Monday, May 29, 2006

There's Rosemary, That's For Remembrance. . .

Chives May 29, 2006

Thyme for some more garden posting! Come into my garden and let me show you around a little (cropped views of course, so you can't see any mess, LOL!)

Imagine my happy surprise when I discovered that chives are perennials (they come back year after year, without you having to do squat!!) I love chives! I love being able to walk out my front door and pick them and snip them up and eat them. I love eating the flowers! I love looking at them! I love margaritas -- on 3/4s of one of which I am currently buzzing, thus contributing to my perhaps overenthusiastic raving about chives!! But, no, I do love chives. And I'm really pleased/surprised with how EARLY they grew back and started blooming. We've been eating them for a few weeks now.

More Chives May 29, 2006

In addition to lovely chives, my lemon balm has come back with a vengeance! And it has spawned little renegade lemon balms! Here's my main bush ;-) with its friend "Chives." (which is actually a different chive plant than the one in the top 2 pics)

Another of their friends, Mint, is overrunning the whole planting area. I had a more expansive pic, but it was messier.

Here's some sage advice. Don't plant mint unless you want to have a lot of it. I have a LOT of mint. I have what you might actually refer to as a mint "problem." Oh dear. Good thing I like mint! The kids made Limeade today and we put mint in it and it was goooooooood! Especially as it was a hot and sultry day!

I believe in unconventional plantings. When I say that "I believe" in them, I mean that I hate neighbourhood whatchamacallit associations and will do anything I can to go against their wishes, ergo, I plant *gasp* FOOD in my front yard. And it looks pretty! You can see my mint "problem" stretching away up along the walk at the top towards the left.

A map of my gardening sins:
It was right about here that a wasp landed on my foot, but no Sting. Let's hope the blue turtles stay away from my garden as well.

I had one green bell pepper plant left after planting the garden boxes out back, so I planted it with the habanero, jalapeno and chili peppers to see if they would cross-pollinate and give me spicy bells (as I've heard they can.)
I bought the peppers (both spicy and bell) and kale today, as well as tomatoes, broccoli, sage, thyme and rosemary. I LOVE thyme and rosemary. Sigh. I think they are my favourite herbs. I would like to roll naked in thyme and rosemary.
Did I say that out loud?

Rosemary has to wait for me to buy her a pot. Apperently she's something of a pansy and needs to come in over the winter.

While we're on the subject of nakedness aromatic herbs, I'd like to show you something.

See the healthy lavender in back? See those sickly 3 in front? Why? *cries* Any ideas? The sprinklers have only just been activated as of Friday, so it's not a water issue since all have been getting the same amount from the sky. One of them is infested with snake grass, but the other 2 aren't. My poor babies! :-(

snake grass aka horsetail aka scouring rushes aka Equisetum aka glyphosate-resistant PITA

Does anyone know how to deal with snake grass? I'd never even heard of it until we moved to Michigan.

On the plus side, apparently it's a powerful medicinal herb used for UTIs and stopping bleeding amongst other things.

We have some work to do out by the herbs

Anyone care to guess what pattern we're going to attempt?

Should be fun!

Perhaps I will join The Slug while John does the work:

As it turns out, I think I accidentally remedied my farmer tan today. Now I have a spaghetti strap tan. Maybe I should garden topless. Hmmm. . .

Out back I planted a shade garden a couple of weeks ago and it's coming along. I also buried Jimmy Hoffa under there. Shhhh. Don't tell.

I also planted the second garden box today:

$35.00 worth of herbs and veggies went a long way! :-) (remember the peppers, thyme etc, out front are part of that, too)

I'll husband them so well,They shall go far with little.

The big thing to hope for now is that we don't see any of this in the garden:

I'll have to keep leaving offerings on the deck!

On a totally unrelated note, make sure to go to Peter's blog and watch the Carbon Freeze Sequence. It's great!!!:-)

PSA courtesy of John who invented this today (did I mention I love the man?):

Chicken recipe -- Glug some olive oil and balsamic vinegar into a big ziploc bag, add chopped chives and throw in chicken breasts. Marinate for about hour. Remove and hit them heavy with kosher salt and coarse-ground black pepper. Grill over mesquite charcoal. Eat until you can no longer walk. Mmmmmm!


jackt said...

