kids are cuter that the last time I saw them. Awe...

Candace said...

What career? LOL! I thought he vanished when Seinfeld wrapped. Maybe not. What a jerk.

Yes! I hope the public sends OJ to the deepist Pits of Obscurity. Yah hoo!

Wow, I'd have thought y'all would have had triple bunks like my friend's kids. Well, mine always share beds, too. Honestly, I have no clue why we own as many beds as we do. Fishy's NEVER gets used. (and is now too small for him anyway) Sluggie usually sleeps on the floor in Mollusc's room, and Prawn and Fish sleep in Sluggie's top bunk. Sometimes Sluggie joins them. :-P

Candace said...

Aw, thanks Bos! :)

Do you like my furry child, too? He looks just like me, only different. ;)

Egan said...

Fishy is damn cute. What the heck is he doing in that photo? Is he getting ready for bed? That is a cat blanket right? I love your dedication to the felines.

Egan said...


Candace said...

Why thank you. :) I think he is, too. He is actually IN bed (top bunk of course), but reading. That white thing is a big princessy fishnet thinggy hanging down that can go around the whole bed. (remember, this is supposed to be Sluggie's bed)

Yes, that is a cat blanket. It's actually from MIL, but I adore it. It's ever so fuzzy. Though not like those new ones. Have you touched those new superplush blankets? Holy crap those are lovely! O.M.G. And then on top of the cat blanket, is the cat-blanket named Jet. He's a furry, purry, interactive blanket. I'm mostly done with my letter. Yay.

Candace said...

HAHAHA!! Did you just click that one?

Catty wasn't it?

I've actually liked her in films, but her latest comments (not the testing, the other stuff that went along with it) sure seem to classify her as an actress pneumo-cranius

Egan said...

Fishy seems very cool. So the net keeps the mosquitos away right? I think I know what those little bugs are. Cats galore! I am at a loss for words. Cats, cats, and more cats. Yes, you're very catty. Purrr. She's odd, actress pneumo-cranius.

cindra said...

I think he is farting on his sister's head.

Candace, for the love of peanutty goodness, will you please tell me what I'm supposed to ask you about that has something to do with Egan being slighted? Help me. I'm so clueless I feel just like a husband or something!

And why are you gabbing all the day long and not visiting me and playing my game?

I feel hurt.

Candace said...

We haven't had many skeeters. It's just for looks and cozy and/or princess factor.

It's a regular pussy-fest around here sometimes. ^_^

Odd, indeed. I still want to see themoviewithwolverine - uh - The Prestige though.

Candace said...

Ha, Cindra!! He'd better not be. He did do that to a dolly the other day.


Ohhhhh! I bet I know! I found a rude comment in my Gchat after leaving my puter unattended for HOURS on end. I assumed it was from a bad co-worker of Egan's. Do you suppose it was really from him and he felt slighted when I didn't respond? O_o I wasn't there, or I'd have been equally (okay more so) rude in reply. ^_^

Oh, cool! Another way to procrastinate. I'll be right there. It's all Egan's fault. Let's blame him. I also blame Egan for my long and eye-straining word verification.

cindra said...

I blame Egan for global warming too. From all of his farts. He probably taught your son to do it too. That's why Egan is so fond of Al's because he has to play like he's the good guy, when he really is making the environment suffer needlessly because of his weird diet of skittles and ice cream. you think he didn't like me calling it a lil' vegetarian?

Egan said...

I love to procrastinate too Candace. Do you suppose if we ignore Cindra she will forget we didn't play her game this week? How about if I don't send in a submission for her little word game? Okay, I couldn't do that to her since she just sent me a very nice package and a movie. You both rock!

What is all this nonsense about GTalk? I'm more confused than the OJ Simpson jury.

Candace said...

Cindra - I think you're onto something with the Global warming thing.

Gotta love the little veg!

Egan - I've procrasted finishing my letter thanks to you and Cindra or is it Sin-dra - Wanton Temptstress of the Universe?? You know you can't resist submitting to Cindra. Will you be wearing leather?

I DID play, thanks for noticing.

What movie? Loft House cuz she hated it?
Curse you people and your West Coast times and ways. Or me for my Easterly ones. You both come alive when poor MuNKi is at his lonliest.

cindra said...

Damn...we just got started Candace. No it's not lake's The Yes Men.

And I have something else in mind for you to wear when you submit, Egan. I love the new title, by the way, Candace. Would you like to document the whole tawdry affair? You have a zoom for the lil' veg, right?

