Tuesday, August 07, 2007


2 of the 4 kids are sick with a cold/fever thing. A third may becoming down with it. What are the odds that the 4 of us who are testing will be well in two Saturdays?


We've gotten out all the big guns (zinc, ACF etc, etc) and are drinking tons of water.

Just ack.


ARM said...

No! No sick in August!! Why??? yes...definitely get the big guns out for this...

My uncle has pneumonia...how do you get that in the summer??

Apparently I am illness prejudiced or something...people can only get sick in the winter.

Diesel said...

I'm sick too. Getting over a cold. Isn't it weird how these things go?

ablondeblogger said...

That totally sucks! Hope you all feel better soon.

There was a kid in my son's swimming lessons class that was sick and I'm praying we don't catch it.

Good luck with the test!

Delton said...

Yuck. Yes, it definitely sucks to get sick in the summertime.

Logophile said...

Oooh yeah, big guns are good.
and lots of rest
and sunshine
and alcohol.
No wait, maybe not that last one.

Claire said...

That is just wrong -being sick in August -major fuckitivity! I'm so sorry. I hope you all are well in time for testing. Good luck with all that.

Anonymous said...

Good luck avoiding the illness, but if you think it's inevitable, then hurry up and catch it so you can be over it!

What timing...

radioactive girl said...

I hate when people are sick in the summer! My kids had this awful cold thing a few weeks ago and we were stuck at home. I'll be thinking good thoughts for you!

Airam said...

Ahh! I hope they're feeling better!!! Or will by Saturday!

ARM said...

How's everyone feeling?? I hope well. 9 more days!! Eeek!

Candace said...

Amanda - I'm a seasonist as well. ^_^ It's just not RIGHT!

Diesel - It IS weird. Bluh.

Dawn - Oh, I hope you all stay healthy. Ack!

Delton - there's something just offensive about getting sick in the summer. ^_^

Logo - I like your prescription. Lots. ^_^

Claire - Amen! And thank you. :)

Kitkat - I know. I would have been fine with getting sick the week AFTER, LOL!

Tori - Man, that is SO not fun. And don't you love when it ripples through the kids one after another for maximum house-boundivity? :-P

Airam - thanks! I think they wil be, because their friend, who got it first, is getting over it no. Now MuNKi and I have to stay well. . .

Amanda - I think Sluggie and Prawn are improving. Mollusc seems to be staving it off, as do Fishy, MuNKi and I. I hope.