Monday, April 10, 2006

What's in a Name?

Where, you ask, did your children get all those bizarre sea-creatury names? Well, I'll tell you.

It began, of course, with Mollusc. Real name: Molly. Kind of a no-brainer. She's always loved critters and the name just fit. It suits her way better than, say, Mollykins, or Mollywollydooleyalladay, though she is sometimes referred to as such (the latter, not the former.) She also responds to Molluscum Contagiosa (a kind of wart, as it turns out - not flattering, but entertaining.)

Sluggie was next. Her nickname has absolutely nothing to do with her real name. When Sluggie was born, she had backfat. I kid you not. Back. Fat. A big strip of chub across her back. As dh noted, she was shaped like a Slug - high in the middle and tapered at both ends. This fit nicely with Mollusc's name and had the added benefit of appearing in "Atlas Shrugged" as Dagny Taggart's nickname, thanks to Francisco D'Anconia. Definition: SLUG — Heavy fire in locomotive firebox. (we're back to pyromania, aren't we?)

Next up, Fishy. Some of you might know he was named after my dad, Gordon. Well one thing leads to another, you know. Ever hear of Gorton™ Fish Sticks? There you are. Also known as Gogo (he's always busy, plus that's how he used to refer to himself when he was wee, and also how his friend Nolan (aka Nono) would refer to him.) He also goes by Gobi Fish (we used to have a saltwater tank), Gogi, and Mulgogi (Korean for fish.) This continues the sea creature theme rather nicely, IMO.

Last but not least. OK, well she is the least size and age-wise, but anyway. . . The Prawn. Like Sluggie, Prawnie's name has no relation to her actual moniker. Dh dubbed her The Prawn pretty much right after birth because she would curl up like a wee prawn (or maye a jumbo prawn if we're talking actual size) whenever she slept. Again, this was in keeping with the sea creature theme, so it stuck. People here knew her for months as The Prawn before finding out she had a real name, LOL!

As a kid, I used to get so tired of all the Candy jokes when I met new people. "Oh, you must be sweet, then!" (yeah, never heard THAT one before) or "Can I eat you?" (um, don't say that nowadays!) And one guy told me "Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker." What kind of man says that to a little girl? A dirty old man, that's who. And we were SDA's back then (so was HE!) and liquor was taboo so where he got off saying that is beyond me. Wanker. Now comments like those don't bother me, but I really did get sick of it as a kid. Kind of like the "Do you not know how that happens?"* comments. Which I've only gotten once, and then from FIL, and I still fired off a sassy comeback that left him speechless, LOL! Oh, and my nicknames as a kid: Tubbits (started life as "Two bits") and *cringe* Thunderbits. Apparently I was a gassy baby. :-P

*I was gonna link that blog but lost it. Anyone know the url? Great blog!

John's name was a point of contention between his mother and father. She had planned to name him Sean Patrick, but I guess they gave her a general anasthetic during birth and when she came to, he had been named John, and given his grandfather's name as a middle name. And then MIL found out that John was Uncle Jack's real name and she was REALLY POed cuz she hated Uncle Jack. Ack.

And now, for good measure, here's my Pirate Name. What's yours?

My pirate name is:

Bloody Mary Read

Every pirate lives for something different. For some, it's the open sea. For others (the masochists), it's the food. For you, it's definitely the fighting. Even through many pirates have a reputation for not being the brightest souls on earth, you defy the sterotypes. You've got taste and education. Arr!

Get your own pirate name from

On a totally unrelated note, I think my kids are getting into "The Dark is Rising" sequence just a bit too much.

Yes, there are the signs of wood, water, fire, stone, etc. and now, the Sign of Balogna.

Last but not least, this is where I find Trillian at least 3 times a day when I pop in to brush my teeth, put away Prawn's clothes, or whatever. It's another kitty photo, so I'm giving you due warning in order to enable you to avert your eyes. What can I say? I'm a girl, and I like kitty pics. :-) Plus, this is the only way my sis ever gets to see our freshest rescue baby. Until Saturday, anyway. My sister is coming on Saturday! Woo hoo!!!!!

