Friday, August 10, 2007


I had a quilting class today courtesy of a BG's mom. There were 3 of us there -- BG and I and another friend -- trying to learn stuff, and I think I did make some headway. I also found some cool fabric and decided to take a shopping day at BG's mom's house in the very near future. She used to own a quilt shop and has tons of gorgeous fabric that she's selling on eBay and is basically giving away at $2/yard. As a bonus, her tastes run along the same lines as mine, so she has lots of stuff I adore. Yummy. Additionally, she's a "who needs rules?" sort of gal, which is me to a T, so she had lots of cool suggestions for techniques I would like.

I made these to bring along, and they are pretty tasty!

Mollusc ran herd on my Littles and BG's Littles, which in truth meant that she hung out with BG's quail, kitties, swan, and wild Sandhill Crane family while the Littles all played with Legos. The cranes are extremely cool and will let you get within a couple of yards. BG's kitties are still only a few months old, and they like to stalk the cranes, but when they get too close, either the mom or dad crane will make crazy dinosaur noises and open its wings and march right at the kitten in question, sending said kitten bolting! Boy do I wish I'd brought my camera.

Mollusc is a huge bird enthusiast, and as icing on her bird-enjoyment cake, she found BG's quails' first egg ever today!

I felt so awful today (in my kidneys I think) that I tried to call the doctor but had the wrong number. I thought it was the right number because they never answer their phone anyway. BG gave me Acetaminophen, and it was miraculous how much better I felt. I did get an appointment for tomorrow morning, so I guess I'll suck it up and go even though I'm feeling much better now. Because you know if I don't, things will come to an ugly head on Sunday. :-/


ARM said...

How long have you been quilting? My mom is always wanting me to try it with her, but my fear of needles still makes me squirm with the fear of poking myself. Knitting needles are the only needles I can deal with.

That cheesecake recipe looks yummy and has been added to my book of ideas I am creating!!

I am imagining the kittens with the cranes...I bet it was a hilarious sight to see!!

Finally, I hope your kidneys start feeling better! Ugh!

Candace said...

I've been quilting for about 1 day. ^_^ I've made a doll quilt before, and contributed a couple of simple quilt block squares to a memorial quilt, but this is my first serious attempt.

I sure wish I'd had my camera. I'm going to try to get back there with it before the cranes leave. :)

Thank you! My kidneys feel all better today. Now my bladder needs to follow suit. I have meds now. The Dr. couldn't believe I felt so decent.

radioactive girl said...

Do you have to use a sewing machine to quilt? I am not good with them, which is why I have always stayed away from quilting even though I would love to try it.

Hope your kidneys and bladder and entire unrinary tract shape up and start feeling good!

Airam said...

I love your "ancora imparo" label!!

Candace said...

Tori - No, you don't! I'm not patient enough to quilt by hand, but TONS of people do. In fact there are things you can do much better by hand than by machine. If you stop in at a local quilt store, I'm sure they'd be thrilled to give you an earful and get you started. Quilters seem to be like knitters and crocheters - very eager to talk their trade and share info and tips. If you buy your fabric at our local one, they'll help you through your whole project I think. (same with yarn stores around here - I think that's universal though, not just here.)

Thanks! My whole body is feeling better. :)And I'm safe from Anthrax. Huzzah!! ^_^

Airam - Thank you! :) I used to have that as my tag on a mom board I went to. I love it. I want to make a plaque with that and hang it in a prominent place. :)