Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Taking the "L" out of "Quilt"

I'm kidding, of course. Because if I did quit now, the quilt would look like Utah. ^_^

But I also don't have any pics, because MuNKi is doing brain surgery on the computer I need to use for picture uploading.

I have 34 squares right now. I'm still not sure how many I'm shooting for. I kind of figured I'd stop when I got sick of it. If I have to, maybe I'll cheat with wide sashing. (those strips in between) ^_^ And now that I see that frog quilt, I'm reminded that I have a bunch of those batik squares of my own from years ago, except mine are dragons and celestial stuff. Ooooh! I think I feel the next project coming on already!

Tomorrow we're off to a friend's house for sewing and swimming. The kids are very excited. :) And then it's class and sparring for MuNKi and me in the evening. I think all my testing pains are gone now. The only thing hurting now is my throwing arm from dodgeball. ^_^


ARM said...

Sashing is totally the way to go. Come on, MuNKi!! I wants to see pictures!

Have a good day, Candace!

jali said...

It's great you're staying with the project. What got you started with quilting?

cindra said...

Sounds like fun and I can't wait for pics!

Hugs to you and's been a while!

Claire said...

I knit a sash of sorts for the experimental afghan I made. It looks goofy but no one around here cares, so what the hell, it was an Experiment and it still covers your legs in the winter. So there :)

Candace said...

Amanda - Yay! It lives! Pics soon. :)

Jali - I'm not sure how I fell into this trap. :) Love of fabrics I think started me down this slippery slope -- I have quite a stash I need to use. I have a dear friend who wanted to start quilting, and another whose mom used to own a quilt shop and is going stir crazy this summer with no one to teach (she does art classes at a local college) and so the three of us decided to take the plunge together. :)

Cindra - it's so weird!! I was thinking of you the very morning you posted this. Oh, and you're a quilter, too! :) Hugs right back to your clan. :)

Claire - Yes! Exactly! My quilt is NOT going to be perfect. In fact, I already know there are plenty of little mistakes like flipped seams on the backs of some squares, or things that went wonky, but that's part of my character - exuberant and not quite careful enough, so I'm leaving them and sewing them into the quilt as a part of me. ^_^