Candace said...

The Yes Men? Is that real or a thinly veiled slam on Egan? I saw the X-Men. (Quick - porno title - XXX-Men!)

What are you dressing Egan as? I think you should put the whole thing on YouTube now that Egan has a package. Yes, I do have a zoom. But I don' tknow if it's powerful enough to capture mini-(meatless)meat.

cindra said...

Damn. I have one of those magnifying screens. We could use that. I am considering a french maid outfit...with some flippers maybe. What do you think?

The Yes Men is an outrageous documentary about these two guys who have a mock website that looks like the WTO and they get invited to symposiums and stuff...and are totally honest about how shitty the WTO operates and how screwed up their motives are...and it's just very entertaining. He can send it on to you when he's done.

Good porno title, but you only get 3 points out of ten, because it already had X in it and didn't require much imagination...

Egan said...

Wow, I have more reading to catch up on here than I do in my spam folders. You two are killing me by the way. I applaud your creativity. As I've said before, I'm a grow-er, not a show-er. Duh.

Candace said...

Cindra, that might work. If not, I could try to get an electronic interface for our microscope.

I think the outfit sounds heavenly. Don't forget the goggles!

At first, while reading your Yes Men description, I thought it was a mockumentary about a real site, but now I see that it's a documentary about a mock site. How comfusing.

You're right. The X was a big help. OK, porno this one: Over the Hedge

Egan - you read your spam folders? You know what SPAM stands for, right?

Aren't those song lyrics, by the way? (the grow-er show-er thing) Yes, Steve Miller, The Joker. How odd, considering I just watched Batman last night.

Remember; The Speedo™ reveals all.

Egan said...

Yes, the package is easy to see in my triathlon gear. You and Cindra can bust out the magnfying glass if you must.

cindra said...

WE must.

Into the Bush for my porno title. Or: Over the Hedge and Into the Bush. DId I do that right? I'm a virgin to this...go easy on me Candace. I'm used to being the dominatrix.

So where is a good place to begin with martial arts for an old mother?

Egan, back to your box! GO. I'll be with you in a minute. THat's a good boy.

Candace, grab the goggles.

ldbug said...

Wow the cat looks as big as the kids!

Candace said...

Egan - What, no forthcoming picture? Oh, wait, I posted that one from when you were on the Polish cycling team. }:-) Maybe I can dredge it up.

Cindra - oh, very nice! VERY! Especially for a virgin attempt. Are you sure you've never done this before?

Martial arts - oh, I could write an essay. :-P OK some basics - go to several schools, sit in and watch class, see how the master interacts with the students. Does he teach his own classes or assign them to an underling? It's fine to have high-ranking students helping to teach some of the classes, but the Master needs to be involved in teaching, too. Try to find a school run by a person from the country of origin (Japan for Karate, Judo, Jujitsu; Korea for TKD) so there is less removal from the source. Otherwise you can easily get a watered-down version - it's a bit like playing telegraph. Uh, maybe I should email you, LOL!

Ldbug - he is a BIG boy! :)

Winters said...

I procrastinate at least three times a week, C. The doctor says it'll stop me going blind.

I wonder which marketing genius said;
"Let's have a bequiffed baby in a nappy riding a skateboard on our peanut snack packaging."

Jaichan said...

That Michael Richards thing is disgusting.
I'm very happy OJ's deal was cancelled. I'm in Law right now and you'd be surprised how much his case gets mentioned.
I like your cat. You should check out 'Me and My Cat?' by Satoshi Kitamura. It's a great book.
Oh, and Harry? I've always wanted to go from being a white dog with black spots to being a black dog with white spots. Lovely.

tshsmom said...

You most certainly are NOT the Queen of Procrastination! I AM! I'll let you be a Princess though. ;)

Egan said...

Fishy needs to work on controlling his gas.

Candace said...

Oh, Winters! I do like your style. ;)

I don't know what they had in mind with that crazy baby. Not to mention that babies aren't even suuposed to HAVE peanuts. Crazy Israelis, LOL!

Jaichan - really? As in "how to avoid having your shoe-in conviction overturned" type stuff?

I looked up that book and it looks really cute. I'm going to try to get it from the library.

Tshsmom - oh, all right Your Majesty. :) Princess then. Princess of Procrastination and Pandelirium :D

Egan - I thin kthe problem is that he controls it too well. :-P