Sunday, January 08, 2006

Speaking of Pansies. . .

Sheila, you PANSY!! LOL! Yes, I will make you some. Are you not ever going to be brave enough to spill it here? I'm sorry that I don't have any fabric with PANSIES on it, so tell me which Kitty/ies print you want, how many, um, units (that's not the right word, but "pairs" is too big, LOL!), and a hip measurement. And if you don't make at least 1 post here, I may reconsider making them at all. ;o) And we wouldn't want to disappoint anyone, would we? That would be such a shame. }:->

No comments on Haggis PopTarts, eh? I guess maybe they aren't that shocking.

I realised today that I am cursed in the arena of wedding rings. Those who have followed
the saga will be a little familiar with my trials and tribulations, and my happiness at getting a new one. Alas, today I realised that my new one is BROKEN!!

I don't know why I bothered with the arrow there. Just felt like drawing more. Obviously I need more practice. That looks a bit like it was done by a drunken squirrel.

Yes, the crack goes all the way through! Does anyone question my cursedness in this arena? And yet, I don't really want to get a "tramp stamp" that says "SOLD." :oP So I guess I'll keep trying the whole ring thing.

"How did it get broken?" you ask - if you have even made it this far, and maybe you don't ask; maybe you just say, "get on with it, Chicky-poo. No one really cares about your blasted ring!" But I care, so I will tell you. Ha!
I think I broke it at Tae Kwon Do on Friday night, while punching and kicking the bag. You may (or may not) recall that it was a particularly strenuous and theraputic class. At one point I realised my ring was hurting my finger when I punched, so I took it off (my ring, not my finger.) I suspect it had happened shortly before that. On the brighter side - better my ring than my finger. Usually we aren't on the bags, so I wear it (my ring, not my finger - well, I do wear my finger, but I rarely if ever remove my finger), cuz the alternative - for me, let's face it - is to lose it. I do take it off for sparring and stash it in my mouthguard case where I'll be sure to find it again- I'm not completely stupid. I hope.
Note to Self - do not NOT NOT accept valuable rings from little humanoids with furry feet. What a bad ending that story would have.

Well, enough about that.

Photographic evidence that we did some of what we said we'd get done today:

(pulling speaker wires for surround sound)

The corner where the Christmas tree ISN'T anymore. :o)

A boy is happy as long as he's building. He wanted to show what he's making. There ya go, Yi-Yi.

And here's what happens when I make fire:

Yes, I do have to fight him for the best spot sometimes.

Well, that's prolly more than enough, plus I think I'm finally making some headway on the novel again (sticky spot) so off I go.


Bok Choi said...

I did it!! I did it!! MONTHS ago, I tried, simply, to leave a comment on your esteemed blog. In roughly 15 minutes I had unintentionally created my own blog, whose password and email I promptly forgot.

Have been trying (not hard enough) since then to figure it out, and voilĂ --here I am :)

Oh yes, this is supposed to be a comment to YOUR blog, about things YOU write, not MY trials and tribluations. Sigh. Mama always liked you better.

Beautiful, gorgeous blog--congratulations, and Viva Zorro :)

Elizabeth said...

So how's the surround feeling? Adam has been tweaking and upgrading our system over the past few months and we are now in very near movie heaven (watched the Seventh Seal (not Sign) last night... not so much for the 5.1 surround but excellent nonetheless)

Signing off, Crusty Barf-Tush

Candace said...

BokChoi!!! Woo hoo!!! You really do want those panties, don't you? I remember the whole Accidental Blogger incident. In fact, I blogged it, LOL! Don't be a stranger, girl! :o)

So, Elizabeth (or is it Crusty? LOL! Love your new name!!) were you in SEVENTH Heaven?? *evil grin* We put in our favourite loud bits of our favourite movies last night. Woo hoo!! It's really cool when the characters are talking front and center and off behind on L and R there are birds chirping etc. Very cool! Some of the Star Wars battle scenes are fabuloso! Seventh Seal -- ooh! Surround Suspense. I haven't seen that yet. Would it freak me out?

Elizabeth said...

There's a great rain scene somewhere in the LOTR trilogy - very cool with the speakers. Das Boot was also a winner (drip..... drip drip....pssssssss...)

Seventh Seal isn't so much suspense. It's the one with the 2 men returning from the crusades to their plague ravaged homeland, and the one is playing a chess game against death the whole time. The dvd has some very cool things at the start that show how much fixing they did on the old film, and the commentary in the movie is excellent - we only just restarted it with commentary but decided it will be worth the whole thing again to hear it.

Candace said...

Ooh - good reason to watch LOTR again .. Can you believe I've only seen them once? I take it back, I think I saw #2 twice. I'll have to try Das Boot. :o)

OK, now I have to look up Seventh Seal, cuz I'm drawing a blank. I guess I *was* thinking 7th Sign, huh?

I really like watching them with commentary to find out how things were done and why, what was dropped, changed, etc. Fascinating!