OK I have discovered there is one thing I identify with less than mommyblogging...gardenblogging. Not that either is bad or lame in any way- I am just a simple guy with no children! Please don't kick me in the face with one of your licensed-to-kill tae-kwon-do-trained feet!!!

Candace said...

LOL! That's right - no yards in LA! I was in the Bay Area for a while - postage-stamp sized yards. What a waste - all that growing season and no place to plant.

Don't worry, I won't kick you. You can start a new topic in the comments here for those who can't identify with gardening, LOL! (no, really - it's more fun when things get totally sidetracked in the comments, LOL!)

Anonymous said...

Gee...I'm just trying to keep a twig alive let alone a garden. Holy moly, Candace. That's a lot of freakin' weeding!!

Faltenin said...

I liked the Blue Turtles reference :o)

And for nice veg, there's Nothing like the Sun...

Candace said...

Jenna - More plants means a greater chance that at least one will live, LOL! That IS a lot of weeding. One reason I love the mint is because it chokes out al the weeds. :-)

Fal - Oh, NICE one. :-)

t2ed said...

Wow, that's a huge garden. I have managed to kill many basil plants and have constrained myself to just wiping out that species.

Toby said...

I too love to eat the flowers. They're sweet and oniony. Don't eat them all because they drop seed.

No garden for me this year. The guy who mows my lawn planted a bunch of Hostas in the space I use for the staples; tomatoes, peppers, beans, etc. He also dug up an oregano plant I had been growing for about 5 years. He dug up my chives too, but I was able to salvage them but I won't be eating any this year.

Egan said...

Fuck, the raccoons ate my comment. I swear I said something about this cool post of yours and now it's gone. Curses, foiled again.

Candace said...

t2ed - Hi! :-) I have already killed my first basil plant this year. It was a purple one. One day it was growing nicely in a little pot, the next day it was GONE! Can I join your club? :-/

Toby - I didn't even know you could eat the flowers until last year. YUM! My chives are spreading fast. They *could* make it to Milwaukee by next year. . .

That SUCKS about your garden. CRAP! What good are hostas? Oh, your poor oregano. :-( And chives! :-(

Egan - those little guys will eat ANYTHING - well, if it's junk food. Had you by chance mentioned junk food in your comment? Cuz that would definitely explain it! They like sweets, too. The one in the picture is eating the remains of a giant pancake.

Toby said...

Ha, I didn't know the flowers were edible until only a year or so ago too. One day I just ate one, it tasted good and I didn't get sick.

I don't when exactly, but people didn't eat tomatoes until relatively recently because they thought they were poisonous. I guess some person did what I did with the flowers and now we have tomatoes on our plates.

Actually tomatoes are a member of the nightshade family so technically they are poisonous.

Egan said...

Yum, raccoons and junk food. Raccoons are like freegans.

Trundling Grunt said...

Are those tomatoes close to your peppers? If so, you may find that the tomatoes grow triffid-like and engulf the peppers (and maybe an odd raccoon/child or two).

Herbs are fun. I grow chives but hardly ever use them (SWMBO has a poatato salad recipe that uses them) - they're just pretty.

The thyme should be a perennial, but the rosemary is sadly annual round here. Mint should be planted in a bucket with the bottom cut out to control spreading. I didn't do that either so, yes, it's all over the place. And you should grow sage, not just for sage advice. It's a beautiful perennial plant with a purple flower. And very tasty.

polyergos said...

If I could send you virtual flowers, I would. For mentioning my site in your blog, once again. Thanks candace! I'm almost done everything and will be reading and posting more often, again... :)

Candace said...

Toby that's funny! I remember hearing that people thought tomatoes were poisonous but don't remember how long ago it was. Was it around the time of Sir Walter Raleigh? But it was potatoes with him, I think. I should look it up. Brave people discover things like that. Stupid people die from things like that. Hindsight is all that differentiates the stupid from the brave. ;-) (oooh she waxes philosophical, LOL!)

I only recently learned they were related to nightshade. My mom's mom once bought peas that were massively marked down because they'd been mixed with nightshade and it's apparently hard to tell the difference. :-P My mom was pretty freaked out I guess (she was a kid at the time.)

