Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I'm Blogging This

I saw this game at Target today. It had to be blogged. ^_^

This evening we went to Kohl's ostensibly to get new work shirts for MuNKi, but in reality, he only got one, while the Bigs and I came away with 2 or 3 things each. :-/ This meant the joy of getting new stuff, but also the pure torture that is Trying Things On. Plus, MuNKi actually had the strange idea to make me try on a shirt that was not only a bizarre dark teal (OK, granted I may see things in this spectrum a little differently than he does, but still. . .) but had puffed sleeves to boot. I ask you. Puffed sleeves? Me?!?!?!? Clearly he's gone mad. I could not, would not, on a train, I would not could not in the rain. I will not shall not even with a high-powered semi-automatic rifle trained on me.

That is all.


Claire said...

Men are good humor writing fodder as you so wonderfully demonstrate! God love that MuNKi...

Gawpo said...

But would you wear it in the dirt?
Would you wear it if it hurt?
You would not, could not, wear that shirt?

Was it something in the sleeve?
Was that what made you want to heave?
Well, maybe it was bought by Steve.

Keshi said...



Anonymous said...

Puffed sleeves make me look like a linebacker.

That War game is hilarious.

ARM said...

Puffed Sleeves? Makes me think of Anne of Green Gables. All she wanted to wear to the Christmas dance was a dressed with puffed sleeves.

Did the front of the shirt have ruffles, too? Sounds like a Shakespearean style shirt to me.

egan said...

Kohl's. Those are nice stores.

Candace said...

Claire - MuNKi doth provide me with great material sometimes. ^_^

Gawpo -
It made me scream within my mind
It was so hideous, you'll find
So bad to view it was not kind
I'd rather see a horse's hind. .


The sleeve it made me want to hurl
I would not wear it for a pearl
I would not wear it for a squirrel
Or even for a landed Earl

Keshi - some things are just like that. ^_^

Kitkat - me too. And I already have broad-ish shoulders, so I don't need any help there. :-P

Nothing like a non-violent game of PC war. ^_^

Amanda - No fluffy ruffles. That might at least have made it kind of Ren-fest-y. ^_^

Egan - the thing about Kohl's is that their prices suck unless they're having a big sale, and then their prices are usually great! :)