Saturday, August 25, 2007

2 Flicks

MuNKi and I watched 2 flicks over the last 2 nights. The first was Wild Hogs. I'm not really sure what I expected of this, but I enjoyed it and laughed a fair amount. There are some good lines and a lot of great gags (like Dudley's tattoo. ^_^) Ray Liotta is a convincing bully, but when it comes down to it, putting a bunch of fake tattoos on him does not make him a convincing biker. At all. But as I said, he bullies well, so I guess he can get away with it.

The one we watched last night was Little Children. I really don't remember what I saw that made me want to check this out, since I had no clue what the plot was. I didn't even remember the name of it when we got to the vid store - just that it had Patrick Wilson and Kate Winslet. Fortunately, the guy at the vid store was able to figure it out based on that, so we were able to pick it up.

Right off, it was evident (because of the narration) that it had been based on a book, so that gave me hope that there would be an actual plot. As it turns out, there were two plots. Honestly, in this film, nothing in the story is furthered by the second plotline. Nothing. You could cut out the whole thing and it wouldn't make any difference. As it turned out, we did fast forward through some of that story towards he end. I can only assume that it's quite a different story in book format. But the main story is really very good -- nothing earth-shattering in terms of newness of concept or situation, but compelling nonetheless. And steamy. OMG. Did I mention steamy? Part of my brain was screaming "traitor" at me for finding Raoul hot in this. ^_^

I had a lot of morbid fears during this flick then never came to fruition. Knowing that, I'd like to see it again. And just fast forward through that whole other storyline. ^_^


Gawpo said...

Me first!

I, Me, My.


Thank you! You broke my spell, Candacia.

Slade said...

I haven't seen either, but I've been wanting to see Little Children for some time now...have to check it out!

I think Ray Liota always makes a good bully/scary guy...did you ever see that one where he is a cop and he breaks into those people's house? Kurt Russel is in it...can't remember the darn name of it!

Claire said...

Check out Patrick Wilson in Phantom of the Opera. Oh-la-la!
Saw Wild Hogs with hubby. It was funny in a rental movie kinda way. But he loved it so it'll probably make it's way into his Christmas stocking.

Claire said...

Well that's rich. I thought, "gee maybe he was Raoul in Little Children too (not having seen it)". So, Then I follow your link, teehee -I'm a goofball!
OK, so what was his name in Little Children?

Candace said...

Gawpo - yay and HURRAY! And Huzzah!!

I am a powerful disenchantress. ^_^

Slade - I think it's probably a really good book. As it is, have Mr. Slade standing by for emergency sex. Really.

I don't think I've seen that one, but I love Kurt Russel. I'm going to have to look that one up on IMDb.

Claire - Were you rooting for Raoul or Erik/Phantom?

I laughed my ass off at Dudley's glasses. ^_^ And the naked swimming hole. And Dr. Cox/Cop.

In Little Children his name was Brad. And he's a lot more, um, sculpted than in POTO. Wowza. Plus the shorter hair is almost ALWAYS an improvement.

ablondeblogger said...

I just watched Little Children a few weeks ago. Loved it!

It's funny, though...I let Amanda watch it before me. Then when I saw it I was like, "Oh shit! I just let my daughter watch porn!" LOL

egan said...

Did anything grow in these movies? Um, any movie with Kate Winslett and Jennifer Connelly is worth viewing. Enough said.

Candace said...

Dawn - LOL! Um, yeah, very graphic, huh? What did you think of the whole pervert storyline?

Egan - Oh, there is plenty of growth potential, trust me.

If you like Kate Winslet, you're gonna love this. If you like like to see a lot of her, you're going to lose it. ^_^

egan said...

You know Candace, I may have seen that movie and just don't remember it. I should verify this.

ARM said...

You're the third person I've heard say they enjoyed Wild Hogs. I just can't bring myself to watch it!

Little Children is on my Netflix's steamy, eh? Me like steamy.

Gawpo said...

Hey! I had heard lots of good about Wild Hogs (no, Amander---not Hlogs!), but this is coming from mostly narrow-minded and sickeningly conservative Bush lover cops who always recommend crap. So I am a bit timorous about trying to watch it. S'pose I could put it in the queue. Little Children? Nevuh hoid of it. But I'm queue'ing it up right now!

Trundling Grunt said...

Kate Winslet is almost guaranteed nudity and action and Little Children didn't disappoint.

We watched Venus - after seeing Becoming Jane in the afternoon at the cinema we had a very poignant day.

Candace said...

Egan - "Not Memorable." Is that your review? ^_^

Amanda - I wasn't really fired up to see it, but MuNKi rented it and I enjoyed it. ^_^ If you like steamy, you'll love at least parts of LChidren.

Gawpo - well, I can be sickeningly conservative at times. It could be that we enjoy stupid humour. I'm certainly not above laughing at sophomoric gags. ^_^

TG - LOL! You should add that to her IMDb listing. ^_^