Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Refreshingly Short One

I really did get carried away in that last post, didn't I? It had been so long, I guess I was making up for lost words.

It snowed today -- small bursts of violent flurries interspersed with periods of total meltage. When I came out from class and sparring tonight, I had forgotten to put on my sweatshirt (sweating your ass off will do that to you) and let me just say that feeling your own sweat freezing on your T-shirt and blowing against your skin is a disgusting feeling, albeit probably better that feeling someone else's sweat freezing on your shirt and blowing against you.

Last night
GuTTer MuNKi and I watched The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Different. Very different. I kinda hate when I see the twists coming from so far away these days. I guess I've seen too many films and read too many books now, and that it's just inevitable. Interesting film, but not something I loved.

Get a Grip lab is a HUUUUGE hit. Not a day goes by without the kids playing with it. And Trillian, too, for that matter. (the Six-Fingered Cat)

Children's book pimping of the day:

Lazy Tommy Pumpkinhead

Holy CRAP!?!?!??! $65?!?!? OK, I knew it was OOP (outta print) but SIXTY-FIVE smackers?? Guess I'll have to unpimp it, even though it is a riot. Ours is an old library sale copy. :-P OMG, I just looked at the other copies. They're all over $100.00,topping out a $237.64. I guess I know what to do should we find ourselves in a bind for cash in the future. :-P


~d said...

HOLY crap!?!
that just kind of reached out and grabbed me.

(is it cold and snowy where you are? We were cold this AM, but will prob be hot this afternoon. Lemme kno when the mailman arrives!)

Anonymous said...

It has snowed here periodically over the last couple weeks--mostly in the morning or at night. It's still pretty exciting for this Florida girl! Now I just have to remember how to drive in it when it decides to start sticking.

Candace said...

HAHA!! That IS funny! I must've been anticipating the next part. :-P

Warm? Warm??

Were having more flurries today.

I will be sure to let you know! ♫♪☺

Kitkat - I bet it will come back to you pretty quickly. The big thing is to watch for those people who come spiraling toward you in big out-of-control loops. ;-)

Actually, snowy states seem to be pretty good about getting the roads clear. It seems there are never long periods of time where the roads are just scary.

ldbug said...

Eww, other people's sweat;-)

Wow, that is one expensive kid's book!!

tshsmom said...

Even worse is going outside, with a wet head in -30F, and breaking off a chunk of hair.

Candace said...

Ldbug - blech, huh? Yeah, I couldn't beLIEVE how much it's going for!

Tsmom - oh, ack! I remember mine freezing at the bus stop in high school, but I never broke any off. YIKES!! LOL!

Egan said...

There was a twist in that movie?

Candace said...

Yeah - you know the beginning not actually being the beginning and all. Maybe that doesn't qualify as a twist.

Egan said...

Wow, that's not a twist. We need to have a chat Candace. Thanks for the short posts.

Candace said...

It was supposed to be, albeit a sorta lame one. Remember - he thought his car got wrecked by the guy next to him? And you were supposed to thing they met in Montauk, but he mentions having met her at a beach party. you're not supposed to know until about halfway (or more?) through what happened. (rolleyes) Although the rolling of the beginning credits about 1/4 of the way into the film is pretty landmarky, if you ask me.

Yeah, not so great, huh?

Everything has a twist now, and they usually try to make it the "least expected thing" which makes it painfully obvious.

Egan said...

My bad Candace. I was confusing Little Miss Sunshine with Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Not sure how I could have done that. Anyways, you need to see Babel. We saw it last night. It was a great flick.

P.S. I'm currently watching The Village. I hear it has a twist too, but I will likely miss it since I'm blogging at the same time.

Candace said...

I'll have to Google Little Miss Sunshine. And Babel. :-/

I know the twist in Village already, though I haven't seen it. It's a total ripoff of Running Out of Time. Actually, I think that book came later, so prolly not.

I won't spoil it for you though. :) I'm bad about blogging during films, too. Just try no tot think about what the least expected thing would be.

We were watching something the other day and I said "Oh, I bet ____ is going to turn out to be ____'s _____." and blew her away, LOL! Nowadays the break from the expected has become the expected.

Egan said...

I'm still watching The Village... it's near the end.

Egan said...

Okay, my wife just explained the movie. It's an interesting concept. Now I can watch it again and understand the plot twist.

Candace said...


Watch for red. Apparently every time you see red, something bad is going to happen. I think.

You should read Running Out of Time by Margaret Peterson Haddix. It's probably better. You read Al Gore's book, so you do too read fiction. Muahahahaa!!!

Egan said...

What do you have against Al Gore? Oh, he likes the environment and you destroy it with your fires. I got it.

Candace said...


Oh I wouldn't even know where to start. :-P