Thursday, August 09, 2007

It's No Accident

I can still vividly remember arguing with my older sister (when I was 7) that people had "accidents" not "accents." Ironically enough, this was outside of the hospital where we went to school at the time.

As it turns out, I do NOT have an accent. I know because my dental hygenist told me so.

So there.

Oh, and my dentist (who, as it turns out is Kevin Costner (at least from upside-down) - who knew? I suppose he fell in love with the area when filming here and I guess one of his movie roles must have prepared him for dentistry as a career) told me that I am "basically cavity-free by today's standards." Interesting. So I've got that going for me. Which is nice. ^_^


ARM said...

"basically cavity-free by today's standards"?? What is that supposed to mean? Are you or aren't you cavity free? Man...why is everyone going to the dentist lately? I know I need to...I got my card in the mail reminding me it was time. Is it bad that I would rather go to the girlie doctor than the dentist? I hate going to the dentist. And I don't have cavities (in 27 years I have never had a cavity...knock on wood).

Too bad you don't have an accent...I heart accents. But I suppose that was some kind of proof for someone, eh? I thought so.

Airam said...

What if Egan says you have an accent? Does that mean your hygienist is a filthy liar?

Anonymous said...

I agree with arm about my preference for the gyne over the dentist. It's weird. I've never minded the whole dentist thing despite myriad cavities, teeth pulling, orthodontics, etc., but for some reason breaking down and making the appointment and just doing it bugs the crap out of me.

Here's to your close-enough-to-cavity-free status.

Candace said...

Amanda - LOL! It means I have "3 small fillings ond one that's just a pinpoint that doesn't even count." He was saying that these days they prolly wouldn't fill what I had, just seal them, but back in the day (I was 23 at the time) they filled. :-P

I haven't been to the girlie Dr. since Prawn was born. I keep meaning to go, but it's so hard to make myself. Sigh.

Airam - it means Egan comes from the wrong part of the country and that HE has the accent, not me. ^_^

The hygienist and I were talking about WI (we both visit family there) and she was saying how I don't have a WI accent. Her family is from further north. ^_^

Kitkat - You 2 must have good girlie doctors. I have to find one because of having moved and I'm so unmotivated. I know, I know. Bad. :-P

radioactive girl said...

I had a friend in college that used to quote that part of the movie all the time. When I was drunk, I would make him "tell me a story" and he always told that. Thanks for making me think of those happy memories. Congrats on the cavity free thing, but the part about "by todays standards" makes me wonder.

radioactive girl said...

OK, I just read your response to arm, and I get it. Sorry. I really should read the comments before I post mine!

Candace said...

Tori - Heh! I like your friend already. :) Thank you. :)

Well, it WAS kind of a confusing statement, LOL!

egan said...

I don't not have an accent. Airam's question is a loaded one since her brother is a dentist and she's Canadian. She's a sneaky one.

Logophile said...

Egan has no accent at all, except when he speaks French, and then its impeccable.
I too am bacically cavity free by today's standard, score!

Trundling Grunt said...

I'm the one who doesn't have an accent. At least that's what I tell the deluded souls who say "I love your accent". So you must either (a) sound like me (poor dear), or (b) have an accent.


Candace said...

Egan - You don't not have an accent, but Logo says you have no accent. Which is it?? Ooh, that IS a loaded question. I'm very glad I didn't make any cutting remarks about the dental profession. :)

Logo - I see how it is, Ms. Washington. ^_^ His French is quite lovely, is it not? I would like him to leave me some more phone messages in French. We are tooth twins!

TG - Oh but your non-accent is lovely, I'm sure. Are you ever going to doa podcast so I can admire your complete lack of accent? Now that Winters is done with his audioposts (and has apparently vanished from the face of the blogsphere) I need a fix. ^_^