Ew, looking at this reminds me that I need to Rid-o-Rust™ the tub again. Water in MI is hard and ironic. *snort* I crack myself up. :-P It smells like camping.


Faltenin said...

This is like one of those appendices you get at the end of Heroic Fantasy books, that explain names and places! Cool!

Jenna Howard said...

And it's probably a good thing your husband wasn't named Sean Patrick because that's K-fed/Brit offspring and... :::shudder::: 'nuf said.

Egan said...

Oh boy, another cat picture. Cats make me very happy.

tshsmom said...

Cute definitions! Our kids were Booger and Bumper, when they were little.
I'm soooo grateful that we have soft water here!

Egan said...

What are your plans for your sister's visit?

Trundling Grunt said...

Red Tom Kidd be I, arr.

Candace said...

Fal - someday I will write the fmaily version of the Silmarillion. OK maybe not.

Jenna - I did not know that. Sounds kind of mainstream for celebs, doesn't it? Aren't they bound by the unions to use names like "Rainbow" and "Buckinghamshire" and "Melodic Stupour"?

Egan - so glad to see you embracing your inner cat-lover. :-)

TSmom - LOL! Those are funny names! :-) Did you holler them out across the playground? Lucky you to have soft water!! We have to melt ours to make it liquid there's so much iron. Talk about a fire! It's hard to melt iron.

Egan - mostly lighting bonfires. KIDDING! Actually, she's newly in love and is only coming for Sat and Sun and then driving back with us to WI on Mon. Can't be away from her man for too long, LOL! But she's hanging with the kids Sun while some friends take us to Les Miserables.

Candace said...

Ahoy, Red Tom Kidd!! Arrrr me matey!

Egan said...

You really shouldn't call your kids Les Miserables. That will stick with them toujours!

Egan said...

"Precious, Precious...."

Candace said...

LOL Egan! What a handy group term for them!

Hey, are you turning in to Gollum? Don't eat my cats!!

Jay said...

That was a great under-water adventure up top, and frankly, the balogna was the greatest thing i've seen all day.

Logophile said...

ok, I had an incredibly long and clever comment but blogger ate it, that %$#@^&*!!
Ok, to recap in brief
Black Anne Kidd
Funny kid names, I love em, have many for my own two.
Kitty pics make my eyes water.

Egan said...

Nope. Candace, have you seen that pretty scary movie with Jodie Foster called Silence of the Lambs?

Candace said...

Jay - heh heh! The balogna cracked me up, too. :-)

Logo- Oh $#*&^$#*&^$# Blogger!!! Allergic to cats, or happy? Or???

Egan - I'm no good with scary movies. I avoid them like the plague. Does the scary guy say that?

Egan said...

Nope, the woman held captive yells "Precious, Precious" over and over trying to get her dog's attention while she at the bottom of a manmade pit. It's a lovely scene.

Jenna Howard said...

Oops pardon me...Sean Preston. I really must start paying attention to what I read on Superficial.

I suddenly have the hankering for a balogna sandwich.

I saw 5 minutes of Silence of the Lambs. The opening credits. The rest was spent with my hands clamped over my eyes. Shudder.

Egan said...

".. are you a size 14?..

*another gem from Silence of the Lambs.

Candace said...

Ohhh!!! That's what Trilly is saying! I'm sorry. I know it's not fun to have to explain a joke. :-P If it involves a) horror films or b) current telly I'm prolly not going to get it. :-/

Jenna, LOL! Preston is a bit more "poppy." (or whatever you say for things pertaining to pop culture) And thank goodness my stepson doesn't have their spawn named after him.

Jaichan said...

Thanks for your kind words about Mittens. It's really funny; some of my classmates thought I was nuts to be sad about a dead fish... seeing as I can quickly filet a salmon without blinking an eye. But the classmates who had met him could understand why I was grieving.
Oh, and you definitely have to check these out...
I can't wait to knit the squid!

Candace said...

I was sad when Edward died, too. We had him for at least 3 years and my mom had him before that. We had known him for a long time. :-(

Those nauties are a riot! LOL! You will definitely need to post pics of of your squid!! :-)

Candace said...

Eew, Egan, I just saw the size 14 comment. I bet he could tell how many meals each person would make. Gulp.