Saturday, August 11, 2007

something purplish

something pinkish

Not Black-Eyed-Susans and purplish stuff

The Impatiens have filled in exactly as I had pictured them in my mind's eye.

And the climbing things are doing what I wanted them to, as well!

false sunflower (my absolute favourite right now) and echinacea

fields of gold

Mexican Hat? Something that sprouted from a perennial mat that I unrolled and "planted."

More of them

What's in the sling?

A bunny of course!

Rabbit Ears X 2. ^_^

We had a blast at the party tonight. I played Four Square for the first time in decades (decades, really?!? ooh, scary!) and Bocce for the first time ever. :)


Delton said...

Beautiful! I have to go with the echinacea as my favorite. The coloring on those is very interesting.

And those are some great smiles too!

Mr. Fabulous said...

The flowers are nice, but I am a real sucker for a bunny picture!

Anonymous said...

How was Bocce? I've never played, but I was thinking of buying a set to try it out. What else do I have to do living out here in the boonies?

ARM said...

You ruined the beautiful pictures with Evil Rabbit! Eeek! Look at the eye in that last picture!! It's glowing with all that is evil! Sluggie is a brave little girl.

I love Bocce! It's fun, but I rarely play it. I keep trying to talk Mr. ARM into buying a set, but we never do.

Airam said...

Those photos are awesome!

egan said...

Wow, I got a little scared there with sling. I know you're excited about babies and all, but you didn't look preggers the last time I saw you. How goes it Tall Chick? I love the flower pictures as always.

tshsmom said...

I wonder if impatiens would make it through the winter up here? Z gets my Mom a hanging basket of them every Mother's Day. I think I'll try permanently planting them this fall.

Jaichan said...

I'll have to take some pictures at Kingsbrae Garden here in town. They have a garden for the blind there; it's really cool.

Candace said...

Delton - Thanks. :)

I do like the echinacea, too.

Mr. Fab - bunnies are irresistable. And apparently their poop is irresistable to dogs. Makes for easy cleanup, though.:-P

Kitkat - it was AWESOME! We're SO getting a set of our own. :)

Amanda - LOL! Yes, that is rather a devilish gleam in his eye. But he made the Sluggie so happy. How can that be evil? ^_^ Buy Mr. Arm a set for his birthday. (Don't blame me. Evil Bunny must have come up with that idea. ^_^ )

Airam - thank you. :)

Egan - Har! I don't think I'm up to the whole newborn thing anymore. :-P But I'd gladly borrow yours until she needed nummies.

It goes WELL, thank you! I need to get more active with my camera.

Tshsmom - I don't know, but I kind of doubt they'd survive. These are plants I bought about 2 months ago. They spread fast! But maybe if you really mulched them well for the winter it might work. Hmmm. Maybe I'll try that. . .

Jaichan - I'd LOVE to see pics!! How does that garden for the blind work? Lots of highly scented herbs and maybe fuzzy stuff like lamb's ears?

Jaichan said...

Exactly. It's really amazing. There's also a therapy garden for the elderly.
The charity golf classic is going to be at the golf course where I work.

Trundling Grunt said...

Yay, bunny.

Haddock said...

Great flower pictures. I have echinacea growing as well in my garden. Its not only pretty but is good for attracting bees and butterflies :)

Claire said...

Love the beautiful flower, bunny and daughter pictures. Good luck with testing!!
btw- someday I want to learn to quilt and create artistic wall hangings. well, a girl can dream :)

egan said...

Nunnies are for wimps! Don't tell Fishy I said this.

Candace said...

Jaichan - that looks like such a cool place! I see that the kids' garden has bocce ball sometimes - cool! :)

TG - he was entertaining. :)

Haddock - thank you. :) Oh, yes, the bees do like it! I have some bizarro bee pictures I need to post if they came out like I hope they did.

Claire - Thank you!
Art quilts are exaclty what BG's mom does. OMG she is AMAZING. Wow, is all I can say.

Egan - you're not a fan of the nummies? That I did not expect. All my kids loved their nummies. Though they called it "Ba-ba" because my sis taught them the Hocak word for boobies. ^_^

Spider Girl said...

I love Bocce(was at a massive bocce ball contest recently at my friend's anniversary party---it was a smash hit with all ages.)

Also I love golden/yellow flowers in the garden.Pink is pretty but there's nothing more cheery and welcoming than yellow in the garden I think. Except possibly dandelions.

And that bunny in the sling is awfully adorable. :)

egan said...

What are "nunnies"? Three days left.

Candace said...

I don't know, but "nummies" are what a lot of folks call boobie juice.