Sunday, August 05, 2007

It's a Dog's Life, Well, Two Dogs and a Rabbit Actually

We went birthday shopping for Fishy at Tree Town Toys in Ann Arbor today. O. M. G. It's kind of reminiscent of J. T. Puffins back in Madison (though it will be hard to ever top that place!) and every nook and cranny is filled with FABULOUS things.

I nearly wet myself over the ginormous variety of darling Calico Critters stuff. They have that cool fuel cell car kit that I can't imagine anyone actually paying $150 for as a child's toy, but that sure is neat. They have tons of Plan Toys wooden dollhouse goodies, Playmobil galore, Legos, craft kits, and Schleich and Papo out the wazoo. They had darling sleeping puppies that just lie there and breathe. Silly, huh? So why did I keep going back to stare at and coo over them? ^_^ Corolle dolls and goodies, Animalz (soooo cute!) and oh so much more. As it was, I stuck to some Lego kits and marbles, bearing in mind the recent "going through stuff for the garage sale" experience. I have a marble shooter set coming in the mail for him that I imagine will get misused for a great number of things. ^_^ And I'll make him a snazzy drawstring bag to keep that stuff in.

We came home to an exciting message from Egan that BABY ANNA IS HERE!!! Welcome, wee girlie!! :)

Shortly thereafter, the Bigs and I were doing our pushups and situps to the headbanging noise of Creed when some of our friends from TKD called to let us know they were bringing the menagerie over for our week of petsitting while they're off at camp. Excitement! The kids have been looking forward to this for a long time. In addition to the original lhasa apso and rabbit whom we've babysat before, there is a new lhasa apso - a 6 or 7 month old little boy named Bandit. Ayla, the girl dog, has adopted me as foster mama, and as I type, she is lying on the couch next to me looking remarkably like one of those breathing puppies. Bandit is hanging out by the front door, enjoying the cool breeze wafting up his nostrils, and Patches, the evil rabbit ;) after spending some time alternately conjoined to Mollusc and Sluggie, is now in his hutch thinggy in the yard where he can mow the lawn and possibly continue to eat the baby's breath. (his mom said he usually knows what's OK to eat, but I should still look this up just in case) He really is a very cool bunny. We just need to make sure that all power cords stay well out of reach! So the current household animal count is: MuNKis: 5 (1 lg, 4 sm) , CATS: 4, BIRDS: 2, DOGS: 2, RABBITS: 1

I'm finally reading the last Outlander in earnest now. 100 pages down, 800 or so to go.


ARM said...

Baby Anna's getting all kinds of blog love today!

All rabbits are evil! EVIL! When we went to the fair yesterday, there was this one bunny that was so big that it barely fit in the cage they were in awaiting their judging. He was massive and bigger than my cat (who is 12 pounds). And it scared the bejeezus out of me. I don't know why bunnies freak me out, but they do.

I love stores like that - the ones that have a little bit of everything. So much fun!

Candace said...

OMG that's a HUGE rabbit! :) I like them, though. So rabbits creep you out, eh? (cackles maniacally and files this away for future ref. . . ^_^ )

ARM said...


Diesel said...

What's an Outlander?

I'm writing a novel. Do you want to read it?

Logophile said...

Deisel just asked what an Outlander is, oh my...

It so is a dog's life. My dog is convinced of it!

radioactive girl said...

When I was little, my brother had a pet rabbit named Alfalfa. Alfalfa was not very nice, would try to bite us as we walked by. Hopefully this rabbit is much nicer!

I still can't believe Egan is a dad! Hooray!

Candace said...

Amanda - Awwwwww! CUTE BABY!!!! I sure hope Egan goes gonzo with the camera. :)

Diesel - The Outlander books are -- hmmm, how to describe them? OK let's go with "books I prefer to get at the library because there they are classified as Fiction or Historical Fiction, while at the bookstore, one has to suffer the indignities of entering the Romance section in order to find one." They are epic novels about a woman who, upon entering a circle of standing stones in Scotland, is whisked back in time to the time of the Jacobite uprising. They're pretty fascinating if you can overlook the bizarro coincidences that seem to all come together. But then, I tell myself, if I can accept that this chick has gone back a couple hundred years in time, this should not be so hard, right?

I kind of have a love/hate relationship with the books because there are definite periods of dryness, and then, just when I'm getting fed up, something fascinating will happen and I'll be forced to continue. :-/ :-)

They seem to be something of a cult classic. And they definitely have their smutty moments. ^_^

What a coincidence, I am too! :)Yes, I'd love to.

Logo - Do you think he'll read them?

Radioactive Girl - he is quite a nice bunny, thank goodness. Very soft, too. :)

I know. It's crazy!! Yayyyyy!!

radioactive girl said...

Why does my name sometimes show up as radioactive girl and sometimes as tori? I know you probably don't know, just beginning to stalk you and figured I'd ask anyway.

I'm glad the rabbit is nice. Otherwise he would have to go in detention (did you read my post about Bunny being in detention? If not, this comment makes absolutely no sense!)

Logophile said...

Hey Candace, do you know what happened to the blog of our favorite mafia wannabe?
email me iffen you want

Candace said...

Radioactive Tori - For me it's when I'm commenting on Blogger or Typepad. On Typepad it remembers me as Tall Chick, though I can change it to something else. Actually it remembers me as the last thig I used, whatever that was. On Blogger when I log in, it uses what I set it to when I made my blog, which is "Candace." :)

Logo - I do, and I done emailed ya, Sistah! :)

~d said...

He has his baby! How wonderful for them!
thank you for the update!


ann said...

oh my goodness...
if I wasn't confused before,
I sure am now... doh!!!!!!

you've worn me out... I need
another holiday LOL

lotsa luv ann xxxxxx

Candace said...

~d!!!! Welcome back, Chica!! :)

Ann - LOL! Yeah I got a little carried away linky and just general info-wise there. Sometimes I just ramble like that. ^_^

Slade said...

man, you've got your hands full!!! And I thought a newborn was a lot!

Airam said...

Happy Birfday Anna!

Candace said...

Slade - At least the Bigs are big enough to help out. :) Hey, you need to post more pics of Baby Slade! It's hard to get my baby fix when no one with an actual baby posts new pics. =D

Airam - isn't she sweet??

Diesel said...

I perused a book called Highlander something-or-other at the grocery store the other day (waiting for the wife, you know). It had a guy with big pecs on it. Is that the same thing?

Candace said...

Um, no. ^_^ The real one is about 800 pages long and is blue with, erm, something yellow on the front. Maybe a brooch for a plaid with a thistle on it. Oh and it's by Diana Gabaldon.