Sunday, November 26, 2006

Veni Vidi Velo

GuTTer MuNKi (no, his name's not Jamie ^_^ )has been outdoing himself as usual on the food front. This time with a Filipino Adobo Chicken recipe from Penzeys One. That was last night. The house still smelled wonderful from it this morning. Mmmmmm!

As some of you may realise, our tree is up and yacked under already. The Usual Suspects helped a great deal with getting everything just right.

A few days ago I made something so rich that I can only now begin to think of it again. It was a chocolate turine and it was delicious.

Contrary to what the picture might lead you to believe, it was not a lump of poo or even mud. And I did not eat half of it before snapping the photo. I think. I have to learn to take more flattering photos of food.

Stay tuned for The Curse of the Amish Friendship Bread.

Oh, I almost forgot. Cindra, here's the vid of the intensely competitive Egan as he makes his stunning transition from the biking portion to the swimming leg of the last Ironman.


GuTTer MuNKi said...

Wow, Egan!
This behind-the-scenes look at the ironman is fascinating. I'm far from a triathlete, but I couldn't help noticing...
Doesn't entering the water headfirst give you a faster start? I do realize that it was your first full ironman and all, but geez, man. You probably gave up a good 7 or 8 seconds there. Awesome, nonetheless!

Egan said...

Hey, that was very poor form. Anyone that pulls crap like that deserves to be thrown from a bridge. I think the authenticity of the footage is in doubt. Look at how easily that guy goes over the bridge. It looked like a pro wrestling move. I would have headbutted the guy, kicked him in the balls, and then punctured his tire. Mon dieu!

Candace said...

MuNKi - I think there was some definite slop-factor in that entry.

Efo - I think the whole thing was staged. Look at the guy when he first gets "thrown" against the wall. Not a very realistic stagger, what with the delay and all.

But I still enjoy watching him get tossed off the bridge.

sophie said...

The video was so funny -
first time i laughed all weekend:)
so thankyou.

Yes, the cake looks a little bit
like poo but all my cakes do
and they taste outstanding...


cindra said...

Candace-thanks. I wanted to see him in action. Don't tell him, but I think his form is kinda bad...I mean that entry into the water...yikes. I thought he was some jock and all, but never know who you're dealing with over the internet.

I'm sorry. I'm sure your chocolate shit cake was really tasty, but your hubby's food looks a lot more appealing. I'm just being honest, here.

Why aren't you asleep???

Game is up at my place if you are ready to go for your 3rd first place.

Egan said...

Cindra, she isn't sleeping because she's busy blogging. The video was definitely staged, but it was worth a chuckle.

Mr. Fabulous said... make a delicious treat, you show us a picture, you tell us how tasty it is, yet you do not make enough for all of us?

Faux pas! Faux pas!

~d said...

kitty in the tree.


(what is the last line, darn it!)

Egan said...

What is up with the cat in the tree? I guess it does make a wonderful ornament. Can you pack the kitty away in a month?

Candace said...

Sophie - glad you enjoyed it. :) Are we having a party in Winters's comments? (I haven't checked back yet) We should shake things up a little. ;)

It's very comforting to know tha I'm not the only one who makes poo cakes. I guess that's what all those childhood mudpies are training us for.

Cindra - I agree about the food appearances.

Nighttime is when I really come to life. :)

OOh! Already? I'll be over shortly! :) (Winters, follow me!!)

Egan - I love cheesy humour. I'm probably one of the only females on the planet who actually enjoys the 3 Stooges. (and yes, that does get me points with the guys)

Mr. Fab - You're right. How incredibly rude. Next time I shall triple the batch. You folks had better show up to help me eat it.

~d - gotta love the kitty in the tree. ^_^ We have 2 who have a tradition of climping it, a 3rd who gnaws on it, and a 4th who hunkers below in meatloaf position.

Egan - Cats climb trees. How did you get to be your age without hearing about this? But you don't have to worry about getting them down. As Ghandi said "How many cat skeletons have you seen in trees?"

Gawpo said...

When justice is thus so swift, all parties feel better in the long run. And the offender gets the most out of the lesson. HOLY CRAP THAT WAS GOOD!!!

Gawpo said...

Okay, I should have read all the other comments before uttering my last. Totally a fake. You can tell, simply from the fact that the bike didn't get tossed in after Egan's crappy water entry.

Winters said...

Good evening, C.
I once fell off my bike trying to avoid a lump of poo in the street. After the event I discovered that the lump of poo was in fact a piece of splendid cake which was later eaten by a cat who subsequently sat in a tree.

I hope the cat in the tree didn't do a poo. Nothing worse than poo on your tinsel.

Candace said...

Gawpo - I thought it was for real the first few times. You're right about the bike not getting tossed it. Very telling. I hold out a hope that this is simply a re-enactment of a real incident.

Winters - I find myself relieved (HA!) that you didn't eat the cake yourself. Though surely the chocolate would have caused the cat to vomit. Hopefully he did not do so upon your head.

No poo in the tree.

Oh my! *snickersnort* You do have a way with words. ^_^ I bow to the Master.

ldbug said...

Oh yummmmm, that first pic is making me drool!!

Candace said...

Ldbug - it was awesome! Ginger, soy sauce, garlic, onions, adobo seasoning - all kinds off yummy stuff. I'm lucky that MuNKi is such a great chef. :)

Egan said...

The other racers look legit. I think at least five of them are working together on this little scenario.

Cats climb trees? Holy shit, that's amazing. I've never ever climbed a tree to rescue a cat, never! Wow, what a key learning for me today. Cats climb trees everyone! They really do.

tshsmom said...

You drank wine with your cake? You ARE decadent. ;)

Candace said...

Egan, dogs do, too.

Tshsmom - Heh. I did. And while cooking I believe. Maybe that's why it looks like poo. ;)

Egan said...

Dogs climb trees too? Man, you're a wealth of knowledge today.

Candace said...

Yes, but not, contrary to popular belief, monkeys.

Egan said...

This has been noted. I have a story to tell you Candace.

Slade said...

the cat in the tree is the cutest pic I've seen! My cat ate some tinsle one year and we had to pull it out of her bum! It was sooo disgusting!

That chocolate thing looks hella good!

Candace said...

Egan, do tell. I love a good story. :)

Slade - heh, thanks! Ooh - we've had the string out the bum thing here. Blech!

GuTTer MuNKi said...


The adobo chicken is made with :
Heat / oil - Seriously hot for browning
After browning, sizzle in onions, ginger, and garlic.
Then add apple cider vinegar, soy sauce, water, brown sugar, and lime or lemon juice.
I did it in a cast iron dutch oven on the stove, and used the sauce it made to put over the Jasmin rice. This will be added to the rotation, as it turned out pretty yummy.

Egan said...

I'm not sure if this is the correct forum. Let me think about this.

Forty_Two said...

I didn't know it was legal to use cats as Christmas tree ornaments.

Very Disturbing.

Candace said...

There are still a few things left that are legal, but we must work to change this. Great name! :) Has it been approved by the Powers That Be?