My story like that is that when I was a kiddo in Hong Kong my dad bought a little purple potato-looking thing at the market and most of the people he asked about it told him it was poisonous, but a few told him it was delicious. He, of course, ate it and shared it with me because I wanted to try it. My mom was not pleased! But it was delicious and neither of us died from it, LOL!

Egan, I had to Google Freegans. Oh my! I had no idea. I thought maybe it was going to not be defined and it would turn out that you'd meant "Freaking Egans", thus implying that you love junk food. How wrong I was and how enlightened I now am. The dumpster-diving pic was, well, eew.

TG - Uh oh. Prepare for The Day of the Triffids!!!!! (YK, I think that is the first one I ever saw, LOL!) I Googled "companion planting" before putting in my plants and found out that they like each other, so yes, the peppers and tomatoes are in amongst each other. I will have to keep a close eye on my brood, LOL!

I just LOVE herbs. My children are always munching on the chives, LOL! Last night dh put them in the chicken - OMG!!! That was soooooooooooo good! I like to snip them onto taters and into hummous. Mmmmmmm! Got any great uses for mint? I need ideas, LOL!

Ohh! Yay about the thyme! Too bad about the rosemary, though. I was reading online about people with 6-8 foot WIDE rosemary bushes! Would that not be awesome??

Right now I'm growing Russian sage and I have 1 regular sage plant. Can you eat Russian sage? And I found out at our olg house that I can grow Tansy like nobody's business, but I'm not sure what to do with it.

Candace said...

LOL Peter! Thanks! I'll consider myself virtually flowered. :-) Had to share that vid! There are some SW fans here ya know. :-)

~d said...

Candace-I came to you via (wow) so damn many! I see your foot quite often-as you see my head...hahaha! We are growing catnip-rather succesfully this year. But other than that I do not have a green thumb. Even my Wee garden Gnome lost his feet after 2 years and was completely rotted by last Christmas.

Candace said...

Hi ~d! Yes, I do see your head everywhere, LOL! Hey, if you can grow catnip, you can grow mint. :-) You can eat catnip, too. My kids do. Come to think of it, maybe that's inspiring Mollusc's writing. ;-)

*snort* Poor gnome!!! May he RIP. I never thought of myself as having a green thumb. Mostly I am a really lazy gardener and look for the easiest way to do stuff. :-/ I don't think that follows the true spirit of gardening, but I'd much rather sit there and look at the pretty plants/veggies and sniff the herbs than do much work. . .

~d said...

Candace-I think its because-like this someone (you, in our case) makes a comment that I just have to comment on. And its like-well, the first time venturing into someone's 'territory' where you've never been, its nice to 'introduce' your self.
Thank you for the 'bpuyant' comment. Forgive my ignorance ( head hung in despair) what does it mean?

~d said...

( you on the east coast? ) I am an hour behind you.

Candace said...

D'oh! Buoyant. I'm a sucky typist. I was trying to say that you have a ton of bouncy energy coming through in your posts. LOVE it! :-)

I'm in MI, so yeah, Eastern Time. Sigh.

~d said...

Hahaha! I was kind of like-Hmm, I'd make a nice flotation device. Hahah!
(nice to finally come to your site...)

Egan said...

Freegans need love too! I'm so happy you Yahoo!ed it.

Candace said...

~d - well, you might be floaty, too, LOL! We could call you Hope. I hear Hope Floats. (hahahaha)

Egan - So, like, homes as a right and joblessness as a viable option, eh? That seems a bit extreme. But I'm on board with some of the trade and re-using stuff. :-)

Candace said...

PS, I think I will name one of the baby raccys Freegan, and maybe another one Egan. What rhymes with Freegan and Egan? I think there are mre than 2. Hmmm Keegan. . . One could be Vegan, though they aren't. . .

Egan said...

I would be honored if you named a raccoon after me. It has been a goal of mine. It would mean the world to me Candace.

Trundling Grunt said...

Our neighbour back in the UK had a rosemary hedge and none of us could walk past it without running our hands through it.

I'll get back to you on the mint recipe front. Have a couple, but not to hand.

Candace said...

Egan - LOL! You can strike it off your "life goals" list. But if you ever come visit, look out, cuz if I yell "Egan's here!" the kids will prolly all start chucking food out the door. ;-)

TG - Ohhhhhhhh yummmmmmm! I'm going to have rosemary hedge fantasies. :-) Oh, yes, mint recipes would be MOST appreciated!