Monday, November 06, 2006

National Walk Like a Celebrity Day

In a string of bizarre web wanderings today (and in part due to a fusillade of strange comment bantering at Efo's blog, to include mention of Cthulu/Cthulhu) I came across Neil Gaiman's journal.

I found the
Nov. 5 entry particularly entertaining. (Sorry, you have to scroll to the 5th. It won't let me link to that one alone.) Especially in light of the fact that I had been thinking about the Lemony Snicket event again just today because, although I didn't mention it in my earlier posts, I did get a kind of weird vibe off the guy at the very end of the night when we were leaving and he ended up right behind us. He didn't actually look at me as I was holding the door for him and thanking him for the books (I hadn't gotten a chance to say anything to him in line since I wanted to let the kids talk to him) though he did reply, and the next day my friend had made a comment that he had said something as he passed her that put her off just a bit. I got a chance to ask her today what he'd said, and it was (to his wife(?) - we're guessing it was his wife) "Just keep walking."


Now, I'm sure the poor guy just wanted to go rest after that long ordeal, but since hearing that I've been alternately laughing and being slightly mortified thinking that perhaps he thought we were trying to stalk him or something. We had to pay for some stuff before we left, which took a little while, but maybe he thought we were hanging around to try and ambush him or something. O_o

On the one hand, I don't have to regret not having told him how much I enjoyed his books like I do with Douglas Adams, but on the other hand, Mr. Adams never thought I was a freaky stalker-chick. Which is better? Someday I'll go to a Gaiman signing (does he do signings?) and I'm trying to decide which end of the spectrum to shoot for. Maybe I'll just stand way back in the crowd and whip the book onto the table with a flyfishing rod, then reel it in when he's done. Less embarrassing for all that way.

Anyway, I guess I'll add "potential stalker material" to my resume. What do you think? I suppose it depends on the position for which I would be applying with said resume.

In other celebrity news (isn't it just the day for that? See Egan's blog. Note: in regards to Egan's blog, I use the term celebrity loosely) I was going to link to the latest scoop on Frank's film, but alas, the Oregon Observer A) does not seem to be advanced enough for that sort of technology, or maybe it's because B) it's in the current issue and they're being stingy with what they put online. My money's on A. I did, however, find this charming article. I've never understood why that family didn't change their last name. Rumour has it one of them married a Crapp, too. (Who changes their name in THAT one?)

Don't forget to vote. Preferably for the folks with the most entertaining names in order to ensure maximum media mirth-mileage.


Egan said...

I guess this is just one more thing you and I have to disagree on. It's spelled Chihuly dammit. Thanks for the voting reminder. No throwing your ballot in the outhouse.

Candace said...

Chihuahua. GO tit. That's a typo. I mean got it.

I'll have to admit that Mr. Churro does instruct his minions in the proiduction of stunning works of art. I see that there is supposed to be one in Madison, but it may be fictional as the link is suspiciously broken. At any rate, I am very impressed by Mr. Chimichanga's work.

Why am I so hungry now?

Is voting for the Libertarian candidate akin to chucking my votte in the outhouse?

Egan said...

Nope, you can vote for whoever you want. I personally don't align myself with Libertarians, but eat your heart out.

I'm going to buy you a Chihuly for fun. Where can I send it? It is not meant to be thrown into a fire.

Candace said...

Aren't those rather small? It might not get along with my cats. But I would name it Jose and teach it to talk about tacos.

I would never chuck it into a fire. Wait a minute. Isn't that what the minions do? How about a blow-your-own kit? Probably cheaper. . .

Egan said...

You could attend a glass blowing class and become a minion. Nice chihuaha joke. It was noticed.

snavy said...

I think adding "potential stalker material" to your resume is a fine idea. I have it on my business cards -- people love it!!

Candace said...

Why thank you, Egan. Are you done exercising yet? Don't you think being a minion would blow?

Snavvy, MUAHAHAHAHAHahah!!! Excellent advice. I think I shall. And I'll practice my evil genius laugh, too. Great to see you. :)

Slade said...

The only book signing I've been to was Barbara Kingsolver...she was awesome! I loved meeting her. If I could meet any author right now, it would be J.K. Rowling.

Sorry I haven't been commenting lately...please forgive me! I really do enjoy your blog!

snavy said...

Excellent! You should also work on a sly "you have no idea what eveil I have in store for you" look for when you give people your resume or card.

The laugh is perfect to use as you walk away.

Logophile said...

If you are going to add it to the resume you have to reword it,
"tenatious, devoted to follow through and tracking down the details."
Sounds way better

cindra said...

C-I think that Egan is trying to get fodder for one of "those" videos by egging us on...what should I tell him?

Candace said...

Slade, that is cool! I still haven't read the Poisonwood Bible, but it's on my list. I bet she was fascinating.

No worries. I appear to be commenting enough for both of us! ;)

Snavvy - Awesome. I'm going to start practicing right now. That could also come in handy at the beginning of a sparring match.

Logo - you are so right. I used to do that with school stuff when we had to keep track of all that. Baking cookies = "practical math -- measuring; chemistry; home economics; Language Arts -- reading and following directions" blah blah blah :)

Cindra - Ha! I think you're right. I would hate to shatter his expectations. We should do something that would blow his mind and leave him glassy-eyed. ^_^

Egan said...

You can try Candace, but that's impossible. Wait, what kind of videos are we talking about here?

ldbug said...

Yup that's how I vote;-)

Candace said...

Egan, nothing is impossible. Videos? Oh, just blowing, pipes, molten liquid, that kind of stuff.

Ldbug - you vote Stalker Party? ;)

Egan said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Egan said...

Well, talk about absolutes... "nothing is impossible". Not sure I agree with it all cases. I don't know about you, but I know I will never be able to high jump 10 feet.
And I know for a fact I will never be able to curb your pyro tendencies.

Candace said...

Maybe you'll go to the moon someday. It'll be a cinch there. Or wake up and find out you've been in the matrix this whole time. Or just come play on the trampoline. :)

Well, OK, I'll give you the pyro thing.

1290 and counting

Egan said...

Exactly... 1300?

~d said...

I'm every person you need to be! OH! I'm the cult of per son al ity!

Candace said...

Egan, 1485

Tilde - Look into my eyes. What do you see? ;)

Winters said...

I vote for "everybody walking to work like John Cleese in the "ministry of silly walks Mony Python sketch" day."

That might, exceptionally, get me out of bed with something approaching enthusiasm.

Egan said...


Are the glamour boys always on the checklist?

Candace said...

Winters, I'd vote for that. Of course, I walk like that every third day anyway.

Egan - 1604?

no, 1485

Glamour boys?

Boondock boys??

Egan said...

Are you trying to wow me with your awesome html skills? It's not working. Fire!