Monday, August 20, 2007

How Appropos

~Today all but one of the adults who tested on Saturday came to class because it was our classmate Anna's first and last class as a black belt. She's off to college on Wednesday, and she will be sorely missed because she was a lovely addition to the class. Her dad will still do class with us, and her brother, too, when the soccer season is over, so at least we'll get to see her at the Christmas parties and such. Because it was a special day, after the initial kicking, the Master let us play Dodgeball - "Seniors" against the teens. This is ALWAYS a riot. And we always cream them, too, even though youth and speed are on their side. ^_^ They won only ONE of the 8 or so games we played. ^_^

~Yesterday, when I finally fired up my email, I had another acceptance for a (smutty) story. Woo hoo!! Appropriately enough, it is entitled "Sparring Partners." ^_^

~Today I made a bunch of quilt squares and additionally figured out that the line I've been using on my machine that I thought was the 1/4" line is actually the 5/8" line, hence all the math weirdness when I tried to construct blocks. The good news is that when I had to add bits on, the squares almost inevitably looked cooler than they had before.


ARM said...

Woo!!! Black belt and another published story? Ah, are my hero.

When are you going to post pics of blocks? I'm very interested.

Diesel said...

Hey, I missed it. You're a black belt now? That's awesome! Congratulations. And Congrats on the story too.

I don't get the "let us play dodgeball" bit though. I always thought dodgeball was something to be avoided.

Candace said...

Amanda - And I even used proper punctuation. Imagine! ^_^ (I just saw the big blowout on "Book Me In," LOL! )

I'll try to take pix tomorrow. :)

Diesel - Thanks, Dude! :) For both. :)

Come ON, now! When's the last time you played dodgeball? It's so freaking FUN!!! ^_^ It's the *ball* you must avoid, not the game. But I want you on my team in case your throw is anywhere near as precise as your wit. ^_^

Candace said...

PS, Bitchin' new avi, Manda!

egan said...

That story you sent me got approved? So cool. I will have to read that sucker.

I so want to play dodgeball against you. I haven't played since grade school and I have to have better aim and be more mobile. Black belts are hot.

Haddock said...

Not exactly sure what dodgeball is (perhaps we call it something else in Europe) but its good to see experience winning out over youth! :)

ARM said...

Thanks! I thought it went well with the book blog and all! And didn't it get ridiculous over there? I love your was perfect!

Candace said...

Egan - Yes, you could read the middle part, too, and not just the first and last words. ;)

Haddock - seriously? No Dodge Ball there? Wow, OK, I guess it IS a US thing. So you divide into 2 teams, there's a line down the middle of the room and you whip the ball (in most cases it's squishy - not like a volleyball or anything) at each other. If you hit someone, they're out, but if they catch it, the thrower is out. Repeat until only one person is left, and their team wins. :) We play with varying numbers of balls. usually we have one big squishy one and 2 or 3 softball-sized ones filled with fluffy stuffing because that's what we have available. In school we used to play with only one, and I think the "pros" do it with 6 or 7.

Maybe you could start a new craze there. ^_^

Amanda - That was kinda nuts, but also semi-amusing when the person doing the sort of pompous "correcting" didn't get the correction right. ^_^