Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Come Smell This Dairy Air

We made it. It was a longer drive than usual. Chicago sucked as always. Though we were not suspended over Thornton Quarry for as long as last time. That pic doesn't even come close to doing justice to that gigantic hole. It's huge. But deceptively so. You look out across and down and it looks big, but then you see a tiny little semi truck or buldozer and you realise that it's a lot farther away than you first thought and that the hole is way bigger than it looks.

We're composing a song called "Why I hate Chicago." I'm hoping maybe the Getaway Drivers can perform it. ;-) If they sing it in Chicago, they can change it to "Why I Love Chicago" so no one kills them, but they can leave all the reasons the same so it will be obviously sarcastic. If you hate Chicago, tell me why, and I'll try to incorporate that into our song. Gary, Indidana (which is basically just more of Chicago) also sucks. So far our song for Gary goes like this: (to the tune of the Music Man song)

Gary, Indiana; Gary, Indiana; Gary, Indiana. . .SUCKS!

Obviously Gary, Indiana sucked our wills both to live AND to compose.

And I hate semi-trucks. Have I mentioned that before? Cuz I do. What I hate most is how one will be going behind another in the right (slow) lane and feel the need to pull over immediately in front of us to pass the first one but will never bleeding accelerate to do so. No, he will just coast along on his stinking cruise control so that it takes him about 5 hours to pass the other stinking truck and then slowly drift back into the right lane. We fantasize a lot about having The Big Gun from the USS Enterprise (final episode) to blow all those stinking things off the road. Sigh.

But now we're in WI and all is well. Smell this dairy air, baby. (say it out loud) Today brought lunch at Wah Kee Noodles, a trip to the zoo and a jaunt to one of the used bookstores. Also the secret store. Oh yeah. I like Madison. :-) I got a copy of Les Miz (the book) today, as well as Dark Lover, as recommended by Jenna. (Afterthoughts over there ---->) And I got my own copy of The Secret Life of Bees so I finally get to read it. We hit Maurie's (chocolate store) and Orange Tree too. 'Twas a fun day. I have a new story cooking in my brain and have more to add to my lost work. No end of things to keep me busy!!


tshsmom said...

We like to go to the Twin Cities once a year, just so we can remember why we love living in "the sticks".

Trundling Grunt said...

That quarry is a damn big hole with what looks like a very flimsy road over it. I always drive as fast as I can to get over it (and past Gary!)

Candace said...

TSmom - LOL! I so understand!
TG - It's pretty creepy. I'm always glad they don't have earthquakes there when we're stuck over it for a while!

Jaichan said...

I know why I hate Chicago.
O. Hare. Airport.
I flew home from Japan through the States for the first time (and only time) last June. I don't know why I thought Osaka-Chicago-Boston-Halifax sounded like a good idea. I usually flew Osaka-Vancouver-any random city in Canada-Halifax.
I was ropeable by the time I got to Chicago... where I was stuck for 5 hours and told I wouldn't make my connecting flight in Boston to Halifax.
Oh... I hate Logan even more. The only thing open there at 2:30 am is a Dunkin' Donuts... where I got a bagel with insulation pink cream cheese and hockey-sock brewed coffee.
I have to email you the account I wrote of the whole ordeal last year.

Faltenin said...

For a while, I thought "Lez Miss" was another kinky, more specialised shop...

Candace said...

Jaichan - Hahahaha!! Well, it's only funny AFTERwards, but I'll work O'Hare into the song. I love the "insulation pink." LOL! Maybe Logan could work that into their advertising somehow. I'm looking forward to reading your rant, LOL!

Fal - Well of course your mind would go there, naughty boy. And actually, you're not far off, LOL!

Trundling Grunt said...

O'Hare is paradise compared to Detroit or Gatwick. I've never really understood peoples' aversion to O'Horrible as I always enjoy people watching there.