Saturday, August 04, 2007

Random Update

~We went to the Teen Reading Party at the library and saw friends whose house had burned up several months ago. They're back in finally and unpacking, and they just bought a new (3rd) goat! Yay!

~Our green peppers were free at the co-op today, we got salt-n-vinegar Kettle Chips, and I saw a lady I know for the first time since learning she's been lying to friends about another friend of mine. It could have been awkward, but I let her feel that way and decided not to feel it myself. It worked. ^_^

~Red Belt Class was fun - poomse (forms - my favourite) in all different directions, and nunchucks. Does it get any better? I did do over 200 pushups today. But only the first 150 were close together. (at home) The others were spread out. Every time we drop our nunchucks or let them hit the ground we have to do 10, so yes, I dropped mine several times, and I threw in a bonus 10 when I actually kind of flung them and they hit another person who was already doing pushups for dropping his. ^_^

~MuNKi and I watched Derailed and were very pleasantly surprised after it looked like the movie was going south for the duration. MuNKi saw what I never expected.


egan said...

You hit MuNKi with your nunchucks? Your pushup totals are staggering. I'd be afraid to rumble with you.

Potter on the Pot page 82.

Vincent Cassel is a good actor. I wanted to see Derailed, but for some reason never did.

Candace said...

No, it wasn't MuNKi, it was someone else. :) I was doing a hand to hand spinning roll thing. I can't find a good YouTube to demo, but it can get going like a propeller. I lost control (she's going down!) and they spun off and hit a guy on the floor who had just dropped to do his own pushups. Fortunately we use padded nunchucks for training. ^_^

I'm ready for black belt testing. Now it's just a matter of grilling myself on all the questions. And finding Clif gel blocks or whatever they're called. :-P

Fishy Potter: 50-something. He's easily distracted, LOL!

Vincent Cassel did a great job. Everyone did. I was pleasantly surprised.

egan said...

Hi, my name is Egan. I'm killing time on the internet so I don't think about labour. How are you?

I have good nunchuck skills.

Candace said...

Damn, Egan. I was so bummed to read that they sent you home.

Your move in Scrabble I think.

Do you? How far can you chuck a nun?

ARM said... be completely honest with you...nunchucks are a big part of the reason I want to learn TKD. Not the only reason, though. And I know that it takes awhile before I'd get to use them, but damn. I know I'd have mad nunchuck skillz, yo.

ARM said...

I like your ticker, too!

ARM said...

Ha...I didn't even read Egan's comment about nunchuck skills until now. His may be good, but mine would be MAD.

Candace said...

Hey, no reason you can't buy a padded set and start at home. :)

Thanks. :) Hopefully it will remind me to keep studying, LOL!

Gawpo said...

A third goat after a house fire is supposed to be good luck. At least, that's what I've always heard.

I am sorry for your friends' horrible misfortune. That just can't happen, you'd think. It's too much. Your house. Your closest places. And then that lesson about not becoming attached to things.

On that note, however, another haunting question: Why do we say that a house burns up as well as a house burns down. "It burned up completely," we will say. "Their house burned down," we will also say.

Like inmates in a jail. While they are locked "up," we lock them "down," too. What's up (and down) with THAT?

Gawpo said...

Nunchucks? Did you say nunchucks?

I have a nunchuck, you know.

Gawpo said...

Hey, have you ever been to a Pow Wow? Our local tribe is having theirs this weekend. Anyway, when someone permits a feather from their regalia to drop to the ground, they stop the drumming. Immediately. Everything comes to a grinding halt. There is a ceremony that could really be called a ceremony of shame. The individual---young or old---is brought to the center of the focus of the proceedings. The announcer explains to all in attendance the significance of the feather drop. Then the family has to pay money or give some item to the governing body of elders in order to atone. It's a big deal. No push-ups, though.

Candace said...

Gawpo - That's reassuring about the goaty goodness. ^_^ Well, I used "up" because it didn't burn all the way down. But yeah, we tie people up or down (though I think down has more sex connotations) and now we even beat people up or down. All the other prepositions are feeling a bit left out. What about equal time for beside, above, beyond and between? That's what *I* want to know.

Gawpo - I saw your Chuck Norris nunchuck. Do you have one of those nun-flinging guns, too? ^_^

Gawpo - I love that you keep coming back for more. You make me grin. ^_^

Yes, I *have* been to a Pow Wow, but only one. So you're saying the one who's all dressed up gets a big dressing down? (but not beyond or beside) I think I heard about that somewhere. I don't remember many feathers in the one I attended. It was with the Hocąk Nation. My sis worked for them for several years. One time, she and I got sent to pick up the prize $ for a Pow Wow. We took turns holding the big sack of dough just so we could savour the feeling of holding so much money. I think it was $75,000.00 Wheeeee! As we drove through Amish country, I thought "we *could* just disappear." ;-)

No push-ups? That's a crying shame. Then again, I'd rather do push-ups than pay $ ^_^